Office Blow

Busily annotating records at my desk, I frowned at the distracting beep of my phone. But when I checked the screen, I saw that my husband Greg had sent me a text. I opened it to find a photo taken the last time I’d given him a blowjob—a closeup of my lips coated in his cum. The attached message read, “I am yours for the taking right now, if you hurry over.” I quickly packed away the files I had out and looked at the other girls. “I’m going to take my break now.”

“I guess you’re off to meet Greg,” Jenny remarked.

“Yes, but I won’t be gone long.” I smiled and angled my phone so that she could see.

Jenny looked at the image and only said, “You lucky girl, you!”

That day I’d worn a knee-length skirt and a pantie as it was a bit cold. So as I walked towards Greg’s office a few blocks away, I looked pretty ordinary and gentlewomanly.

As I entered Greg’s office, I closed the door behind me. Greg stood and dropped the blinds, then came to stand in front is me. Without a word, he dropped his pants. His cock was standing proud and ready. His only words to me? “Suck it all out.”

Now that is my art. I dropped to my knees and leaned forward as Greg gripped my head and drove his cock into my mouth. What a great feeling! As he pulled back, the saliva he triggered slicked his shaft, and his precum had already begun to ooze.

I looked up at him. “Again.”

Greg pushed in and out twice more, then shifted toward my left inner cheek. As he withdrew again, I twisted my tongue around his head before he thrust it into my right cheek. When he again pulled out, a blob of saliva and precum mix came too and ran down my chin.

“Open wide,” Greg commanded.

I knew what would come next: deep throat, a skill at which I’m quite accomplished. So I inhaled deeply, and then he slowly drove his cock in, holding my head tight. His meat filled my throat. Well aware that I’d gag if he stayed more than a few seconds, he pulled out and let me exchange the air in my lungs before repeating the same procedure. Only this time, he pushed it in a little further.

I held it longer than before, and as he slowly retracted, I slid my tongue under the shaft and on the sides. Then I sucked the head hard before moving lower to lick and suck the tender spot between his sac and anus, his cock resting against my forehead. It had grown huge, and as I held his shaft upright and juggled his balls with my tongue, he oozed all over. Clearly, he loved it.

“Okay,” I said, “let me lie back on the floor.” Once positioned, I pointed to my mouth, and he settled onto his knees above me so that he could make the deepest penetration possible. With his cock in hand, he inserted himself, and mouth-sex began. Now he could push hard and deep, thrusting in and out my throat as I carefully timed my breathing with his strokes.

Suddenly, I felt an orgasm building. Unusual; Greg hadn’t touched me, but the sensations in my throat and his animalistic urgency made my insides tingle. I slipped a hand inside my panties and rubbed hard and fast until I reached my climax.

Then his turn came. His sperm first hit my tongue, but before I could swallow, he’d thrust in again and released spurt after spurt down my throat.

He began to soften, and soon I could clean off his penis with my tongue and mouth. Finally, he sat up, pulled up his pants, and thanked me. “I’ll see you later,” he promised with a wink and a kiss.

I straightened my skirt and put my hair aright, then walked down the street back to the office, as ladylike as you please. I could still taste his sweet-sour, tangy flavor as I sat down at my desk and got back to work.

When Jenny looked at me and winked, I stuck out my tongue and showed her the leftovers. She just smiled and nodded knowingly.

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9 replies
  1. QueenandHubbie says:

    Umm, THUD!

    Such confidence in her own sexuality, especially oral, and especially deep throat, swallowing, and cum-play! For me, and I think many men, sexual confidence and experience in a woman is a primary aphrodisiac!

    Such discrete sexual openness and lack of embarrassment or inhibition with her friend. To show a picture of cummy lips on the way out, leaving no doubt as to where she was going or what she was doing, and showing actual evidence of cum in her mouth upon return, is mind blowing, no pun intended!

    Such sexual heat in their relationship that he could get horny, call for her “help”, she would drop what she was doing, go to him, and focus on just serving him in an “extreme” way, is the epitome of sexual heat. That this turned her on enough for her surprise “O” is icing on the cake. His promise to “see you later” is clear indication that this is not a one way street and that she’ll get hers soon!

    Queen and I are trying to flesh out and live by “The Agreement”, which is “My lover and I made an Agreement. We don’t ask to make love, we quench our desire. The conquered one joins the passion-fray with wild fuck-lust!” We hope it suggests a rare, singular intensity and abandon. This story illustrates not so rare!

    Well done! Now help me up!

    • Suzyzz says:

      Thank you. Both Greg and myself enjoy oral sex tremendously. A blow job can take many forms. and the more he demand or at time I demand we always make amendments to satisfy our needs.

  2. QueenandHubbie says:

    Sequels are tough, but if ever an “I’ll see you later,” begs to be written, it’s this one, and her call for him to pleasure her, and his response!

    Well, my day is shot!

    • Suzyzz says:

      Well as a woman with years of experience in oral sex, I just can’t say no to something that I am addicted to.

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