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Finding Her G-Spot & Our First Thumb-Ride!

He says:

We sat on the couch, cuddling and kissing while we watched a video. I had asked my wife to take off her bra—which she willingly did—so that I could freely play with her huge tits and exquisite nipples while we watched. I loved how her hips would undulate as I played with her excited, large, firm nipples!

After the video, we went to bed. I kept on my boxers and a tee, and my wife wore a t-shirt and lounge pants. I asked her if she would lie on top of me, and she did as I held her in my arms and kissed her. Then we lay side by side, and I played with her wonderful tits some more and sucked them. Again, she began humping her hips as I relished fondling and suckling her big, delicious, responsive nipples!

I reached down and felt the WET crotch of her pants! I told her to play with herself, and she immediately obeyed. She didn’t resist when I moved my left hand inside her pants and felt her soaked pussy.

Eventually, I took off my t-shirt and got all of her clothes off too. I eased my fingers into her slippery cunt—she was amazingly turned on! I joyously finger-fucked her while sucking on her nipple, and from her reaction, I could tell that I might be stimulating her G-spot!

She complied without hesitation when I told her to get up on her hands and knees. She laid her head on the pillow with her ass up in the mounting position. I inserted my left thumb, palm down, into her excited vagina and began thumb-fucking my sweet lady as my four fingers pressed her pubic mound underneath. Her reaction AMAZED me! She started moaning and then screamed as I brought her to orgasm!

I paused briefly, allowing her to enjoy her climax, and then I resumed my attack, which caused her to explode again immediately! I kept doing it over and over, each time causing her to scream and quickly orgasm!

At one time during this unbelievable exhibition, my wife turned her head toward me and desperately begged me to kiss her. I eagerly met her mouth with mine, and we wickedly tongue-kissed, her ass still up in the air, her juicy pussy impaled on my thumb.

Between her orgasmic explosions, I would ask if she was alright. She kept assuring me she was, at which time I would begin another attack causing her to scream out in anguished orgasmic ecstasy. I felt in COMPLETE control of her pleasure as I held her tightly with my thumb up her cunt and pressed against her G-spot!

Finally, thoroughly exhausted, she collapsed on her stomach next to me, my thumb still up her pussy as I held her close, both of us wholly content and incredibly amazed at what we had just experienced!


Finding My G-Spot and Thumb Rides

Her Perspective

The first time it happened, we had watched a video and engaged in some stimulating foreplay on the sofa. Mainly, my husband fondled my tits and nipples and also sucked them a bit. It highly aroused me—from the physical sensations and because I knew he adores my tits/nipples.

We moved into the bedroom and continued with the breast play. My husband then asked if he could touch my pussy, but not in those words.

I nodded. I lay on my side, and hubby started to play with me, his thumb (although I didn’t know it at the time) entered me and right away found my G-spot. I had previously told him how much I had enjoyed this the one time it had happened before. I know I let out a scream/loud moan when he found my G-spot. The intense feeling came about quickly and unexpectedly. I knew he could tell from my reactions how much I enjoyed that.

He kept rubbing that area, and I felt myself spiraling out of control—climbing the walls, almost. I don’t remember too much about how I reacted; I was in a fog of intense pleasure. I know I came hard and was on a high, as if in another world. I just let myself go, overcome by the pleasurable feelings. At one point, I felt like I had to kiss him, to connect with him, and I got a little assertive in that area. I just grabbed him and kissed him passionately.

Afterward, he cuddled me, and we spooned. He asked me if I was okay, and I nodded, but I don’t believe I spoke right away. It was like I was coming down from a high. Although I’ve never been in a drug-induced euphoria, I imagine it may be similar to what I had just experienced.

Later, he told me that I taught him to do that. I disagreed and told him he found that spot all on his own; I only let him know what he had discovered. He told me he had used his thumb, which kind of surprised me. Then, he asked me to get up on my hands and knees, and he did it again.

Well, this orgasm felt even more intense; the position must have caused it. I know I kept lifting and arching my ass higher as if to convey that I liked it—or maybe it was my body’s way of saying I wanted to be fucked. My body just reacted that way, like it knew it needed more. With my head was buried in the pillows, I moaned and screamed like a wild banshee, amazed by sensations even more intense than the first orgasm.

I remember thinking afterward, “He is a giver.” He concerned himself with pleasing me. I felt that he cared about my pleasure and wanted me to have that.

We snuggled some more. I don’t remember how many times he made me cum that night and into the morning. I do know that I was one happy, satisfied girl. Of course, I wanted more, but I didn’t want to seem demanding or greedy. I felt safe and able to let go without worrying about my reactions or what he would think. Later he told me that he liked my response and that it aroused him. I think that kind of experience makes two people closer.

He has given me thumb rides since, and they still make me a wild woman and trigger an immediate, pleasurable reaction in me. I sometimes like it when he rubs that spot slowly and softly, and the sensations build up. One time, I asked him to slow down, and I just worked my body into his thumb—incredibly pleasurable.

I know he wants me to tell him what I like, but I don’t want it to seem like I am giving him orders. A few times, I asked him for more, and he said he likes it when I ask.

