Tricky Situation

We have a set schedule that we follow pretty regularly in regards to our married sex life. Every married couple is different, but I need more sex than my wife does, and because of this, we negotiated a plan. Sometimes we will break the pattern for spontaneous sex, and that’s always nice. This schedule may not work for your marriage, but this is what works for us.

Day 1: A full lovemaking session with both of us having orgasms

Day 2: Melodie helps me to orgasm but not by sexual intercourse. (Usually, she helps me masturbate to orgasm.)

Day 3: Quickie sex with usually just me reaching an orgasm. (Although sometimes she finds the mood and comes too.)

Day 4: Same as day two

Day 5: Same as day one

This schedule means my wife is ready for a full-on lovemaking session every five days, or more often if the mood hits her on a quickie day. And some days she will surprise me too.

This morning was a scheduled full-on lovemaking session, but my wife is suffering from a vaginal yeast infection. THAT is the tricky situation. A yeast infection means no sexual intercourse nor touching anywhere near her beautiful labia, clitoris, or vagina. However,  Melodie said she’d help me come since it was too irritating to touch her clitoris. 

When I finished bathing, I found Melodie freshly showered and lying on our queen-sized bed. She looked delicious! I asked if I should get the vibrators that had been charging all night in the master bathroom, but she said that she was just too sore, so I left them in their chargers.

Melodie’s lady parts were off-limits for a while. So we lay on the bed and kissed, and she let me love on her gorgeous, full breasts. She is beyond beautiful to me. I sucked on each of her lovely nipples (AKA raspberries), and then she said it was her turn. Believe it or not, she LOVES to lavish attention on my mini man-nipples. On our honeymoon, I discovered how much I enjoy her doing it.

I had been married to a less-than-kind woman before, and so I always appreciate Melodie’s desire to give me pleasure unselfishly. So I lay down on my back as Melodie and I switched to HER loving on MY nipples. The “lips on nips” felt awesome, as usual.

I masturbated as she did this for a couple of minutes, then she lay back down, and I proceeded to rub some coconut oil between her shapely breasts. Then I straddled her ribs, and she pushed her boobs together, completely encasing my hard erection. I thrust slowly, reveling in the incredible sensation. Grabbing my cell phone, I opened our private photos/videos app and filmed my hard rod sliding between her beautiful, curvy breasts.

As I peered down at the amazing sight of my beautiful wife’s full breasts caressing my erection, I began to push faster. My orgasm was coming sooner than I expected, and I exploded between her boobs and sprayed cum clear up to under her chin. What an experience!

I dismounted and helped wipe her off, then we cuddled briefly and talked a bit before we went into round two.

This time, we started with her lips on my nips. Then we switched to “tip on nip!” This is when I masturbate while kneeling beside my sexy wife. As I do, she cups the side of one breast and pushes it up to the tip of my erection, and it rubs on her nipple. Usually, her other hand holds a vibe to her clitoris. But today she felt too irritated down there to touch it with anything—at least, so we thought. Since today Melodie had a free hand, she cupped her right breast on both sides. I noticed a glint starting in her eye. She smiled as she looked down and watched my tip rubbing over her raspberry.

She’s always beautiful to me, but the lines on her face fade and she looks younger when she gets aroused. In fact, her face flushes, and I feel like I’m making love to a 20-year-old. I call this “the look.” (I’ve said before that I think seeing your spouse as their younger self must be a type of spiritual gift that God gives to us older, long-time-married couples.)

Often my tip on her nip, coupled with a vibe on her clit, will trigger an orgasm for her. But today, our two rechargeable vibes remained plugged into their chargers.

I filmed this stage of our play too, and I came all over that beautiful breast. But this whole experience of giving ME pleasure had triggered something in Melodie. After we wiped her nipple and breast off, she got up, and to my happy surprise, she started to pose for some photos and videos. She struck pose after sexy nude pose. 

“Do you like it?” she asked me. Then she would change positions and ask, “How about this?”

Her show enthralled me, but Melodie was just getting started. Next, she reached into her nearby lingerie drawer and started trying on different pieces that I have given her. First, she went for her shelf bra, then she removed the shelf bra and put on her purple open-cup, open-crotch teddy. Stroking her nipples and arching her back, Melodie pushed out her breasts in my direction. 

