Extroverted Sex

I am very extroverted when it comes to sex. By extroverted, I mean that I have no qualms about initiating, sometimes even demanding, sexual activity with my husband. When I need it, I need it, and Greg loves that he never has to guess whether I’m in the mood or not. All I have to do is dress sexily or rub my body against his when we kiss, and he is happy to grant my desires.

One particular day, I had just showered and shaved myself hairless. I looked in the mirror and, Wow! I looked fresh as a daisy. It was Saturday, so we were both at home, and Greg was already busy in the garden.

I dressed up in my shortest dress, flicking panties and bra aside. You could almost say I was naked if it weren’t for the thin dress. After a cup of coffee, I proceeded to the garden, where my husband’s eyes almost popped out.

Greg kissed me deeply. Then, removing his gloves, he slipped his forefinger into my mouth. I sucked on it seductively as he simulated sex in my mouth, thrusting deeper until I gagged just a little. That got his finger slippery, and I opened my lips as he withdrew, knowing that he wouldn’t want me to suck the saliva off of it.

With the opposite hand, Greg lifted the back of my skirt the inch or two that it took to bare my backside. His slick index finger slipped easily between my taut buttcheeks and drew wet little circles over my anus. Soon the tip of it started dipping lightly into my loosened asshole, making me tingle all over.

Slowly, I tugged his shorts down to his ankles and then began my specialty, a blowjob. First, I licked him sideways and tickled his balls, and as his precum started to ooze, I sucked his shaft, extracting the salty, sticky liquid. Then I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his cock before taking the head in my mouth and tightening my lips over its head. I sucked hard as if to create a hickey until Greg’s excitement reached a frenzy.

I fell to my back on the grass, and Greg required no further invitation. He knelt, pushed his cock into my gaping pussy, and banged me with force for about five minutes to bring me to my first orgasm. Then his finger again sought my tighter hole, and he raised his eyebrows with a tilt of his head to one side.

When he turned me over, my instinct was to get into position: face down, ass up. Parting my knees a little, I grasped one cheek, pulled it away from the other, and let him have it where he wanted it.

Greg circled my asshole with his pussy-juice coated cockhead before gradually penetrating with little pulses to and fro. I tickled my clit as he entered, and the distraction let me relax and accept him. Soon he would have my ass at his disposal. When his balls touched my pussy, I knew what to expect, and he didn’t let me down. Greg began to pump hard and deep.

As used to his size as I am and as turned on as I was, there was no pain. I only felt the amazing stretch, and with the action of my finger on my clitoris, it started another orgasm rising. We rocked on for a while longer, but when Greg felt my sphincter begin to contract around his shaft rhythmically, his cock swelled and hardened even more.

Withdrawing, Greg stood and came to my lifted face. There he stroked his cock until it unloaded. I loved it, even tasting a bit that dripped onto my lips. Then he moved down my body, letting his cum rain down on me. The last shot of his cum wet my pussy as he dropped down on me, and we lay together, rubbing our bodies together.

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12 replies
  1. LoveMyWife56 says:

    That's a very arousing and sexy story. Your preparation to seduce your husband, and your initiation of the sex can really turn your husband on, I am sure. That was a great description in detail of the act. Did it all take place in your garden? May some curious neighbor have been watching? I know I would have enjoyed that! Thank you for your story.

  2. VirginTilVixen says:

    Love the nonverbal initiative- there’s something hot about looking at your husband and him knowing that’s the “come and get me”cue 😉 being outside is super hot and daring – definitely something we’re trying to work in more!

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