The Weekend Part 4: Sunday

This story is part three of a series. It contains consensual, playful, dominant/submissive role-play between husband and wife. You can read about Friday,  Saturday morning here

and Saturday evening here

The weekend part 4: Sunday

We awoke many hours later. Both of us had slept so heavily that the alarm didn’t wake us, and by the time we came to, our church’s service would have almost finished.

“I think we’ll have to go to the evening service this week, honey!” I say with a big yawn.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” you yawn back as you roll over to lay your head on my chest. “What time do your parents get here?”

“Not till about four. So don’t worry, we’ve still got a few hours of freedom.” I respond.

“Mmm, yay,” you say as you stroke your hand over my chest, “’cause I ain’t done with you yet!”

I laugh to myself as I recall our marathon sexual exploits; oh my, what a weekend it’s been! I still can’t believe how adventurous and horny we’ve been, how we’ve left our day-to-day lives and personas behind and dived headfirst, deep into the depths of our raw lust for each other. I can barely recognise the two people that kissed our kids goodbye on Friday afternoon, they seem to have been replaced by a couple of sex-mad… well, I was going to say teenagers, but everyone knows teenagers never have sex this good!

Lost in these thoughts, I pull you closer into me and hold you tight. I love you. So. Much.

I am so happy now I could almost cry because we haven’t been replaced by anyone at all, not really. We’re still us, and this is what we do; our kinky sex is as much a part of our lives as the rest of it all. Tomorrow We’ll go back to forty-something parents of teens, at least on the surface. But underneath, I know we’ll be burning for each other. You’ll ask me what to buy from the supermarket; I’ll be wanting to screw you on the kitchen table. I’ll be bored silly trying to finish our tax return; you’ll be thinking of me burying my face in your pussy and licking you until you gush like a fountain. I’ll be driving the kids to judo practice; you’ll be sitting on the bed rolling a pair of stockings onto your legs, preparing the blindfold and restraints, thinking of how good it’s going to feel to have my hard cock inside you.

We roll out of bed, put our dressing gowns on and go downstairs to get some breakfast, which is a much more run-of-the-mill affair compared to yesterday. We’d neglected to clean up after yesterday’s exertions, and the evidence of our naughtiness could still be found: a cracked eggshell here, a dirty plate there, a dried cum stain on the floor near the cooker.

“Okay, we need to give this place a good clean before the kids get back!” you say with a smile as you pour out two bowls of cereal.

“Yeah, I agree!” I reply. “Don’t worry; I’ll take care of it.”

“Shouldn’t the maid take care of it?” You give me a wink as we sit down to eat.

I chuckle in reply, “Don’t worry, honey, we’ll be back in our roles very soon! There’re still plenty of toys we haven’t played with yet!”

Your eyes light up. “Ooh, yes, please! Erm… can we use the really big one?” you ask coyly, and I know exactly which one you mean.

“That’s the plan!” I say with a broad smile, and all of a sudden, you seem in a big hurry to finish your breakfast!

As soon as we have finished, I say the words you’ve been waiting for all morning: “Kiefer Sutherland!” That’s the code word for us to go back into servant and master roles.

“Yes, Master, what do you wish of me?”

“Go back upstairs, shower, and prepare yourself, then attire yourself in the purple high heels, purple stockings, suspender belt, and purple cupless basque. You are to be bare-breasted for this session.”

“Yes, Master.” You say with gleeful submission.

“I will need to set some things up down here, so you are not to come downstairs until I say so. Is that clear?”

“Oh yes, Master.”

“It may be you are ready before me. If that is the case, you may pleasure yourself with your fingers or a dildo; you are allowed to give yourself an orgasm.”

“Thank you, Master. I will!”

“Fine, off you go then!” And you scamper up the stairs.

As soon as I hear the door shut, I get to work. The “really big” item you were referring to is a padded spanking bench, the like of which we once surreptitiously used when we sneaked into a storeroom at a nightclub. Unfortunately, the phrase “some assembly required” is a big understatement here! This is gonna take me a while!

I rip open the cardboard box, lay all the parts on the living room floor, and get to work. As I fiddle with screws, bolts, and Allen keys, I can hear the shower running. In fact, I’m pretty sure I can hear some other noises too! I stop working to listen closer.

