That Sunday Storm

After waking late and having lunch on Sunday, my husband and I were feeling somewhat sticky from the sex we had the previous night. Greg stripped off his clothes and hopped into the shower, and when I heard the water shut off, I headed in to get ready for my turn. I had just taken a seat on the bench in front of the vanity when Greg emerged and turned to reach for a towel. I watched his tight buns flex as he rubbed the water droplets from his skin with the terrycloth before draping it around his waist. Then he turned toward me with a sideways smile, and I noticed the bulge under the towel.

“What’s up?” I enquired. “You look horny.”

Immediately, Greg dropped the towel and, without a word, brought his cock towards my mouth.

“Blow it,” he said, and at his command, I took it all in. With only two distinct bobs of my head, he shot his sperm all into my mouth.

I got up and brought my face close to Greg’s. “That was very quick,” I chirped.

“Why, yes. I have been masturbating in the shower, and as I neared the point of release, I thought it would be better to give you the refreshment.”

I went back down to his cock to lick it clean, then flicked my panty aside and jumped in the shower while Greg dressed in shorts and headed out to tend the garden. With the taste of semen remaining in my mouth, I washed my limbs and nether region. Then I got out, dried off, and stretched out on the still-disheveled bed with my legs spread and my pink insides fully exposed. I knew it would take some time before Greg could build up some steam, so I grabbed my vibrator.

I inserted the dual-action device into my wet pussy, and it glided in. The bottom section went into my anus, and I switched on vibration in both arms. However, this was only for fun, to work myself up; deep down, I knew that if Greg walked in, it would be a no-no for an anal fuck. I ran the thing for almost an hour, having multiple orgasms and thrashing from left to right, my flowing juices soiling the bed.

Then Greg made his appearance. Casually stopping the vibrator and pulling off his pants, he presented me with a huge erection.

“Let’s fuck,” he said as he dived between my legs and sucked out the wetness. It felt so different than the artificial thing that I screamed, “Yeah, stick it in now! Please!”

Greg came up, and I instinctively lifted my legs in the air. Greg’s cock slid smoothly into me, and his upper arms against my thighs pinned my legs backward. He went in hard,  forcing some of the wildest words you could imagine from me.

“Fuck Me! Fuck my puss! Fuck it hard! I want to drown in your semen! Let your cock slide on my Clit!” I was going crazy.

And then he let go and we changed positions as he uttered, “Now you’re going to fuck my cock, my horny bitch!”

I came up over him and guided his cock back inside me. Now I was the active one as I bobbed on his cock. Once in a while, it would slip out, but I just reached down and reinserted it and continued. After a while, I shifted to lean forward, and Greg grabbed onto my hips and lifted his bum to hump upward into me. All the while, Greg growled the dirtiest words.

As I convulsed in orgasm, I suddenly felt warm liquid all over my pussy. Greg was cumming, and he just let it out, drenching me. I dropped off him and flopped backward onto the mattress, letting his flow roll off my pussy, onto my ass opening, and down my inner thighs. I rubbed it all over me, licked some from my fingers, and then came up to fall into his loving embrace.

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  1. TorrHead says:

    Yes. Suzyzz you know how to deliver. Loved how your story jumps immediately into hot action and keeps the temp on high til the end. I mean, seriously hard wood in my pants is the evidence of your narrative's power. Makes me want to make some bold moves coming out of the shower at my house, too. Super inspiring.

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