The Vegas Exhibition

I looked at my wife, Ginger, and said, “Let’s go to Vegas!”



She laughed, “Very funny!”

“No, I’m serious. Our kids are busy this weekend, and our friends all have plans, so instead of sitting home, let’s just go.  We’ll leave tonight and come back on Sunday.  What do you say, babe?  Let’s just do it!”

“Oh my gosh, you ARE serious.  Ummm, well, I guess we could…. You know this is crazy, don’t you?”

“Yes, but we like being a little crazy!  I’ll book flights and a room; you go start packing.”

“Holy cats, okay, okay! Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe we are doing this… ready, set, go….”


JACK:  That was our conversation a few weeks ago, and on a whim, we packed up and flew to Vegas for a long weekend.  We aren’t gamblers, but we do have fun in Vegas, and we’ve taken many trips there over the years for different conventions and vacations.  We’ve always had fun and felt like it was a place for us to work on being sexy, flirtatious married adults.  Ginger quickly packed her things, a few Vegas outfits, her skimpiest bikinis, and of course, a few of our prized toys. She then packed a few things that she likes for me to wear.  We arrived in Vegas close to midnight and made it to the resort, where they upgraded us to a higher floor—wonderful!  We made it to our room and immediately crashed on our beds, exhausted, and fell asleep.  No playtime the first night.

GINGER:  I awoke early the next morning, looked out on the Vegas strip from the 36th floor, and smiled at the thought that we were actually here. The view was beautiful, the weather sunny and hot, and we always have fun here.  I was already getting horny for what “lay ahead”…. Ahhh, I could relax, be sexy and naughty, and enjoy my hubby for a few days.

I drew myself a bubble bath and relaxed while I shaved my legs and pussy bare.  Usually, I like to wax it all, but I didn’t have time to make an appointment, so I opted for a close shave.  It felt so good to relax.  I had purchased a few bikinis for our vacays and had even bought a thong.  Ladies, I’m middle-aged and never dreamed this momma would be wearing a thong bikini in public. But here I was, trying on a thong to wear to the pool, and the thought of it was making me wet. Maybe Jack was right that I am a closet exhibitionist, LOL.

I decided that for the first day, I would go with something that covered a bit more of my ass—not much more, but more than a string. So now I was all ready to lounge by the pool and relax.   Little did I know what Jack had in store for me, that naughty boy.

JACK:  Ginger came out of the bathroom in the morning, modeling one of her new bikinis, and she looked stunning.  I immediately got hard while looking at my sexy wife in the skimpiest swimsuit I had ever seen her wear. She told me to get up and get ready as the pool was opening soon, and then she handed me my steel cock ring.

“Here, if I am to wear this tiny bikini today, then you need to wear your cock ring under your suit to remind you that I own that cock.”

“No problem, baby. Give me a minute to let my cock relax, and I’ll put it on.”

We grabbed a cup of coffee at one of the hotel cafés and made our way to the pool.  I had researched which hotels have “European” pools in Vegas and booked at one of the highly-rated ones.  As we entered the pool area, I suggested we go to the last pool, where it was 21 and over, so we walked that way.

When we picked out our lounge chairs and got settled in, I told Ginger that this pool was considered a European pool and it was okay to go topless.

She laughed and sarcastically said, “I knew you were up to something; you think you’re going to get your wife to lay here topless, do you?”

“Baby, let’s see if anyone else does. Besides, you have great tits, and I know it would turn you on just as much as it would me.”

She gave me an eye roll and a smirk and said, “We’ll see. I’d hate to have the cock ring tighten too much around your cock out here in public.”

GINGER: Well, I wasn’t surprised Jack had led us to a topless—or as he called it, a “European” pool because he thinks that sounds more innocent. LOL.  To be honest, Jack was right, though; it actually made me excited to think that I was at a topless pool and could just take my top off at any time so that anyone could see my tits.  I had never done anything like that other than skinny dipping in the dark with our best friends a couple of times, which was exciting and fun.