“Ooh… oooooh… AAAAH!!!” I hear you moaning from the bathroom. Wow, talk about impatience! I try my best to assemble the bench, but your noises are definitely putting me off my game.

The sounds of your solo play come to a close, and you turn the water off. The bathroom door opens, and I hear you walk to the bedroom, but the bench is still nowhere near ready. So I start working as fast as I can, which is not easy as I have a raging boner from listening to you pleasure yourself. But soon, the frame is together, and I start to attach the padding, the knee rests, the armrests, the chin rest, and the little clip at the back near where your pussy will be.

I can no longer hear any footsteps from the bedroom, so I presume you’ve finished getting ready, but I’m not quite there yet, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer. My hands start to sweat in anticipation of what I’ve got in store for you, which isn’t helping me as I fumble around with the screwdriver! Just then, I start to hear more noises from upstairs: “Oh, yes; oh, yesss!! OOOH!!!” The ceiling begins to creak a little; you must be really going for it up there!

At last, I tighten the final screw, and the frame is ready; now, to apply the finishing touches! I take off my dressing gown and slip into the leather bondage trousers and chest harness. After all, I may as well look the part!

“Ready, my love!” I shout from the bottom of the stairs.

I pick up the riding crop with the feathers at the other end and listen to your high heels knock on the stairs as you come down them. I can barely contain my excitement as you slowly turn the door handle.

The door swings open, and there you are, standing with one leg crossed over the other, one hand on your hip, and the other leaning on the doorframe. You are sexiness personified, your perfect legs adorned by the purple stockings and heels, your hips and waist encased by the lacy, purple basque, and your breasts hanging free over the top of it. You have completed the set with some purple lipstick and earrings, and your sexy smile and the slight flushing of your cheeks are the cherry on top. I recognise the familiar post-orgasmic glow on your skin; yes, my love, I know what you’ve been up to!

“Come here!” I command, and you slowly sashay toward me, swaying your hips as you do. When you reach me, I put my hands on those delicious hips and pull you in close for a long, deep kiss.

You kiss me back, dancing your tongue in my mouth as you press your luscious body into me. The warmth of your soft breasts and the harsh scratchiness of the lace brings my cock to its full hardness. I will have my way with you very soon, but just for now, I want to enjoy the feel of my gorgeous wife and her sexy body pressed in so close that we’re almost one person. I put both my arms around you and squeeze hard.

Finally, we break the kiss and look into each other’s eyes. “Right,” I say, “let’s get you on this thing!”

You smile as I take your hand and lead you over to the bench. “How do you want me, sir?” You ask in a sexy whisper.

“Well, you put your knees here…” I reply, and you mount the bench, kneeling upright on the padded knee rests. I walk behind you and fasten the ankle restraints, and you put your hands behind your head and wiggle your bottom at me. As soon as your ankles are secured, I walk to the front, take your wrists in my hands, and pull you gently forward until your forearms are flat on the armrests and your body is comfortably lying on the center cushion. You look so delicious in this position, my love, on all fours with your upper body angled slightly downward so that your bottom is high in the air at just the right height!

I fasten the wrist restraints, then tie the strap around your body, and now you are completely restrained and immobile. Your body is totally surrendered to me; you are mine to do with as I please, and you love it! You rest your head on the chin rest, a big smile all over your face as I apply the finishing touch by tying the silky blindfold over your eyes.

“Comfy, my love?” I ask.

“Mmmmm… oh, yes, Master!” You purr seductively.

“And you remember the safe word, don’t you?”

“Oh, Master, I’m sure I won’t need it!”

“If you say so—because I am going to have my horny, perverted way with you, and there’s going to be nothing you can do about it!”

“Oh, yes! Please, Master, I can’t wait!”

I give a short laugh. Oh, you are so wonderful, my bride! Your body is a delight to my eyes and my touch, and your kinks so perfectly align with mine! When we courted and got married, we had no idea that I was secretly a Dominant and you a Submissive. I think back to the first time you nervously asked me to tie you up, and I thought all my Christmases had come at once! And now here you are, your beautiful lingerie-clad body restrained on all fours, grinning as you anticipate my touch. I’m going to make you feel so good, my love! You are going to come, over and over again!

