Super-Hot Summer Saturday (L)

This is the first story I’ve written in a while; I hope you all enjoy it. Warning: There is more sexy talk in this story than in my previous stories. We have recently been adding more sexy talk because it really turns us on and intensifies the heat. I guess it’s a little forbidden because we never talk that way in our everyday lives. So if the language is offensive, then you should not read this story. At first, we felt it might be wrong to use this language, but it’s not dirty when it’s said in love to please each other. Many studies talk about the science behind dirty talk and how it affects the brain in a good way to enhance the sexual experience. I just write about our actual encounters; none of my stories are made up.

Finally, the weekend! Saturday morning, we snuggled face to face. My husband kissed and played with my nipples for a little while, then dozed back off to sleep. I turned away and rubbed my butt against him, hoping he would wake and give me what I longed for. But when he did awaken, he wasn’t really in the mood, so I reluctantly got up to make breakfast. As he walked to the bathroom, I paused and hugged him while reaching for his balls. I played with his balls until he started getting a hard-on, then I smiled and said, “Later.”

We ate breakfast, and then my husband headed to the gym while I took the dog for a walk.

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When the pup and I got back home, I decided to have some solo time. So I got out my Lelo GiGi™ 2 G-spot vibe, * a bottle of lube, and a towel. I undressed and enjoyed spending time just pleasuring myself with the quiet, rumbly vibrations. It felt so good that I came three times, thinking about our pleasurable evening last night and my plans for him today.


I cleaned up my toys and jumped in the shower, then dried my hair, put on makeup, and got dressed. My man came home and took a shower before taking me out to lunch. Afterward, we returned to the house and relaxed side by side in our recliners.

When I leaned in for a kiss, my hubby started to run the tip of his tongue at the edges just under and around my upper lip. He knows I love that; it’s a slightly different move than our normal French kissing. We continued to kiss, our tongues doing the tango. He pulled his hard cock out the leg of his shorts.

“Just a minute.” I excused myself to our room to grab the Uberlube and take off my shorts, panties, and bra, leaving on just my V-neck T-shirt. Then I sauntered back to the living room and took a seat on the ottoman so that I could lean over his crotch. I licked and sucked his cock while incorporating a stroking motion with my hand, and he was really digging it. But when I added the lube and began a vigorous hand job, that gorgeous cock started pulsing and oozing. My hubby got very verbal about his enjoyment of my skills.

I stopped and lay back on the ottoman, positioning our Dame wedge pillow so that he had great access to lick my pussy. He brought me to my first orgasm rather quickly with his magical tongue. 

Now I really had to have that magnificent cock in my pussy. He stood and stroked his shaft a couple of times, knowing I love to watch him. Then he slid it into me nice and slow. I was begging for the whole thing, but he teased me, just giving me the tip while contracting his pelvic muscles so I could feel it twitch inside me. Each flex caused my pussy to grip his cock tightly. I loved it, but it was torture. I wanted that big cock balls-deep in my wet swollen pussy. Finally, he pushed hard and deep.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck, baby!” I grabbed the sides of the ottoman so I could hold on as he pounded me. I came over and over, screaming loud and moaning. “Give it to me, you fucker. You’re my horny bastard, and I’m your horny bitch! Fuck your horny, cock-sucking bitch. I’m your slut, baby. I love fucking you.”

I came again. “Ohhhhhhh, fuck, I’m cumming! Ohhhhhhh!”

I love to fuck my horny bitch,” he replied. “Cum for me, baby!”

“Ohhhhh, you pussy-eating fucker, give me your cum!”

That sent him over the edge. He let out a groan, “Ohhhhh, fuuuck…” as he shot his cum deep in my pussy. But, amazingly, he didn’t get soft; he just kept on fucking me with nice, long, deep strokes. Then he licked and teased my nipples.

I laughed and said it wasn’t fair to tease me so much—just as I started having another orgasm. “Ohhhhhh, holy moly,” I moaned. “Ohhh, baby.” He continued to give it to me, and I came several more times. Now, my back was starting to get uncomfortable; I needed to change positions, so we went to our room.

“Bend over,” he said and slid his cock back inside as I leaned over the bed.

He thrust a few times but was not quite as hard, so I had him lie down, and I climbed on for a ride. I began to grind my hips against his balls.  He was starting to get harder, and I was grinding my clit in just the right spot… Suddenly, I gushed all over his balls as I came.