Sometimes, he holds me tightly when he gives me thumb rides. I like that. It’s almost like I can’t escape the pleasurable feeling that he wants to share with me. I wonder if he can feel the trembling spasms of my body as he holds me.


The Thumb Rides

He says:

Our first experience with the “thumb ride” happened quite by accident, but the experience was VERY memorable and one that we repeat OFTEN. She LOVES receiving it – ALMOST as much as I love GIVING it to her!

After we are both turned on—after a lot of foreplay, especially with her large, sensitive nipples which we BOTH love—she assumes the “position.” Just seeing her get up on her hands and knees and stick her ass high in the air as she lowers her head and rests it on the pillow excites me because I KNOW she WANTS it, and we BOTH know what is going to happen!

I lie on my right side to her right and snuggle up to her, reaching under her torso with my right arm so that I will be able to hold her tightly to me and NOT let her pull away from me when she begins to thrash around in orgasm. This position puts me a bit lower on the bed than she, my head about at her breast level so that I can use my left hand to give her the “ride.”

I then lean up on my right elbow so that I can position my hand in the correct position – palm toward the ceiling. The goal is to eventually have my thumb buried in my wife’s vagina with the pad of my thumb toward the bed and the rest of my hand opened upward toward the ceiling, cupping her pubic mound. That allows the length of my fingers to stimulate her clitoris while I rub her G-spot, the soft fleshy spot located right where my thumb pad sits when my thumb is completely inserted into her pussy.

I reach behind her and use my thumb to find her juicy entrance. By this time, she has become VERY wet with desire. I slowly ease my thumb into her warm, wet womanhood. We both relish the feel of my thumb as it eases into her tight, slippery pussy. I then begin a slow fucking motion with my thumb. As she enjoys this simple act of my thumb fucking her, I add another dimension: I start to press and rub the interior wall of her pussy (toward the front of her body) with the pad of my thumb. Her G-spot seems to be located almost directly behind her clitoris. I vary the in-and-out fucking motion with my thumb and the rubbing of her sensitive G-spot with the pad of my thumb. By this time, she’s squirming and moaning with pleasure, seemingly cognizant only of what I am doing to her hungry cunt.

Then, holding her tightly with my right arm, I begin to fuck her hard, fast, and furiously with my thumb. It causes her to start screaming as her body falls against me. I have COMPLETE control of her sexual pleasure. She is at my mercy, and she is SO good at telling me how my sexual assault feels, both in words and by her physical reactions!

I vary this “machine gun” thumb fucking technique with just pushing and holding my thumb deep inside her while rubbing her sensitive G-spot – both softly and firmly – bringing her from one intense orgasm to another! She screams and bucks wildly as I hold her tightly against my naked body, which gives me as much pleasure as I am giving her!

As she surrenders herself to me during orgasm, her fluid gushes from her pussy, soaking my hand with her warm liquid. To me, this is EXTREMELY sexy, and the room fills with squishy, liquid, slapping sounds as I give her pussy this special workout. I know she is very self-conscious about this, but as her fluids soak her groin, my hand, and the bed, it just heightens the pleasure for me knowing she is out of control—totally in MY control. The squirting just provides more physical evidence of the SPECIAL pleasure I am GIVING her!

I try to take her to the brink of physical exhaustion by bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. I savor her spasms in orgasmic pleasure until she BEGS me to stop, collapsing limply against me. Then I hold her exhausted, naked body against mine, cherishing the intimate feeling of cuddling my sweet, totally satisfied lady.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    My goodness! What an amazing experience that must have been! I admire how much you desire to give your wife that intense sexual love and God approved pleasure.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Also… I really liked the dual perspective! It is amazing how married couples learn different and very unique ways to give their spouse and lover (souse = lover) incredibly intense sexual pleasure. Thanks for the story.

  3. BillAnthony says:

    First of all, I’d like to thank MarriageHeat for their efforts to provide a site where we can share Christian erotica/pornography. That being said, I don’t like that every one of my submitted writings has been edited.

    I can appreciate that Marriageheat edits to meet their Christian “standards” with regard to their values or morals. But don’t approve of their editors constantly changing the wording in my stories. It’s embarrassing to read a story that I have written to find that the editors have added their own “touch” by changing phrasing or wording. When others read the story, they think that I have written those words!

    I’ve expressed this concern with MarriageHeat and have been told that the editors correct the grammar. I would MUCH prefer to read submissions by others as they were written WITHOUT MarriageHeat editors correcting all of their “mistakes”! We are not children.

    Just as I don’t want big government to “take care of me” or “protect” me from myself, I don’t want others to change what I write when my name is attached. I’ve communicated with others who have posted on this site, and they also have issues with this. Some have stopped submitting stories, and some have even stopped commenting.

    This story is probably the last one that I’ll submit. I’ll miss the “friendship” of others on this site and the feedback that I get from them. But I do not approve of having my writings edited and changed for no good reason.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      We don't consider erotic writing pornography, but as writers, publishers, editors, voice actors, admins, and technical advisors, all of us at MH do work awfully hard to offer stories, advice posts, and personal studies of the highest quality. So we thank you for your submissions, BillAnthony. We are sad to see you go and wish you all God's best.

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