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I am a licensed massage therapist. I got tired of the corporate world and retired early, but was looking for something to do for personal satisfaction and to bring in a little extra money. For years, I had enjoyed getting massages and talking to the therapists. Their level of knowledge about the skeletal and muscular systems impressed me. So I thought that might be a good retirement career for me.
After retirement, I enrolled in massage therapy school. I found out that it was indeed a job that I found fulfilling. Improving patients lives and interacting with them gave me joy.

Once I earned my license, I opened a clinic in my small rural town in partnership with two fellow graduates. We rented a facility together and shared a receptionist. Word of our service spread quickly, and we soon had a busy practice.

One Friday, business was slow due to many people going on summer vacation. My last appointment was at 3 PM. I told Nancy, the receptionist, that I was taking the rest of the day off and not to book anyone else for me. The other therapists had already left for the day. I told Nancy that she could go home after she checked in my last appointment.

I was horny. My husband Greg and I made love the night before, but, in spite of his best efforts, I failed to get over the edge. I needed an orgasm badly. Greg was taking off work early, and we going to bed early.

I finished with my 2 PM appointment. As I entered the lobby, Nancy said, “I’m sorry, but a gentleman called while you were with your 2:00 and said he has a marathon on Saturday and hoped to get his back and legs worked on beforehand. He asked for you by name and said he would give you a 100% tip. He sounds like a nice older gentleman. I told him you would see him. I hope I did the right thing. He seemed so nice, and I didn’t want to disappoint him. He wasn’t pushy exactly, but sounded desperate.”

“What is his name?” I asked.

“Steve Quincy.”

I didn’t recognize the name. “Do you know him?” I asked Nancy.

“N-no. B-but our records show he was in once soon after we opened.”

“OK, I guess I have no choice,” I said. And getting paid two hours for an hour of work softened my disappointment somewhat.

I reminded Nancy that she would have to stay until I finished. We don’t like to be alone in the building with a male client who we don’t know well. Yes, I wore a wedding band which I removed before doing the massage and replaced immediately after, and my uniform had “Mrs. Michelle Tucker” embroidered on it. A picture of my family sat next to the table lamp in the room that I use the most. And in my three years of practice, other than some inappropriate remarks or requests that I was able to handle with humor, I had not had any problems. Still, it was better to be safe than sorry. And I had a funny feeling about this client.

Nancy readily agreed. Well, it was her screw-up, after all.

I called Greg and told him I got held up and would be an hour late.

“No problem,” he said. I’ll see you a little after 5 PM.” I was glad he was okay with the change in plans in spite of having left work early, but I was also a bit pissed that he didn’t sound at least a little disappointed.

I finished with my 3:00 appointment. Afterward, I went to the bathroom, then to the lobby to meet Mr. Quincy. There was no one there except Nancy. If Mr. Quincy was late, I was not going to extend his session to make up for it.

Nancy said, “Mr. Quincy arrived early. Since I know you want to get out of here, I went ahead and set up in the Woodland room. He should be ready by now.”

We normally introduce ourselves to the client, escort them to a therapy room, instruct them to undress to their level of comfort, and lie face-down under the sheet. Then we leave the room to give them privacy as they undress and return a few minutes later. I knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked a little louder. Still no answer. Sometimes clients like to sleep during the massage, and occasionally fall asleep as soon as they get on the table. Indeed, the dim lights, soft music, and the little tabletop fountain are all conducive to this. I opened the door a crack, and indeed there was someone on the table.

I said, “I am Mrs. Michelle Tucker. I will start with your back.” I slid the sheet down to his waist, gently stroked his back, applied massage oil, then proceeded with a deep-tissue massage. I did his neck, then covered his back and massaged his butt through the sheets. Then I uncovered and massaged each arm and leg. He was no longer asleep. I heard soft vocalizations of relief as I massaged out the various knots in his body.

I couldn’t see him too well in the dim light, but he felt buff. Since he was facing straight down through the circular face rest attached to the massage table, I couldn’t see his face, but in my horny state, I imagined him as being handsome.

I appreciate a man who takes care of himself. Greg and I are members of the YMCA. The older participants are mostly women. Women are much more concerned about their appearance than most men.

I completely covered him and said, “Okay, Mr. Quincy, time to turn over.”