“Ohhhhh, mmmm, I’m cumming! Ohhhhhhhh!” It felt so amazing! I just kept riding him, and I soon came again. “Ohhhhhh, I love fucking you, baby.” I could tell he was getting close, so I started to ride him harder and faster.

He sounded a little breathless. “Fuck, you’re good, baby. Fuck. Fuck, fuck!” He let out a moan.

Watching his face lost in pleasure, I was overwhelmed with desire and squirted all over his balls again as I came one last time. Then I collapsed in his arms, and we lay holding each other, enjoying our blissful state.

There is nothing better than making love with my husband. Whether it’s slow and romantic or wild, rough, and passionate, it’s all wonderful! Sex never gets old; it just gets better and better! I’m blessed that we are so happy together after 34 years of marriage! I love you, baby, more than words could ever express. Thank you, God, for this gift of marriage and sex!

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31 replies
    • justmyD says:


      I’m sitting on my couch with my cock pulled out of my pajama pants as I write. I’m definitely standing at attention! My dick is pointing at the ceiling and bouncing as I type this. 🍆

      This story is so hot! 🔥 And what a beautiful testament to your sensual love for one another. Going to have to go get a grip on myself now!

  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Oh there are not enough hearts on that rating system to do justice to this story. Thank you so much for writing again. Every so often I see the title of the new story and think, “That sounds like it could be a SoutherHeat story.” Sometimes I’ve been right. I had that thought this morning and was so excited to see it was. We love the dirty talk too and have grown in our usage of it. As I’m sure the two of you already know, the key is ongoing communication about what each is okay with and what is off limits, for now. There are several words that we originally didn’t use that we now incorporate. Reading these stories together is a great way to have those conversations. Similarly to you, it’s so far from how we are in public that if anyone of our church family ever heard it they would probably break their jaw as it hit the floor. It’s so great to have that sexual intensity just between us.
    Keep on writing, and definitely keep on fucking!
    God bless

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Awe thank you thank you for the kind words! So glad you enjoy my stories they are heartfelt. I hope they always inspire passion in others ! I enjoy your stories too!

  2. LoveMyWife56 says:

    You write so well and describe your sex life so that I am drawn in as if I am watching. My wife and I have been married for 37 years, so I imagine you and your husband as around our ages. We added the dirty talk to our sex life years ago, too, but not to the extent you two have. I would like it to be more extensive, but ours pretty much consists of "F-ck, C-ck, Pu–y, S-ck." Like you, this is not our normal language, so it is exciting when used during making love. You and your husband are blessed indeed that you orgasm so easily and often. Keep up the good work, and may God continue to bless you both.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      So glad you enjoyed the story . We are so blessed to still be so hot for each other after all these years. I’m very blessed to multi orgasmic !!!! Hope the story inspires some hot sex for you and the Mrs

  3. JacknGinger says:

    We also love dirty talk and how our sex life has evolved over the years we’ve been married…we never used to talk like we do now. Hot story and thanks for sharing. We also only write about true events.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      I love your stories they always get me going ! Glad to know we aren’t the only ones thst our dirty talk is continually evolving.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thank you for the kind words ! Glad you liked the story! Hope you got some hot fucking after reading it

  4. Peterpan says:

    Always love reading your stories Southernheat. They are about true love between two people. This one was very hot. As for myself speaking, the language you use is more than okay to me.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thank you ! I’m so glad that our strong and true love for each other comes through in my writing. We do truly adore each other.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Sex just keeps getting better! The more communication improves so does the sex ! Glad you liked the story

  5. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    It's good to let go with the talk; it's primal and said in devotion and love.
    We do this too: Slut, fuck, daddy, fuck you, and more. Then after we explode together, it is once again normal but we are closer. Thank you for describing your "sex sessions" so vividly. I can SEE it. 😉 Mmmmmm

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Yes, SouthernHeat, I'm watching. Had to come' back for another read, and now my dick is reaching for my knee. Love this story. Yummy.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thanks my friend I know you love the steamy talk. You and Ben have inspired us! I truly love my sweetie!

  6. alwayswet101 says:

    This is so hot! Definitely got me nice and wet. We love uberlube; it’s our favorite, although we haven’t needed much of it lately with how wet I’ve been getting. You are so lucky you can have multiple orgasms, and so am I. Very blessed ladies.

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