Wife Takes Me

I stir in my sleep, opening my eyes – my wife still laying on me. She slides down her head on my belly and not my chest when we had fallen asleep.  I fell asleep with my wife’s hand over my cock and cupping my balls.  I’m aware of my cock – rock hard and being moved around and touched more than being stroked sexually.  I move slightly causing her to release my hard cock.  It falls down towards my stomach but her cheek stops it from falling more.  

I feel her hot breath on my cock and she is breathing heavy and shaking a little – but she doesn’t move.  I flex my cock once making it bounce against her cheek and lips. She jerks a little, gasping and her hot, soft wet lips lightly graze my cock. She slowly moves her head away and off. Then she turns to look at me. I close my eyes faking my sleep as she lowers her head again onto my belly sliding down until I feel her lips press against my cockhead.  My cock pulsing and bobbing against her lips, feeling her lips for the first time in our 25 year marriage against my cock!  

Fighting the urge to grab her head and shove her down on my cock ‘til my cock enters her throat.  I’ve already taken my wife twice this night.  I lay there enjoying her like a virgin, realizing she technically is an oral virgin just as she was an anal virgin a couple of hours ago.  Watching as she softly lifts her leg and dips her fingers against her soaked pussy causing a soft gasp.  She raises her wet fingers over my cock and can see the cum dripping off them onto my cock in the candlelight.  

I flex again when I feel the cum drip onto my cock.  She softly presses her wet fingers along the underside of my cock head against the tender spot making my cock jump with pleasure and excitement.  She removes her fingers as it pulses against her lips and I feel her lips part ever so slightly and feel the hot wetness of the tip of her tongue.  How I fight the urges to take her mouth hard like I did her pussy and ass.  

Her fingers return to touching and sliding down the underside of my cock to my balls and circling them, my balls ache again for release.  Squeezing off and doing everything I can to not cum as I feel her lips slide around the head of my cock and close around my head just like her asshole did.  Knowing she sucked the cum out of the tip of my cock a couple of hours ago.  But this is sooooo pleasurable, so wanted by her but yet soooo embarrassed she is doing this and not wanting me to judge her.  She came so far tonight sexually but she still has hangups from her strict upbringing.  

She slowly slides about three inches in her mouth and she pulls back as she gags slightly when her tongue starts being pressed down.  She begins sucking harder and sliding my cock in and out of her mouth while her fingers rub my shaft.  This is all I can take and I gasp and tense up as my cock releases my cum into her mouth making her cough and pull off as my cock continues to paint her face with my cum.  After several shots of cum I moan. My cock is not dribbling onto my belly as I run my fingers thru my wife’s hair, “Mmmmm Baby what have you done with my wife?”  

She jumps up looking at me like she did on our wedding night when she saw my cock for the first time.  I pull her by her hair and head up to me.  “It’s ok baby” A look of a deer caught in the headlights, a face covered with cum.  “Oh, how I Love you Baby”, “Oh how I’ve longed for a night like tonight!”.  

Softly I pull her cum covered lips to mine, tasting my cum on her, her lips open and I slide my tongue inside to share my cum. Then she moans a sexy little moan.  I pull my tongue out and I lick more cum off her face and share it with her again.  She pushes at me and kisses me hard and passionately and she tosses a leg over me to straddle me.  Her pussy, hot and wet, pressed against my semi-hard cock. Grinding hard and fast on me she reaches back and grabs my cock and pushes back taking my cock back into her pussy, causing us both to moan and gasp. “Mmmmm

“I’m going to fuck your big cock till you fill my pussy with your cum again,” she says wantonly – no hint of shyness as she boldly speaks dirty.  She sits straight up and bounces wildly on my cock – her big tits bouncing hard. She grabs them pinching and yanking her nipples hard like I do, lifting my hips up to meet each of her thrusts.  

“Ooooh baby, get ready I’m going to fill your pussy!”  

She smiles and pulls her nipples to her mouth and starts sucking and biting them going back and forth. Then she’s screaming as her pussy spasms and cums all over my cock, sending me over the edge and my cock releases still more cum up into my beautiful wife’s pussy. She starts crying and collapses down on me.  I wrap her in my arms. 