We decided to order a couple of Bloody Marys and just watch what other people were doing for a while.  We lay there for a couple of hours and watched patiently while the pool area filled, placing bets on who the first topless attendee was going to be.  Finally, the first brave woman took her top off.

I tapped Jack and said, “We have a winner.”

He looked up and smiled as he watched a lady across from us lie on her lounger, topless.  Pretty soon, a few more ladies dared to bare.

We spent the next hour in and out of the pool, talking to others around us and having a few beverages.  It was a beautiful hot day with not a cloud in the sky.  Once I had a few drinks in me, I was closer to getting up the nerve to take my top off.  I could feel the excitement building in me and said to myself, “You can do this, girl.  You know you want to!”  And, I actually did want to! (I can’t believe I’m admitting that.)

JACK:  Ginger was a great sport. We had fun laughing, talking to others, people-watching, and enjoying a few poolside cocktails.  It wasn’t a party atmosphere; nothing was different from any other pool except a few ladies were topless.  Nobody was being inappropriate, and there were no obnoxious people; everyone was very respectful.  It felt exciting to be at a topless pool, quite erotic, but it wasn’t overtly sexual at all.  Most of the topless ladies were middle-aged and of all shapes and sizes.

As the morning turned into afternoon, I could tell that Ginger was getting less anxious and more curious.  Finally, I tugged on her bikini top and said, “Are you ready to join them?”

GINGER: OMG, I DID IT! I was in the pool with Jack when he asked me if I was ready.  I thought about it and said, “What the heck. I’m doing it.”

With that, I unhooked my top, and for the first time ever, I was topless at a public pool.  It was exhilarating.  I was sitting there exposing myself to everyone at the pool, and instead of feeling embarrassed, I felt sexy and enjoyed it.  I spent the rest of the afternoon in and out of the pool, wearing nothing but my skimpy bikini bottom.  Needless to say, both Jack and I were enjoying our time together, and the sexual tension was building.  I was a horny topless momma.

JACK:  OMG, SHE DID IT! LOL.  Yep, she did it, and it was so much fun to be there with my wife as she relaxed around the pool topless the rest of the afternoon.  Maybe it sounds crazy, but I actually felt so close to her at that point, doing something together for the first time.  I was proud of her: proud that she was my wife, and proud of her for having the courage to do that and enjoy it.

My cock ring did tighten a few times that afternoon as my erections came and went (no pun intended).  It was just a fun, sexy afternoon spent lounging by the pool with my topless wife, and I loved it.

Eventually, we left the pool and went back to our room to get ready for supper.  We decided that neither one of us could cum until after dinner as we both loved the sexual high we were riding.  We took a shower together and got ready for the night.

Ginger picked out a cute little yellow sundress that was low cut and mid-thigh length.  She looked beautiful in it, with the top of her breasts exposed and the occasional peek of the top of her areolas.  The skirt of it was short enough for some easy access if the opportunity presented itself.  She completed the look with a pair of high heels, then came over to me.

With a sly smile, she said, “Baby, do you mind that I’m not wearing a bra or any panties tonight?”

I laughed as I approached her, kissed her, and said, “I wouldn’t expect anything else of my hot wife who loves to dress up all sexy for me.”  We kissed passionately as I worked my hand up under her dress to rub her ass and tease her little tight rosebud.  Then I told her, “I think something is missing.”

She chuckled and asked, “What’s missing?”

“Your jeweled plug. I think it would really add to this outfit you have on.”

“Mmmmm, you want your innocent little midwestern wife to go out to dinner in this tiny dress with nothing underneath except some jewelry in my ass?”

“Yes. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“Okay, then I might need some help getting it in.  If I bend over, do you think you can help me?”

“Ohh, I think I can manage.”  I went to our toy bag and retrieved her gold-jeweled plug along with some lube. I coated my fingers with the slick substance then gently massaged it into her tight ass hole.