He stretched, then rolled over. As he turned, the sheet slid off of him and onto the floor. That had never happened to me before, and I wondered if he let the sheet fall on purpose. He lay there, totally exposed. His dick was huge and fully erect, but he didn’t apologize or show any signs of embarrassment. He just lay there as if he expected me to continue his massage.

I decided the best thing to do was not make a big deal out of it and treat it as if it were an accident. Picking up the sheet, I started to re-drape him. But I couldn’t resist getting another look at that gorgeous cock. My eyes went from his penis, up over his buff chest to his face.

It was Greg!

“Greg, you dirty dog, you.” I laughed. “What a nice surprise!”

He replied, “Glad you liked it! I sure am enjoying myself.”

Greg went on to say, “Mrs. Tucker, you are here daily, selflessly taking care of your clients. Then you go home and take care of your husband. So today, the client is going to take care of you.” He got off the table. “Please take off all of your clothes and get up on the table!”

“Okay,” I replied. “Let me send Nancy home first.”

“No need,” said Greg. “She was my partner in crime. She left after you came back here. We have the place to ourselves!”

We have a massage table at home. Greg was the beneficiary of many, many massages while I was in school. He never complained, but I suspect he was getting tired of all of the amateur massages. But through them, he had learned the basics of massage therapy, and after I graduated we continued to massage each other every week or so. As time went on, they became less and less frequent. The massages usually turned into makeout sessions pretty quickly and ended in sex.

I stripped in front of Greg. His cock reacted by pointing further upwards. I sat down on the edge of the table and spread my legs wide before I lifted my feet onto the table. As I flashed my snatch to Greg, I was gratified to see his penis twitch.

Lying face-down, I put my face in the hole. Greg oiled my back and began to massage it. I knew that with Greg, the massage would be short-lived, and we would soon be fucking. But I didn’t care. I was horny.

However, he continued to slowly and firmly massage each muscle on my back and each joint in my spine, then proceeded to my neck, buttocks, legs, and arms. He used proper draping technique the whole time. Why was it only when I felt super-horny that he decided to give me a proper massage?

Greg must have sensed my impatience. He said, “Just relax, Mrs. Tucker. I guarantee what you really want will be all the more fantastic if you let me work slowly up to it.”

I said, “Okay,” without much enthusiasm. But he gave me a decent massage, and I started to relax and enjoy it. He was actually pretty good. “I need to convince him to get his license and come work with me. We could use a male therapist,” I thought to myself.

He covered me and asked me to turn over. I pulled my face out of the hole and looked at Greg. His penis was no longer erect. I did as he asked, but only after throwing the sheet on the floor. His dick started to grow again. I turned over, noting that there was a large wet spot on the bottom sheet. He massaged my neck, shoulders, and face, then my legs and feet.

I looked at the clock. He had been at it for an hour. I said, “Well, Mr. Tucker. I see our hour is up. I needed that. Thank you so much.”

“Oh no, Mrs. Tucker. We are just getting started. That was the first course. We are just taking a little break,” Greg replied.

He handed me a bottle of water, and asked, “Do you need to pee?”

“I do, actually” I replied.

“Well, come with me,” he said. He took my hand and led me out of the therapy room, through the lobby, and towards the bathroom.

The lobby was decorated with a large floor-to-ceiling mirror. I stopped to admire us in the mirror. Greg was tall and thin with muscle definition in his arms, legs, and ass. I gripped one of his hard buttocks with my hand. His penis was still erect. I never grow tired of looking at it. Greg claims it is larger than average. I don’t know if he is correct or not, but I do know that it more than fills me. And most importantly, he knows how to use it. He looked very handsome with his green eyes staring at my mirror image. I appreciated Greg taking care of his physique. He turned many a ladies’ eye in the gym, even those of younger women, ladies who haven’t seen that gorgeous dick! If they only knew….

His eyes were staring down at my boobs. “Greg, my eyes are up here,” I quipped, pointing at my eyes. His eyes didn’t move.

“I know,” he replied. “I am looking at your tits!”

My boobs are attractive. I have perfect breasts, according to Greg. He often says he married me for my tits. They are C-cup-sized, full and graceful. Gravity has had its effect over the years, but if anything they are just more graceful and sexier than ever. I still have plenty of knee clearance! My nipples and areolas are large and darker than the rest of my skin. My long, graying, ginger-colored hair hung down over them.

My ass is well-proportioned. I turned around to look at it in the mirror, then bent over, exposing my girl parts to Greg.

