Pure Sex (L)

I was dog-tired after a long day; the hot, hard spray from the massage setting on our shower head was just what I needed to ease my aching muscles. My husband, Greg, lay on our bed, reading something on the internet, and as I alighted from the shower, he could see my damp body shining in the dim light. As he often tells me, there isn’t a sight that he enjoys more.

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I slipped on a flimsy short black nighty minus any bra or panty, my usual bedtime attire. That way if anything transpires between us, it’s simple for him to gain access to any part of me that he desires. And Greg generally wears jogging pants to bed; they are comfy and easy to slide out of at a moment’s notice.

We spent a few minutes casually chatting before switching off the main light and climbing between the sheets. Then we lay on our sides, back to back, and continued to talk together in the dark.

After a little while, Greg rolled over and cuddled up next to my back. I felt his cock rub between my ass cheeks, sliding up and down as he slowly humped against me. “I can’t stop picturing how you looked getting out of the shower,” he growled against my neck. “Do you know how hot you are?” He kept his cock rocking as his hands grabbed my boobs, and the way he fondled and pinched my nipples sent shockwaves through my body.

I didn’t answer, just chuckled as I turned my face toward his for a deep kiss. One of his hands moved to my pussy, and he inserted two fingers. My wetness clung to his fingers as he brought them up and slipped them into my mouth. I savoured my juices, sucking and licking off every bit before pushing his hand down to my nether region again for a refill.

After a few more tastes, I turned around and flung off the covers so that I could pull down his joggers and suck his cock. But I didn’t spend too much time down there this time. Instead, I turned back to my side facing away from him.

Since I was totally naked beneath the hem of my short filmy gown, Greg had but to lift my top leg upwards and align his now slippery cock. The next thing I knew, it softly and slowly teased its way inside. This was a little different than our usual nighttime sessions. He took me from behind, teasing me incessantly. Talk about enjoyment! It was the smoothest fuck I could remember.

Now and again, Greg would stop and roll to his back, bring my mouth to his cock for more lube, then flip me around again to reinsert. I could feel him starting to swell, which set off a shudder in me. As I felt his sperm explode into me, I had an orgasm unlike any other.

“Save a bit for me,” I managed to croak.

“Sure,” he said as he pulled out, and I turned to my back. He brought his dripping cock up to my mouth and pushed it in—but not before a dribble fell to my cleavage revealed by the plunging neckline of my neglige. The taste was superb: semen and a mixture of my very own cunt juices. I loved it and whispered to him, “I liked that position, but next time we should try another new one. Let’s stick to loving sex like that.”

Greg just nodded, then spooned me again while we both drifted off.

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7 replies
  1. QueenandHubbie says:

    … short, sweet, and hot.

    “The taste was superb: semen and a mixture of my very own cunt juices. I loved it …”

    It’s a special, sexual person to choose, to decide, to embrace that fuck-juices taste “superb.” I have. I will dive my mouth into any combination of Queen’s and my fuck-juices; hers, mine, ours.

    “It is so liberating to be so liberated!” (Ooh, that’s good!)

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