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That Sunday Storm

After waking late and having lunch on Sunday, my husband and I were feeling somewhat sticky from the sex we had the previous night. Greg stripped off his clothes and hopped into the shower, and when I heard the water shut off, I headed in to get ready for my turn. I had just taken […]

Office Blow

Busily annotating records at my desk, I frowned at the distracting beep of my phone. But when I checked the screen, I saw that my husband Greg had sent me a text. I opened it to find a photo taken the last time I’d given him a blowjob—a closeup of my lips coated in his […]

Still Strong

For some reason, whenever we take a cruise, sex always comes into play. There is just something about the freedom we experience on the open sea. After a mammoth “69” session the night before, we woke to bright sunlight entering through the porthole. After hitting the breakfast buffet, we went back to our cabin and […]

Pure Sex (L)

I was dog-tired after a long day; the hot, hard spray from the massage setting on our shower head was just what I needed to ease my aching muscles. My husband, Greg, lay on our bed, reading something on the internet, and as I alighted from the shower, he could see my damp body shining […]

Extroverted Sex

I am very extroverted when it comes to sex. By extroverted, I mean that I have no qualms about initiating, sometimes even demanding, sexual activity with my husband. When I need it, I need it, and Greg loves that he never has to guess whether I’m in the mood or not. All I have to […]

Deep (A)

This post includes anal play (A). What a surprise I gave my husband! Greg came home looking for me, but he was so tired that he didn’t think to look behind the bedroom door. As he left to check the rest of the house, I jumped onto the bed, starkers and with my mound and […]


My husband and I love oral sex. Many times, while making love in the hugging and kissing way, we work ourselves into a frenzy. He’ll sometimes bring me to the brink of orgasm with his forefinger, but I can control it, hold it back. Just as he’s about to insert his tool into me, I […]

Perfect Place

I was in the kitchen as usual when I heard my husband, Greg, shout out my name as he arrived home from work. I responded,  “Yeh, in here. I’m ready.” “Huh? Ready for what?” As he rounded the doorframe from the hallway, Greg found me standing at the stove wearing nothing on but my thin […]

Tips for Oral on Him

I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert cock-sucker. Today, I’ll share with you all some of the ways I indulge my husband with oral sex. Maybe it will spark some ideas for those married couples who love to blow, suck and swallow—or those who’d like to. Early on, I gave Greg […]

Another O

I got off work a bit early this afternoon, so I knew I’d be alone for a little while when I got home. I removed my dress and slipped a short, comfortable kaftan over my head. Bare-bottomed, I lay down on the bed, grabbed my dildo, and started to masturbate solo so that, when Greg […]

🔊 That Taste

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Greg and I had fallen asleep naked after a mammoth session the night before. We’d worn each other out, and my body felt wonderfully used and achy.  Half-awake in the growing light, I felt a cock against my backside and expected an early morning penetration to add to the pleasure. Greg […]

🔊 The Couch Session (L)

This story contains strong language (L). You can read about annotations in the Guidelines via the main menu. 🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Greg and I strolled through the park on an unusually hot day. I’d worn a  panty under my short skirt to help keep my sweat-dampened skin from chafing as I walked, and Greg […]