Moans escaped Ginger’s mouth as I probed her ass.  Then I took the plug and coated it with lube before slowly pushing it into her ass.  I watched as the bulb of the plug stretched her tight little hole further and further until it crested the width of the bulb and slid into place.

“OMG, baby, my ass feels so full.  I am so fucking horny right now that I can’t stand it. So you’re going to make me wear this in my ass all night? So naughty of you!”

I helped her up, and then we kissed again while my fingers teased her plug.

GINGER: I’m a middle-aged Christian momma that has, in recent years, found freedom in my sexuality.  I love that Jack and I can have special sexy vacations where I can be his naughty wife.  I felt so sexy in my outfit, and it made me excited to wear it out in public.  It was sexy but not raunchy.  It’s so fun to get all dressed up and feel sexy and naughty when nobody knows you.  And having my ass plugged felt good and naughty too. Sometimes when we’re back home and going out or hanging with friends, Jack has me wear my plug. It’s our naughty secret, which is fun, and I can feel it all night which adds to the sexual tension.

I wasn’t the only one wearing something sexy, though.  I had picked out a sharp outfit for Jack, made sure he had his cock ring on and then chose one of my thongs for Jack to put on, instructing him to get my panties wet with his precum.  He looked very handsome, and I liked knowing he had on my thong and was dripping precum in it whenever I teased him.   So many “naughties” in this paragraph, lol.

JACK:  We walked through the hotel’s casino and to the taxi stand.  It’s always exciting for me when Ginger dresses up and I can watch the guys and ladies check her out. It turns me on… in fact, it turns us both on.  She is absolutely beautiful anytime, but when she dresses up, she’s downright stunning.

We had a wonderful dinner, and on the way back, we walked through Fashion City Mall, where we did some outfit shopping at a sexy store.  The dressing rooms were not open, so they allowed us to use the back corner of the store, which was only semi-private.  Ginger removed her dress and stood in the corner of this store with only a jeweled plug in her ass, trying on a few sexy outfits.  I have to admit that my cock was rock hard at this moment, both at my wife’s brazenness and watching her model the clothing.

After Ginger tried on a couple of the outfits, she looked at me and said, “You’re having fun, aren’t you?  We could probably fuck right here, and they wouldn’t care.”

“Babe, my cock is rock hard, and you look so damn sexy in that outfit…. Yes, I want to fuck you right now!”

She then teased me by fingering her pussy a little and giving me a taste, but then she said, “I think you’ll just have to wait.”

The sales lady checked on us a couple of times, smiling and commenting on how sexy Ginger looked in the outfits.  I was so fucking horny when we left that store that I had to make sure my shirt covered the wet spot on my crotch.

GINGER:  Jack was a sweetheart the whole night, so attentive to my needs… LOL.  While at the dinner table, he instructed me not to cross my legs and allow my dress to ride up my thighs.  A couple was sitting across from us and other diners around us, and Jack wanted me to tease them.

I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but I obeyed and uncrossed my legs, opening them slightly and allowing my dress to ride up higher on my thighs.  It was exciting to sit there exposed, knowing someone could look up my dress.  Jack didn’t think anyone noticed—probably good—but it was exciting, and he was keeping me on this sexual high.

After dinner, we walked through the mall, and Jack suggested we go into a store that looked like it was for female dancers, if you know what I mean.  So, I went in, and we actually found a few cute sexy outfits that I felt I could actually wear on vacation and not just the bedroom.

I asked the sales lady for a dressing room, and she apologized that none were available. But since we were the only ones in the store at the time, she said we could just go to the back and try the outfits on. I laughed and followed her to the back of the store.  As she walked away, I removed my dress and stood there in a public store, naked, and I might add… wet.

I tried on and modeled several outfits.  At one point, I needed a different size, and so I just walked over to the rack and got it, still naked. I think the sales lady was watching me.  Jack and I picked out a couple we liked best, and yes, Jack is correct; the sales lady also commented and lingered around us a little more than normal.  (I think I would’ve actually fucked him right there!  We decided against it, but we now fantasize about it in our lovemaking sessions.)  As we paid and left the store, the sales lady smiled and winked at us and told us to have a fun night.