I take the feather-tickler end of the riding crop and gently touch the back of your ankle. A little shiver runs through your body as I move it gently up your calf. Then, I remove it and wait a few moments to build the anticipation. Gently, I tickle the back of your neck and work downwards over your spine while you squirm and wriggle at the sensation and gently bite your lower lip. I pause again, then tease the back of your thigh with the tickler, slowly, slowly bringing it upwards, over the lacy stocking top and all the way up to the bare flesh of your buttocks.

“Mmm…” you moan gently as your body shudders once more.

I move the tickler up and down, side to side, giving your delicious, round, curvy bottom the gentlest of touches.

You smile and giggle a little as you try to move, but the restraints do their job, and you have no choice but to take it. The only movements you can make are wiggles of your pelvis and turns of your head. You bite your lip harder in ecstatic frustration and arch your back, which brings your behind upwards even more and further exposes the engorging lips of your pussy.

I slowly run the tickler up the inside of your thigh, and your breathing quickens until I eventually reach the lips of your womanhood. You give another soft moan as your bottom shakes and wiggles. I stroke your outer labia ever so gently up and down,

“Ooooh,” you moan, throwing your head back in pleasure. I can now see your face much better, and the open-mouthed expression of building excitement you are wearing makes me so horny.

I decide to change things up a little. I turn the tickler over; now I’m going to give you the riding crop end, my darling. I start with the gentlest of taps on your behind, then give another on the other cheek. Leaving a gap of a few seconds between each, I continue like this.

Your breathing gets heavier, and your breasts, which hang deliciously down, sway slightly in time with your breathing. I give a few more quick taps with the riding crop on your juicy, plump behind, somewhat harder than before but still not nearly hard enough to actually hurt. You giggle and writhe at the sensation of the sharp, rapid taps on your bottom. I give a few more, a tiny bit harder, on the tops of your thighs. You make a sharp hiss as you inhale and hold your breath. I give a few more gentle taps and then pause.

Your face is tense in anticipation of what is coming next, so I make you wait a little longer. Then I bring the riding crop down on your bottom, hard enough to give a stinging sensation but still nothing like hard enough to hurt you.

“AAAAH!!” you cry out in ecstasy, and I quickly follow up with another sharp swat to the other cheek. “Mmmmm… oh yes!! Spank me, sir! Spank your wife!! Spank me good!!” You gasp as your breathing speeds up.

Very well then, my love, I can tell you want to walk the fine line between pleasure and pain and that you trust me not to harm you in the process. I swing the riding crop, and the end makes a lovely satisfying WHACK as it connects with your gorgeous behind. Your whole body jolts, and you scream; whether in pain or pleasure, it’s hard to know. So I ask you: “Again?”

“Oh yes!! Yes, please!! More please, Master!” you sigh, almost whimpering.

Reassured by this, I continue and give you another spank on the other cheek, and once again, you wriggle and moan as your orgasm starts to build. I then walk up to you and stroke your behind with my hands, gently caressing the red marks I have made. Your breathing slows a bit, and your body relaxes.

“Are you ready to get even more freaky, my love?” I ask. As much as I love you submitting to me, I never want to push things further than you’re willing to go.

“Yes, Master! Do your worst!” you say with a laugh.

“Are you sure?”

“Master, right now I’m so turned on I just want you to do absolutely anything you want with me!” you plead impatiently, “and I mean ANYTHING! Take me and use me, Master. My body is yours to use in any way you desire!”

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on my whole life. “Are you sure?” I ask.

“Well… provided you’re going to have sex with me, that is!” you add with a laugh.

“Mmm… maybe. I haven’t decided yet,” I tease.

You groan with frustration, even though you must know I’m only joking. “Oh, come on, Master, please! Don’t you want to put your cock inside me? Don’t you want to fill me with your cum? Don’t you want to hear me scream again and again as you thrust into my helpless body?”

As you beg and plead, I grab a couple of things from the table: a pair of nipple clamps on a chain and your Rampant Rabbit vibrating dildo. I crouch in front of you and quickly kiss you on the cheek before caressing your breasts with my fingertips. You shudder again and give a slight hiss of pain as I apply both the clamps to your erect, protruding nipples. A sigh of pleasure quickly replaces this sound as I move around to your side and place my hand at the top of your inner thigh. My hand moves slowly upward, and your body starts to tense again.