“Sorry to have denied us for all our marriage baby,” she whispers.  

The alarm goes off, I shut it off.  “Nothing to be sorry about baby,  however, you are taking a sick day today.  We got some making up to do!”  We kiss passionately as she begins grinding on my semi-hard cock.


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12 replies
  1. Lori D. says:

    What a wonderful narrative of a special moment both of you experienced. Sometimes I pretend to be still sleeping after I could tell my husband is awake and begins to touch me. With your permission I would like to write a story, "Husband Takes Me"

    Many hugs

    • Lori D. says:

      I love the mornings, especially when my husband wakes me up in his own special way. I submitted a story from memory and I called it Husband Takes Me – The Awakening. This is one of many mornings my husband woke me up in his own very special way. When MH does post it, I hope you and other couples will enjoy my story.

    • Giants05 says:

      Daytime sex is so awesome. Last month or so I have been getting a weekday off so have gotten to experience daytime sex after such a long time. Wife actually worked early today and took nap and I woke her up. Had a super hot time

  2. LovingMan says:

    Oh wow! What a story! As a married couple overcome inhibitions the sexual experiences can be epic and amazing! I speak from experience. In fact I speak from very recent experiences! My wife has surprised me over the last couple of months with new ways to give me oral love. New ways that her inhibitions prevented for almost three decades.

    We are both dealing with an outwardly conservative Christian upbringing but with non parental sexual abuse that our parents did not know was occurring and that has placed inhibitions. Maybe some we’ll never get past, but as my true stories on MH testify, we’ve overcome a lot and enjoyed almost 30 years of great lovemaking!

    The key is patience and willingness to be happy with what’s on the sex menu… & to not dwell on what’s not on the menu. Our sex menu has expanded a lot over the years. My wife even surprised me with a new sex dish yesterday morning. I’ll be submitting that sex journal entry as a MH story soon!

    Thank you for sharing this story and the other ones in the series!

    I have one health observation about this excellent series of stories: In my opinion it is wise to not do any kind of sex after anal sex until you have both washed up thoroughly. That includes any oral sex after anal. This protects the wife from getting any infection in her vagina or bladder that was introduced to her body by anal then oral sex. The bacteria in the lower bowels and rectum can be problematic in the wrong parts of our bodies. It also protects the husband if he kissed his wife when anal bacteria are in her mouth. I have even seen recommendations that it is best, for the husband’s protection, to use a condom during anal sex. Some studies show that unprotected anal sex increases chances of bladder infection in the male and slightly increases rates of some male cancers. Not trying to be a buzz kill but those can be health realities.

  3. texasman76 says:

    Very hot story! Love the cum sharing. This type of story pushes all my buttons. Continue to write more about the passion you and your wife share. There should be no inhibitions in the marriage bed. The husband and wife should be able to enjoy both their juices as freely as they want. My wife's fresh creampie made by us is so sexy.

  4. RockyGapMan says:

    Such a hot story!

    Yes. Having your loving wife “take you” for the first time and receiving your very essence of life/orgasm into her mouth as it lovingly holds your manhood – the most pleasure-sensitive part of your body – is simply indescribable. Something a woman can never comprehend.

    And then your loving openness to draw her cum-covered face/lips to yours and share in it… 🔥🔥🔥!

    Perhaps most touching was your wife’s vulnerable statement:

    “Sorry to have denied US for all our marriage baby…”

    And your positive, loving and erotic response:

    “Nothing to be sorry about… we got some making up to do!”

    Was a great way to leave us hanging in suspense.

    Just the response our Father has with us when we realize we’ve “missed the mark” and get on board with his glorious plans for us. Simply get on board and get ready for the great ride!

  5. TorrHead says:

    A most excellent read. The experience described is both hot (as it gives us the play-by-play) and hopeful (for everyone who isn't there yet). I found myself reading it a second time, just because it gave me a great hard on and because I wanted to pay attention again to the details. Thanks for putting it all on the table.

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