JACK:  We got back to the room, and I led Ginger to the glass windows, turning her to face the glass.  I lifted her dress up over her head and left her standing there in just her heels in front of the window.  The lights of Vegas lit up the sky, and we could see the street life and people walking down below.  Across from us shone other hotel windows, but they were far enough away that we couldn’t tell if anyone was in those rooms.

I reached around and massaged Ginger’s tits while kissing her neck, then let one of my hands trace down her stomach to her mound.  I circled her engorged lips as she let out a moan.  My finger then slowly parted her lips, the moisture practically dripping as I opened her slit and began teasing her clit.  As she moved her legs apart, my two middle fingers entered her and started to slowly finger-fuck her, first slowly and then faster, stopping to work her G-spot from time to time.

Ginger’s hands went to her breasts, and she pinched and teased her nipples.  I placed her hands on the window and then removed my clothes, allowing my cock the freedom it needed from the tight thong Ginger had me wear.  My cock ring was restricting the blood flow leaving my dick, and it badly needed a release.

I turned Ginger and knelt in front of her, and she lifted one leg up on the ottoman to give me better access to her pussy.  My face burrowed into her pussy as her hand came behind my head and pulled me in, holding me there.  With one hand, I began putting pressure on her jeweled plug, pressing and pulling.  Ginger’s hips began to buck into my face as I tongued her.

“Fuck, baby, lick my pussy.  Yessss.  Oh, god, that feels soooo good.  Do you want me to cum on your face, huh?  Oh, shit… yes, right there. Yes. Ohhhh, shit. Baby, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m commmmm….”  Ginger came hard as I ate her pussy, and I lapped up the creamy cum as it dripped from her love hole.

Then I stood up, precum dripping from my cock, and placed her hands back on the glass as she bent over, giving me access to her cunt.  I pushed in and fucked her hard, my body slapping against hers as my cock thrust in and out of her sloppy hole.  I could feel myself nearing the point of no return; the sexual high was amazing!  With a few more deep thrusts, I felt my cock and balls erupt deep inside of her pussy. Ropes of cum spurted out over and over until I collapsed back on the chair.

Afterward, we turned off the lights, pulled two chairs to the window, and just sat there in the afterglow, enjoying the Vegas night lights.  What a day!  Marital bliss.

GINGER:  Yes, what he said… ha-ha.  Okay, okay.  Yes, we left the lights on in our high-rise hotel room and put on a show probably to no one—but who knows? Maybe someone could see; we’ll never know.  All I do know is that it was fucking hot and intense and soooo good.   This usually conservative girl enjoyed every bit of it with my hubby.

As we settled into bed that night, I remember how thankful I was for this time with him and this season of life.  I also got one more good orgasm with just my vibrator as Jack drifted off to sleep and another in the morning… hehe, lucky girl.

We had two more sexy and erotic days and nights together.  Each day, I had to get up the courage again to take my top off, but it was so much fun once I did.  I was able to wear a couple of the sexy outfits Jack bought for me, and they didn’t disappoint.  I felt so sexy in them.  I have to admit that it’s also fun to get looks from both men and women.

The thong bikini will have to wait for our next vacay as the matching top didn’t fit right, so I had to return it; bummer!  But, I’m going to wear one next trip!  We hope you enjoyed this story of our recent marriage retreat weekend.  Keep it fun and sexy!