My fingers come to rest on your pussy lips, and you gasp and moan, “Oooh…Aaahhh!” Slowly I part your lips with my fingers. Oh, you are soaking wet! My thumb slides easily into your vagina.

“Oh, yes! Oooh, yess!” Your moans become louder and more urgent as my thumb slides back and forth over the roughness of your G-spot. Your hips start to shake up and down, and the restraints rattle as your whole body trembles.

Now that you are sufficiently wet and turned on, it’s time for the next stage of my villainous plan! I take the dildo and slowly slide it into your delicious, juicy womanhood.

“AAAAHHH!!” you scream once more as you are finally filled, albeit with a fake cock. I push it right down, all the way into you, until the little rabbit ears are against your bulging clitoris. You start to shake wildly at the sensation, your pussy juice overflowing and dripping down your thigh. You’re getting close, I can tell, and I know exactly how to get you there!

The bench has a convenient clip mount at its “tail” end for this very purpose, and I use it to fix the dildo in place. I then turn it on at the lowest setting. It starts to rumble, and the rabbit ears vibrate gently on your clit.

“Ooooh… oooh… Oh, yes!” you breathlessly moan as you grind your pussy on the unyielding dildo that now sits inside you.

I take a step back and look at the scene in front of me. Oh, you are beautiful, my love! What a gift of God you are with your exquisite legs so sexily presented in those purple lacy stockings, your feet strapped into those high heels, and your ankles strapped to the bench. Your body, also wrapped in the lacy purple basque, trembles and writhes as you get closer to climax. Your delicious, succulent breasts, clamped and chained together, sway and bounce with every movement you make. Your blindfolded face displays an expression both needy and ecstatic. And your incredible, dripping honeypot, impaled on the dildo, grinds for all you’re worth as you try and bring yourself to orgasm.

I take the riding crop and give another stinging swat to your derrière.

“AAAAHHH!! OH YESSS!!” you scream, and I give another swat to the other cheek. “YES, MASTER!! HARDER, PLEASE!! HARDER!!” Your hips shake up and down, faster and faster, your head jerks from side to side, and your whole body shudders violently. I give a harder spank with the crop, hard enough to leave a bright red mark on your convulsing bottom. You are losing control now; your moans are short and high-pitched.

“AAH!! AAAH!! AH!”


“AAH!! YES!!!”


“AH!! OH YES!! OH, GOD!!”



You don’t usually say “Oh, God” when you come, but then I realise you’re not cussing; you’re worshipping! Oh, how amazing! My sexy, kinky wife is praising our Creator with her orgasm!! Let’s take you all the way, my love!


“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” You give your loudest scream yet, and your whole body stiffens. A gush of your juices spurts from your ladyplace and forms a puddle on the floor, and you go silent as you ride the waves. Then your body relaxes, and you go limp and floppy, with a broad, beaming smile!

While you lie there, I take the opportunity to strip naked. I fetch a glass of water with a straw and a couple of chunks of chocolate, then walk over to the head end of the bench and crouch down in front of you.

“Open wide!” I say, and you duly open your mouth and stick your tongue out. I place the chocolate on your waiting tongue and put the straw on your lip. After you take a few sucks on the straw, I put the cup down, wrap my arms around you, and snuggle my head into your shoulder as you eat the chocolate.

“Ready for more?” I gently ask you with a kiss on your cheek.

“Oh, yes, Master!” you reply. “I need my Master’s beautiful cock inside me!”

I tenderly stroke you across your neck and back, and your body comes out of its limp, post-orgasmic state and starts to tense as you prepare for another round. When I run my hands over your bottom and the back of your thigh, you start to squirm again. I reach down to the chain attached to the nipple clamps and give a gentle tug, and you jerk and gasp at the pleasure/pain sensation. It causes you to slam your pussy hard onto the dildo that is still inside you.

“AAAAAH!!” You cry out in pleasure as your orgasm reawakens.

My penis is rock solid and ready for you, my wife, ready to penetrate your willing flesh. I move around to the tail end of the bench and stand behind you, between your beautiful stocking-clad legs, my rod hovering above the delicious, juicy globes of your derrière.

I reach down to remove the dildo that still occupies your vagina. “Sir, wait…” you whisper.

