Still Strong

For some reason, whenever we take a cruise, sex always comes into play. There is just something about the freedom we experience on the open sea.

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After a mammoth “69” session the night before, we woke to bright sunlight entering through the porthole. After hitting the breakfast buffet, we went back to our cabin and got ready for the pool. Greg wore his usual shorts and T, and I put on a little yellow tanga *  and a lowcut, short sundress. I bolero covered my shoulders and the tops of my breasts, just in case we decided to stay long in the sun.

On the Lido deck, most girls were already lounging around topless, which prompted me to do the same. We found two empty loungers, put them next to one another. I ditched my dress and sandals and relaxed beside my husband for an hour or so before the heat started to get to me.  “I’m going in for a dip,” I told Greg.

When I dove in, I hit the water at such an angle that my bottoms shifted and exposed the side of my neatly trimmed pussy, but I didn’t notice until I was climbing the steps to leave the water. I righted it quickly, and no one seemed to notice but Greg. He was over the moon and soon called me back to go to the cabin. I just wrapped a towel around me, snagged my clothes, and off we went.

We stripped naked, and I sat on the low cupboard with my legs up and vagina fully exposed. Greg came around and immediately started sucking my pussy. He enjoyed eating and licking off my juices until he had me in a frenzy.

I jumped off the cabinet and onto all fours, then got hold of his swelling cock. I sucked hard and fast, at times rounding my lips over his cock head. When I  shook my head from side to side, he went crazy. Then I stopped, lay flat on the floor on my back, and demanded, “FUCK me HARD!”

At that, Greg inserted his cock with utmost urgency, and the way he pounded me drove me to an orgasm in only a few minutes. Before I had even finished cumming, Greg had reached his limit. Before I knew it, his cum sprayed out, first in my pussy, next on my tummy and over my breasts. Then he came up beside my face, and I raised up on my elbow to suck the last dribbles out.

I was a mess of cum, but neither of us cared to shower. We just wiped up a bit, put on the same clothes, and went back to the pool highly satisfied.

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4 replies
  1. 5Osromantic says:

    @Suzyzz WOW great short story! Love the description of the cabin action! We’ll be taking our first cruise later next year, thanks for the inspiration! Suzyzz, Just wondering if you’re also on SOTB.

  2. Sarge says:

    Hot🔥story. Before my wife’s health became really bad, session’s like yours were a common occurrence. Oral sex, particularly blow jobs, and her masturbating were our go to’s while out, and it was exciting. Had she not been in a car accident and had others maladies, a cruise with lots of sex would have been a blast. Thanks for sharing.

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