We proceeded to the bathroom. He lifted the toilet lid and gestured for me to sit down. I did so and started to pee. His dick reached towards the ceiling again when hearing the sound of my fountain.

“Your turn!” I said. I liked watching him pee, too.

“Yeah, I am uncomfortable,” he said. He stood in front of the toilet, hard dick in hand. He looked away from me and concentrated on his penis. After a minute it got softer and urine started to flow. He finished and washed himself in the sink. Then he took my hand and led me back to the therapy room.

“Lie on your back,” Greg instructed. I did so. He draped me, then removed the sheet from around my breasts. He proceeded to massage them, avoiding the nipples.

After about 10 minutes of this, he covered my boobs and moved the sheet up above my waist. “Please scoot down to the foot of the table,” he said. I did so. Greg placed a chair at the foot of the table, spread my legs, and placed my feet flat on the table, knees in the air. He gently stroked my inner thighs. Then he lightly brushed the ends of the hair on my mound. I shave everything below my clit. Greg likes my ginger-colored hair, so I leave a generous landing strip of full-length hair. It is the only hair I have that hasn’t started graying yet. He cupped my whole pussy in his hand and rubbed it with a firm up-and-down motion. I felt the wetness building.

When he removed his hand, I reached down to explore myself. My lips were puffy. My clit was swollen and hard, and the tip of it peeked out from under its hood. When I removed my finger, Greg put it in his mouth to taste my wetness.

He began to eat me. He lightly licked the edges of my outer, then inner labia, then the hood of my clit. Then he spread my inner pussy lips, inserted his lips between them, and licked up and down my crack. He tongued all around inside my vagina as far as he could reach. He worked his way upward, stopping to pleasure my pee hole, then finally got to my clit. He sucked on it and licked the folds around it, then pulled the hood up and sucked on my clitoris directly. I could feel the wetness flowing out of me. My whole pussy and the sheet under my ass was soon soaked.

“I can’t take much more of this, Greg,” I moaned.

He told me to move back up to the top of the table. Then he got up on the table and lay down with me and began to suck my hard titties while expertly rubbing my clit and G-spot.

The tension built and built, then I exploded. I screamed, “OH MY GOD.” Greg kept gently stimulating me until the spasms subsided.

He placed his face down between my legs and sucked on my clit while continuing to work on my G-spot with his finger. After I came again, he lay down beside me, hugging and kissing me, his erection pressing into my thigh. After a few minutes, I recovered from my orgasms.

I need to finish Mr. Tucker’s massage!” I said. I wanted to make him wait like he made me wait. I have to admit it felt exquisite, and I wanted to give him the experience he gave me. I got off the table and began to put on my bra and my uniform while instructing Greg to like down face-down on the table again.

Greg said, “My wife is one of the owners. Do you think you could make an exception to the rule and give me a happy ending?”

“Oh, I think I can do better than that,” I said.

In spite of wearing a good bra, my ample breasts still touch my clients occasionally. I made no effort to keep them from touching Greg. I removed my top and bra without his knowledge, then massaged his back and butt some more, making no effort to keep my bare tits from touching him as I proceeded with the massage. Soon I was dragging my nipples over his skin as I massaged him.

By now, Greg suspected I was topless and reached up around behind his back to find one of my breasts. He cupped the nipple with his hand, and asked, “When are you going to work on my front?”

“Be patient, Mr. Tucker,” I responded.

I massaged his back, butt, and legs for a few minutes more, using my nipples to their fullest advantage. Then I reached down between his legs and cupped his testicles and rubbed them. After that, I said, “Okay, Mr. Tucker. Time to turn over.”

I massaged his face, chest, and legs, again trailing my tits over him. Then I dragged them over his cock. I sucked on his nipples as I firmly fondled his manhood. Next, I climbed up on the table, knelt down between his legs, and tongued his belly button. Then I moved down and stuck his cock in my mouth, savoring his wetness.

I straddled him, placed my hands on the table beside his shoulders, and leaned forward. My tits dangled in his face. My nipples had started to soften, but he sucked one then the other, and they became hard again. He placed his face between them and pulled me down on top of him. We hugged and kissed, lying together for the longest time. I could feel his huge dick pressing against my pussy.

“Ok, I need to get fucked,” I announced. I placed his dick between my swollen lips. They were spread wide and formed a funnel leading to my vagina. I lowered myself onto him. Greg’s penis easily found my tight little entrance. I enjoyed the sensation of his large penis stretching my toned vaginal muscles as he went deeper and deeper inside me. We stayed together like that for a few minutes, Greg hugging my tits tightly against his chest. Then we began a slow, rhythmic movement.