I was busy snapping photos and doing short videos. But I finally got the message when she cupped the undersides of her breasts and said, “Don’t ya want these?”

I crawled quickly over to Melodie’s side of the bed and knelt in front of her. “Do the girls need some attention?” I asked.

“Yes, they do!” she exclaimed as she pushed her right breast, then her left one, to my hungry mouth, each of her sexy raspberries getting my full attention. (I filmed some of this too.) We continued for a while. I eventually had to switch to sitting on the edge of the bed because my feet fell asleep from kneeling.

The whole time I was stimulating her nipples, I also pumped away at my erection. Finally, I took a break to lay back and continue pumping. I handed the cell phone (camera) to her to film me for a bit. 

Melodie looked down at my rod, brought the lens close, and said, “That would feel good inside me!”

When I asked if she wanted to try, she was too afraid of it hurting and afraid of infecting me. But she was obviously very aroused, so I asked if she wanted to try using a vibrator after all. She surprised me by saying yes. It had been five days since her last orgasms, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.

She went into the bathroom to retrieve the vibrators, the returned and lay down on her right side in the bed with me. I was so proud of her for giving this a try. Her behavior (and her having “the look”) told me that she felt very aroused and very into our sexual loving this morning.

As Melodie lay beside me on the bed, I began licking, flicking, and sucking her beautiful raspberries while she applied the vibe to her clitoris. Her performance and my attention to her nipples had her incredibly turned on because, within 20 seconds of switching on the vibe, Melodie arched her back. Her whole body tensed up as she gasped in a husky but feminine, sexy voice, “I’m coming!”

I love hearing that phrase! And watching her climax is my favorite sight. She is incredibly beautiful to me, and I feel like God must love me the most because He gave me such a beautiful, kind, and remarkably sexy wife.

I lay back down, very pleased that she’d been able to have an orgasm despite her irritation from the infection. Then I asked for more oral attention to my nipples. (I know, I’m a pig! But I wanted more.) Watching her pose, then licking, sucking, and flicking her raspberries—not to mention seeing her come—had me all aroused again.

While I pumped my erection, she cupped my balls and gently squeezed them. Her lips surrounded my right nipple, and she worked her magic.

I asked her to suck a bit harder, and as she did, my third orgasm erupted like a volcano—though I expected a limited lava flow, there was actually a lot! She cleaned me off with soft towels we keep for this kind of thing. She also had to wipe off where I had splattered her leg, the bed, and all over my tummy. The sensations from my third orgasm were incredible too. I felt exhausted and happily dazed. Despite a tricky situation, we had enjoyed ourselves in a fantastic sexual romp that never once involved sexual intercourse. In spite of our chronic health problems and her current acute health problem, we had a very satisfying married sexual experience. 

A bit later, after we had cleaned up and fixed our morning meal, Melodie blessed our brunch and thanked God for the fun time we had enjoyed together in the bedroom. I gave a wholehearted “Amen” to her prayer!

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6 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    Such a hot story… I love hearing about a wife losing her inhibitions! Got me feeling horny!! And it’s all about my favorite sex position: mutual masturbation!! 🔥🔥

  2. LovingMan says:

    PacMan, I agree. When the wife loses her inhibitions, the sex is beautifully intense, and maybe you could say raunchy. But raunchy married sex is good—great even!

    Flying Hubby, you are right. The greatest part is being together.

    King Arthur, I like masturbating the most when my wife is helping out by licking my nipples, cupping my balls, etc.

  3. LovingMan says:

    mhubby… Thanks for your comment. I suppose Day 5 = Day 1 … so the schedule continues or resets. Lots of things CAN interrupt the schedule and so it is still very important to be flexible and kind. I realize that my sex drive is over the top. My wife accommodates me with this schedule. Sometimes we’ll have an unplanned full lovemaking session because of my wife feeling in the mood on an off day. Or maybe before a trip where we will be staying with relatives we’ll make love two days in a row before we leave. And as I mentioned, sometimes the quickie turns into something more. The important thing is to communicate and negotiate in a loving, patient way. Every couple is different.

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