“What is it, my love?” I ask.

“I… I… I don’t want you to take it out!”

I chuckle. “Well, I’m sure you don’t, my honey, but I don’t think I’m going to fit myself in with this thing still inside you!”

Your breathing becomes deeper and faster as you reply, “I want… I want you… Oh, my, I can’t say it!” Your face has gone bright red.

I’m intrigued! “Can’t say what, my lovely wife?”

The mere thought of what you’re trying to say seems to make you shudder, which only pleasures you more as your movements cause more stimulation inside your pussy.

“I want you to… oh… oh… yeah…” you continue as the sensation builds. “Oh… please, Master!”

“Please, what? What is it you want me to do?”

Breathlessly you reply, “I want you to put it in my bum!”

Woah! Did I hear you correctly? I could not be more gobsmacked right now! I can’t believe you’re offering this to me. I mean, I’ve always wanted to, but you’ve always been pretty negative about anal sex, so I’d just resigned myself to never having it. As tempted as I am just to dive in, I’ve got to make sure you are really alright with this.

“Okay, Patrick Swayze.” I say the codeword for coming out of role and walk round to the bench’s head end. Squatting down, I lift the blindfold off your eyes. “Babe, are you sure about this? We’ve never tried it before!”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sure! I know we’ve never done it, but…” you whisper breathlessly, “I just want to be totally filled with cock right now!”

“Yeah, but don’t you have to prepare a bit first? Stretch it a bit with your fingers or something? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really, REALLY, wanna do this, but I also really don’t want to hurt you!”

“I know, honey,” you say with a mischievous smile, “which is why I stretched my asshole with my fingers in the shower while I masturbated!”

My mouth drops open. “Woah! Really?!! I heard your moans, but I didn’t realise you were doing THAT!”

“Well, ever since you touched me back there when I was playing housemaid, I’ve been kinda curious. So I thought I’d give it a trial run, and I LOVED it!”

“Oh, my gosh! Really?”

“Yeah. Then afterward, when I was waiting in the bedroom for you, I used a dildo on myself like you said I should…” You give me a very naughty smile. “Just not in my vagina!!”

At this, my rigid cock gives an involuntary jerk as if to demand we stop talking and get the hell on with it! I replace your blindfold and stand up. “Well then, if you insist… Keifer Sutherland!” And back into our roles, we go!

“So… where we’re we?” I say as I walk back round to the tail end of the bench, running my fingers through your short hair and over your back as I do so.

“You were about to make love to my behind, sir!” you reply, a note of lust and excitement in your voice.

I position myself behind you, gently running my hands over the lace-clad curves of your hips. “Hmmm… yes, I was! But I need to know how much you want this. Ask me properly!”

“Master, please put your penis into my backside!” you ask a little breathlessly.

“Hmm, not bad,” I respond as I move in close to you and press myself against your gorgeous, plump behind. I let my cock rest in between your cheeks and become enveloped by your soft flesh. “But I think you can do better than that! I think you should ask me in the dirtiest way possible!”

“Oh, Master is such a tease!” You say with a shudder, “Please, sir, I want you to screw my butthole! Please put your cock inside it!” You start to grind your pelvis up and down, clenching your gluteal muscles and gripping my cock between them.

I notice a bottle of lube on the side which you must have placed there in anticipation. I take it, squirt some on my hand, withdraw my cock from the embrace of your flesh, and apply the lube to it.

“Better…” I say, “but I think you know much dirtier ways to ask than that!”

“Oh, Master, I can’t take much more! Please fuck me! Please fuck my ass!”

I pause to take in the scene before me: my beautiful wife restrained hand and foot on a spanking bench, your delicious derrière pointed upwards and presented so delightfully above your heavenly, stocking-clad thighs. Then I pull your cheeks apart to expose your asshole. It looks engorged and puckered.

I take the lube and apply a generous amount around it, and the touch of my fingers and the coldness of the lube makes you shudder again. “Oooooooh!” you moan as I take the tip of my well-lubed finger and insert it just a short distance inside you. You start to buck and writhe and grind your pussy on the dildo firmly held inside you. “Oh, yes, that’s it! More please, sir!

“Are you ready, my love slave?” I ask as I withdraw my finger and stand right behind you with the tip of my cock against your anal passage.