After several minutes, Greg said, “Michelle, you are so hot. I wish I could see my dick fucking your vagina—your perfect round ass, that sexy little asshole….”

I dismounted Greg and got off the table. After turning up the dimmed lights, I placed a pillow under his head, then straddled him, facing his feet. I inserted his dick between my pussy lips and lowered myself onto him. Then I leaned forward, lying on his legs, so he could watch the action.

He began moving his penis in and out of me. I coordinated my hip movements to match his. We started slow. After a few minutes, he said “HERE I CUM!” He began thrusting rapidly. His dick began throbbing. I could feel his warm semen shooting against the back of my vagina.

When his spasms subsided, we lay together for a minute longer. He reached down and touched where his penis entered my vagina, running his finger around it. “My cum is leaking out of you,” he said.

His dick soon went limp and fell out of me. I scooted my butt up towards his face and took his entire penis in my mouth. I lowered my pussy onto his mouth, putting us in the 69 position. We drank in our mixed love juices.

Finally, I got off of Greg and he stood up, too. We hugged and kissed passionately, the taste of each other still in our mouths.

“What do you want to do now?” Greg asked.

I knew that Greg needed a nap after coming like that. “I am too relaxed to eat,” I said. “I could use a nap.”

Greg readily agreed.

The table was too narrow for two people to comfortably sleep on. I spread the sheet out on the floor next to the table, went and got two pillows and another sheet, and we fell into a blissful sleep.

About an hour later, Greg placed his dick on my mouth and said, “Are you hungry yet?”

“I am, in fact. But I need something with more calories first.”

Our clinic has a shower, but I didn’t want to wash off the aftermath of our lovemaking. We went to pee—together—again. We began to get dressed. I folded my bra and put it in my purse, and slipped my uniform top over my bare breasts. They felt so good, and I didn’t want to constrain them. I figured Greg would enjoy seeing their natural shape under my uniform as we dined.

Greg had just put on his underwear, but when he saw I was going braless, he removed them and went commando. I removed my panties, too. “Let’s go to a restaurant with tablecloths, and ask for a table with some privacy,” Greg said.

“Yes, lets go!” I replied.

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12 replies
    • ILoveMarriage says:

      Thanks for reading it!

      We love getting massages. Neither of us are massage therapists, but we have had professional training to massage each other. So my wife is my ONLY client 😆

  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    What a loving and wild way to bring you what you needed so badly! So glad Nancy was able to help arrange everything so nicely for you two! And I especially loved the part about getting turned on watching each other pee! That gets to us, too! So primal!

    • ILoveMarriage says:

      Thanks. I love watching my wife pee, especially outdoors where the lighting is good and I can see everything!

  2. ILoveMarriage says:

    Dear MarriageHeat:

    Thank you for publishing my first MH story, and for the good editing job.

    I love the picture you chose. Very sexy. Just the right amount of boob and butt on the lady. Of course any amount of boob or butt is the right amount!

  3. TPC says:

    Great story. Especially loved when you wrote “I lowered my pussy onto his mouth, putting us in the 69 position. We drank in our mixed love juices. . . We hugged and kissed passionately, the taste of each other still in our mouths.” This has become a recent fantasy of mine. We have talked about it during sex but have not taken the plunge yet.

    • Tulsa says:

      Mrs. Tulsa thought the cum play was the best part! No surprise there! 😉 It's her favorite thing.
      It was her fantasy for years, but I never knew it, until it just sort of happened, unplanned. Always wished she would have said something about it, or that I'd have just done it sooner!

      I'd say talk about it TPC, or if you have already, give it a go!

  4. ILoveMarriage says:

    Thanks TPC and Tulsa.

    TPC, by all means, give it a go. I don't mind the mess or the taste. I enjoy it in fact. My main problem is staying awake after those mind-blowing orgasms :-).

    Marriageheat: I just now noticed you narrated my story. Thanks — I really enjoyed it. The gal reading it is a skilled narrator, and has a sexy voice.

  5. ILoveMarriage says:

    I was inspired by MattBZG to write a limerick about the characters in my story:

    He was married to Michelle Tucker.
    He couldn't wait to fuck her.
    So he shows up at her spa,
    And takes off her bra,
    And then proceeds to suck her!

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