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28 replies
  1. tdx30 says:

    Vacations are the best and you two know how we spent ours in Jamaica. On a different vacay Mistress and I went on a Carnival cruise and we noticed that the very top deck was reserved for topless sunbathing. Sam wanted to try it out but insisted that as her slave I had to wear less than she did. That meant a thong for me over my cock collar and a skimpy bottom for her. When we arrived up top there were about a dozen couples sunbathing and about 5 to 6 single gals. All the gals were topless but none of the men were wearing a thong except me. Mistress knows exactly how to reinforce her delegated authority over me. If she was going to overcome her inhibitions then I was going to have to overcome mine. We had a wonderful time sunning in the near nude. And it was difficult for me to keep my cock at half mast. All of a sudden we heard a commotion and an argument break out. Some perv had come up to take photos of us all and one very protective husband demanded he erase them all and prove to us he did. Everyone on deck started clapping and cheering. None of us wanted our vacation bodies displayed on social media. Mistress and I love exotic vacations where we can be ourselves and anonymous. Sex is always elevated to a higher level. Thanks for your stories Jack and Ginger. I will soon send in what happened on Day 3 in Jamaica.

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Absolutely awesome story. Got to read it to my wife as we headed out this morning on a 3 hour drive. Thanks for not letting what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas!

  3. Preacher says:

    You would have to be a eunuch to not enjoy this story. I enjoyed everything about it. I am happily married, but I tagged along as a voyeur, and this gave me some good masturbation images of a loving Christian couple having fun. You are one special couple.

    • JacknGinger says:

      Thanks Preacher… we are just a normal couple and we like to have some hot times together. Glad you enjoyed it and it’s a turn on for us to know it turns others on. Thanks for your comment!!

    • JacknGinger says:

      Not sure about the sequel the other days were fairly similar… but we do like to submit our adventures so for sure another story. This site has been so helpful for us for many years!!

  4. Satin King says:

    What a hot story! My favorite lines:

    “While at the dinner table, he instructed me not to cross my legs and allow my dress to ride up my thighs. A couple was sitting across from us and other diners around us, and Jack wanted me to tease them.

    I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but I obeyed and uncrossed my legs, opening them slightly and allowing my dress to ride up higher on my thighs. It was exciting to sit there exposed, knowing someone could look up my dress. Jack didn’t think anyone noticed—probably good—but it was exciting, and he was keeping me on this sexual high.”

    Reading this makes me super hard! Exhibitionist escapades like this are one of our favorite fantasies that I like to spin torrid tales about during our joint masturbation sessions. We both cum hard thinking about it!

    And this…
    “ I wasn’t the only one wearing something sexy, though. I had picked out a sharp outfit for Jack, made sure he had his cock ring on and then chose one of my thongs for Jack to put on, instructing him to get my panties wet with his precum. He looked very handsome, and I liked knowing he had on my thong and was dripping precum in it whenever I teased him. So many “naughties” in this paragraph, lol.”

    Of course, you know sexy panties are one of my great weaknesses! I get to jack-off on them quite frequently but it’s always a huge turn on for me when my wife asks me to wear them when we are going out. She loves when she sees me taking off my trousers- the way my hard cock is straining against the sheer flimsy fabric and seeing the obvious wet spot at the tip. The constant titillating of the silky satin and lace against my cock while we’re out makes both her and I have wet panties!

    • JacknGinger says:

      Thanks Satin King we all enjoy different kinky things and glad there is mutual enjoyment for you guys. Appreciate the feedback

  5. Bertie says:

    Love this, JacknGinger. The spontaneity of the trip and the time for you both to express your love for each other in playful and sexy ways is great. Makes me all the more ready to go on a quick trip with my wife somewhere we can explore and express our love for each other. Need to have a great window to enjoy too!

  6. SecondMarge says:

    Vacation brings out daring and freedom. And of course what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I did not know they had topless pools there. Had a sales person seen us doing something in a store or me undressed my husband would have relived it during sex later, telling me she was watching us. Maybe undressing. Maybe touching herself. I doubt I would be brave enough to leave the changing room to get another item from the rack while naked. But the idea turns me on and would have made my husband rock hard. It’s great to read more and more stories about husbands turned on by others seeing their wife naked, or at least topless. I feel like my husband was not unusual at all but just a man.

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