“Oh, yes, Master; I need it! I need it now! Give me your cock now, please!!” You plead breathlessly, “Master, please take your beautiful, big, hard dick and thrust it into my tiny little hole! I need my ass to be full of your hard meaty dick! My body is yours to claim, all of my body, nothing held back! Just take me! Fuck me! Fuck my ass, fuck it with all your strength and make me cum, over and over again!!

And with that, I slowly slide my cock into your gorgeous behind. The tightness is just heavenly!

You breathe in sharply, and your body tenses. “You okay?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’m okay, I’m okay,” you reply, but then hold your breath. “Just give me a second to get used to it!”

I stay motionless as you exhale and take a few deep breaths. Your body relaxes. “Mmmmmm…” you moan, gasping as you try to speak. “Oh, Master, that feels good! Aaah… so… good to be completely stuffed full of cock… ooooh… to have you take me in my ass… to let you have this part of my body at last. Mmmmm… mmmm…” You begin to make slow, gentle undulating movements with your pelvis.

I’m so turned on right now I could come right away, so I breathe deeply to calm myself. I run my hands up and down your sides while I let you do all the movement for now. You are the most lovely of all, my wife. Your body, your mind, your soul. From your sexy short brown hair to the softness of your arms and shoulders; your succulent breasts clamped at the nipples and chained together; your wide sexy hips; delicious stockinged legs; and soft, plump, round, juicy bottom that envelops my cock right now. All of you is beautiful; all of you is mine!

“Sir, please, start fucking me now. I need to feel you moving inside me!” you whisper in between moans.

Slowly, I slide in and out, the lube doing its job so well.

“OOOOH!! OH YES!!” you scream as your body tenses, starts to shake. “YES….YES!! Oh, Master, please! Please go a bit harder! I’m almost there!”

I place my hands on your hips and quicken the pace of my thrusting, gradually getting harder and faster. You respond by moving your pelvis in rhythm with me. I can feel the dildo in your pussy pressing against the walls of your back passage. As you squeeze it with your vaginal muscles, the upward pressure makes your ass even tighter. I’m getting so lost in the sensations this is giving me, and I know I’m not far away from filling your bottom with my cum.

“OH, YES, MASTER! I NEED MY ASS FUCKED HARD!!” you scream again, and I let all my animal instincts take over and pummel my cock into your asshole, hard and fast so that the flesh of your buttocks slaps hard against my hips. “OOOH….AAAAH…..YES YES YES….OOOH!!!” Your moans are short, breathy, and high-pitched. Your body is now shaking uncontrollably, and you scream louder than ever as your orgasm explodes. “AAAAAAAHHHH!!!…..” Your voice trails off as your body tenses, and you remain still as if stunned.

I can take no more, and as I pound my dick into your behind, I feel my own orgasm build. “OOOOHH, YESSS!!!” I bellow as I finally release fountains of semen into your beautiful derrière. I spurt over and over again; it feels like it will never end! I raise my head to Heaven in a wordless prayer of thanks, then return to Earth. We both give a big sigh as we come out of the other end of our mutual orgasm and stay still for a moment, lost in heavenly bliss.

I stand there, perfectly still, as the intense feeling eventually subsides and is replaced by the soft, warm afterglow. My manhood is still hard and buried in your beautiful soft bottom. I move my hands slowly around your hips and thighs as I gently withdraw from you. With a gentle “pop,” the head comes out, and I take another look at your limp, ecstasy-stunned body. Some of my cum leaks out of your asshole and dribbles over your buttock and down to your thigh. Oh, what a naughty and delicious sight!

I grab a tea towel and give you a wipedown. “Patrick Swayze,” I say as I start to undo the cuffs. You don’t respond except to give a big, goofy smile! I remove your blindfold and nipple clamps and help you into an upright position, then sit on the bench in front of you, and we embrace tightly.

We lose track of time as we hold each other. The beautiful refractory glow of both of our orgasms unites and becomes one. At this moment, Heaven feels so close we can almost touch it. And in this life, it’s the closest we can get.

