My husband and I love oral sex. Many times, while making love in the hugging and kissing way, we work ourselves into a frenzy. He’ll sometimes bring me to the brink of orgasm with his forefinger, but I can control it, hold it back. Just as he’s about to insert his tool into me, I stop him and enjoy the tingle that encompasses my soaking hole. Then I’ll ask him to pleasure me with his mouth or offer to do the same for him.

This time, we were totally naked in bed, and my husband had the option of taking me in any conceivable opening, but I suggested that he bring his cock to my mouth. I really wanted his cum down my throat, but he had grown thick and big. Was I willing to take the chance? Absolutely! I wanted to give him something special, so without much talking, I positioned myself.

First, I grabbed the stool from the dressing table. It stood slightly higher than the edge of the bed, so it would prop my head up a bit. I placed it at the side of the bed while he watched and played with his penis, staying hard for me. Then I made myself comfortable, sprawling crossways on the mattress before him in all my naked glory. I settled my head on the upholstered stool, and then I was ready for a different sort of 69.

I motioned for him to stand over the top of my head so that when he penetrated my mouth, he could move his face forward to suck my swollen pussy, too. Once we got it right, he nudged away at my pussy and slid his cock in and out of my gaping mouth, but very gently. He nibbled at my clit while I sucked him, feeling his oozing precum coating my mouth. We intermittently stopped and resumed for a long time, and I had a few orgasms but kept my cool, shuddering but only now and then letting it show a little. I didn’t want him to let up!

After a while, I asked him to change positions. Having enjoyed my soft shudders, I now needed his sperm badly. I asked him to face the other way around, and he obliged. With his cock fully inside my mouth and his balls tapping under my chin, I could feel my throat bulging as his head entered it. But he always pulled out enough to prevent me from gagging. I accepted his penetration with ease, and when I heard his familiar “aaargh,” I knew what was coming. I grabbed his buttock and squeezed, letting my nails dig into them as I felt his thick cream pour onto my tongue and then into my stomach. He stood still for a while, and as he pulled out, he was surprised to see that I’d cleaned him off completely.

It was some of the most enjoyable oral sex we’d ever experienced. We both just collapsed on the bed and fell right to sleep.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Wow! VERY sexy! What an amazing oral sex position(s) you two figured out! Personally we (my wife & I) think that being creative is a boost to our sexual relationship. In fact, being creative in your job etc. is also very important. We have a saying we heard and adopted: “Different is good!” Finding different ways of pleasing each other in our emotional and sexual relationship is sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    This was a very hot story. Reminds me a bit of my wife, who occasionally tells me she is craving "something salty," which is code for her craving my cum. If no one is around, I'll tease her a bit and ask her if she wants something creamy and salty, or perhaps hot and creamy with some saltiness to it. Invariably, she'll answer she wants something creamy and salty and she wants a lot of it and she wants to feel it fill her mouth and go down her throat. So that then leads to a wonderful blowjob. Just a few nights ago she craved some salt and got a mouthful of cum and swallowed it. I asked her if she still had a craving and she said I helped her satisfy it. Stay oral, my friends.

  3. Happy Husband says:

    My wife and I have been married 34 years and when we have sex it is probably 95% oral. She loves sucking my cock and I love eating her pussy and we both love to receive. Even if we don't make love, 4 out of 5 days she wants to at least have my cock in her mouth for 30 seconds before starting the day. It has became almost a morning ritual. We are blessed.

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