Eventually, we prise ourselves out of each other’s arms, and I help you off the bench. We look around at all the evidence of our passion: the spanking bench, the dildo, the lube, the riding crop, the puddle of pussy juice on the floor! Then we look at each other and laugh out loud at just how naughty we’ve been. A glance at the clock shows we’ve only got about an hour before my parents bring our kids back, so with me still naked and you still in the lingerie, we set to work dismantling the bench. But every so often, we look at each other and chuckle again. Thankfully, we get everything put away and are showered and dressed in much more “standard” clothing by the time they arrive.

“How was the brewery?” says my dad as I hand him his “souvenir” beers. Phew, cover story intact!

“Very good, thanks,” I lie as my wife grins at me. While we sit and chat with my parents over a cup of tea and the kids tell us all they’ve got up to with their grandparents, we can’t stop looking at each other, remembering, and smiling from ear to ear!

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  1. QueenandHubbie says:

    OMG, I think I passed out for a minute there!

    (Hubbie here; long-time reader, first post response, first story coming soon.)

    Not necessarily into the dorm/sub thing, but what got me were the several hot “back-stories”, like …

    * The sexual heat is what this transformation from their ordinary life means. They have found their sexual identities, and when they “go back”, they will just be wearing a normal life “disguise” over their real, erotic selves. Their normal “stuff of life” will be invaded by memories and desires of their raw sex passion.

    * She took the lead in pursuing anal seemingly because she valued the pleasure over the discomfort. Not only was the D/s and bondage stuff edgy, but “hey, let’s play on the edge some more and fuck my ass!” (My quotes, not hers.)

    * She asks for anal shyly, politely, and he calls for more. She asks more explicitly, but still kind of tame and he asks for more. Then she gets direct, explicit, and “dirty”. I mean, if you’re bound, clamped, spanked, and now want your ass filled, the time for polite talk is way past. Just saying.

    * She’s so satisfied, she has a “big, goofy smile!” Oh, and wait, he needs to undo cuffs, a blindfold, and take off nipple clamps, as she sits on the spanking bench! Holy fuck, this is not just rolling out of bed, and straightening the covers!

    * They’re back to “normal” life, parents, kids, tea, chatting, etc. STILL, great sex crowds their consciousness and they CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT EACH OTHER … SMILING! This is how you know your passion life is the fairytale that others would want! It invades, takes over, is the secret you!

    Well, thanks a lot, bedtiger! My work day is shot! (Just kidding. But not really!)

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    WOW! I know that doesn’t do justice to the story, but I’m at a loss for words to describe how great that story was. I really didn’t think they could get hotter with each one. You certainly proved that wrong. Exceptional writing. I know MH used to publish some novellas; don’t know if that’s still an option, but this would make an awesome one. I don’t know what the four parts adds up to, but you could add some buildup to the weekend with couple background, teasing, planning, etc.; maybe flesh out (pardon the expression) some of the other parts.
    In addition, I have to echo QaH’s comments above (except we do enjoy a little D/s) about the returning to ordinary roles. That paragraph starting with “I’m so happy…” is so relatable to us. Those thoughts are always going through our heads. We often exchange knowing glances or squeeze one another’s hand when someone in a conversation makes a potential double entendre.
    And lastly, MH thanks for the two kinky hot stories in a row.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      That is an excellent idea, and exactly what we were thinking about to bring back the Ignite content: publish them as books, ebooks, and audiobooks. Love the idea of adding the couple's backstory, etc to lead into the weekend.

    • bedtiger says:

      Thank you so much! Really appreciate the positive feedback!
      I’d be up for publishing them as a novella, and can write some back story for the couple if you feel it’s needed.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      That would be awesome! I’d buy one. I know whenever we are planning some special sex getaway the anticipation leading up to it is almost unbearable, and we have to use great amounts of self control to not spend all our sexual energy before we even get there. Also, if I may add another idea, you mentioned the night club story (another really hot story) regarding the spanking bench. You could easily add some of that story in as a flashback while the bench is being assembled. In case you need a little more content to the book.

    • bedtiger says:

      Yeah, that’s an idea. I’d have to adapt it a bit as the Weekend series is written in 1st person POV and the one about the club was 3rd person POV, but it could be doable!
      Im getting lots of ideas now!

  3. SingleDreamer says:

    This was so adorable and so hot! The way you both communicate with one another, the worship in the middle of such passionate sex, the adoration for each other, the constant pleasure. This is a great read overall! 🔥

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