Tied Up and Stretched Out

Several months ago, my wife and I did something that was a first for her. One of the rooms in our house has low exposed beams, and I tied her hands to one with some makeshift ties and blindfolded her. She was hesitant at first but followed my lead. And afterwards, she admitted that although she could never have imagined doing something like that—being tied from the ceiling, helpless and pleasured like she was—it had been a real turn on.

Of course, her comments after our first session encouraged me to do more. I purchased some real restraints designed for the purpose and also bought a few new toys.  The next opportunity we had, I slowly stripped her naked, caressing her and kissing her all over as I did. I led her into the room with the exposed beams and proceeded to stretch her arms out and tie her with the new bindings. Then I blindfolded her and surprised her with something new—a spreader bar! I fastened it to her feet, extended the bar, and spread her legs out before me.

My beautiful sexy wife was now tied to the ceiling in an X-position with every part of her exposed to me. I left her in that position for a few minutes while I gathered some things that I needed. When I returned, I held her face in my hands and kissed her deeply and passionately. I continued to kiss her mouth and her face and her neck for another minute or two.

Next, I began to touch her all over but made it a point to stay away from her breasts and pussy. I ran my hands all over the front and back of her body, up her arms, and down her legs. Then I ran our metal pinwheel all over her body with just enough pressure to make her feel it without hurting her. I started on her legs and ran up to her ass and all over her ass cheeks, then up her back. I proceeded over to the front of her body and moved it gently over her breasts and stomach. Finally, I worked down and moved it lightly over her pussy, which was already very wet.

Her body tensed with anticipation when I reached her pussy. But I proceeded to kiss, lick and bite her gently all over her body—up and down her back, over her beautiful ass, then around to her stomach and the outside of her breasts.  Her pussy was glistening with moisture at that point.

I went behind her and smacked her ass a few times with our riding crop until I left red marks on her ass cheeks. I then rubbed them with my hands and kissed and licked them before repeating the scenario again.  She was moaning in pleasure, and my cock was incredibly hard and erect.

I tugged on her nipples and placed some nipple suckers on them. They are small plastic tubes that grab onto the nipple as you slowly turn a nob to create suction. With these hanging from both nipples and tugging on them, I continued my exploration of her body with my hands, mouth, and tongue. Occasionally, I pulled on the nipple suckers to stretch her erect nipples out even further.

Reaching down between her legs, I rubbed my hand against her pussy only for a moment to feel her wetness. Then I removed the nipple suckers and began sucking her erect nipples myself. I sucked them hard, pulling on them and listening to her moan with enjoyment. I took turns going from one to the other and then pulled both nipples close together and sucked them both into my mouth.

Next, I ran my tongue all the way down the front of her body until I reached her waiting pussy. I first gently kissed her wet lips and then starting licking and sucking them into my mouth as I listened to her enjoying what I was doing. My tongue explored and excited every part of her most private area, all the time tasting her wetness.

I spent a lot of time with my head and mouth between her legs, and I could feel her body tense on the restraints that held her hands to the beams. I pulled out a toy that had a tiny little ball at the top with a groove in the middle. When I turned this toy on, it began vibrating its little head fiercely. As I placed this against her clit, her body tensed even more, and she let me know how much she loved what I was doing.

After a few minutes, I lubed up a vibrating dildo and slowly inserted it into her waiting pussy. I worked it in, out, and around as I gauged her reaction. Meanwhile, my other hand was exploring her breasts and her hard, erect nipples. The attention I was giving to her pussy brought  her very close to an orgasm several times. But whenever I sensed that she was close, I backed off, wanting to continue her pleasure  much longer before she came.

Eventually, I removed the dildo slowly and spread some more lube on her pussy. Using my fingers, I rubbed, pulled, and massaged her pussy paying special attention to her engorged clit and enjoying each reaction that my fingers created.

Now I removed the shorts I was wearing and stood behind her, completely naked with my cock straight out. I ran my cock up and down between her ass cheeks and in between her legs from the back. Then I moved in front of her and positioned my cock to line up with her pussy, although all I could do was rub it with the tip of my cock since this position did not exactly lend itself to penetration—and how I ached to be inside her!

At this point, my wife said, “I want that hard cock in my mouth.”

I couldn’t wait; I quickly released her legs from the spreader bar, removed her blindfold, and opened the restraints that held her to the beams. She immediately knelt down and took my waiting cock into her mouth. She sucked me in slowly, taking it deep into her mouth, and then moved faster and faster on my cock, continuing until she tasted a little bit of precum.

At that point, she stopped and led me to our bed, where she pushed me down, spread my legs, and went back to my cock with her mouth and tongue.  As she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock and explored all of its detail, I laid back enjoying the sensations. She then began to suck me again, her head bobbing up and down while her beautiful breasts hung down in front waiting for my touch.

I reached out to one of her breasts and cupped it in my hand, then pulled on the nipple while my other hand rested on the top of her bobbing head. I grabbed her hair and slowly started to push on her head, helping her take more of my cock into her mouth. The harder and faster I pushed, the more of me she swallowed. I could tell by her reaction that she was enjoying my “control” of her sucking actions.

After a few minutes of this, she stopped and moved further down between my legs. Gently, she took my balls into her mouth, licking all around them with her tongue before sucking them into her warm, wet mouth. I love it when she sucks my balls into her mouth—it drives me wild!

I was in ecstasy over everything she was doing to me, as if in thanks for having tied her up and pleasured her earlier. She climbed up and kissed me on the lips and neck, bit my ears gently, and then went all around my body, kissing and gently biting me. She loves licking and sucking on my nipples and tries to pleasure them as I do hers.

Next, she had me roll over on my stomach and continued to kiss, lick and bite me all over my back and ass. When she had me roll back over, she lubed my cock and began stroking it. But after a little while, she returned my cock to her mouth, where she again explored it with her tongue.

Reluctantly, I pulled my cock from her mouth, had her lie down, lifted her legs to my shoulders, and plunged deeply inside of her. Kissing her passionately and enjoying the look on her face, I moved slowly in and out of her. I fucked her until she came, and then I pulled out quickly because I wasn’t ready to finish yet.

My wife is multi-orgasmic, and I love making her come again and again! I kissed her deeply, then took her nipples in my mouth while I rubbed her pussy with my hand. Diving between her legs, I proceeded to lick her pussy and suck on her clit, listening to her moans. I spent several minutes kissing, licking, and sucking on her pussy until she begged me to fuck her.

“Not quite yet, ” I said as I pulled out another toy that creates a suction on her clit. This is her favorite toy; the sensation it creates on her clit drives her wild and makes her come hard. I spent a few minutes with it on her clit until I felt her body tense up and she very loudly came several times.

When I sensed that the toy had done its job, I buried my face in her pussy and licked her clit until she came again. Now I was ready to fuck her and finish us both off.

Her favorite position is doggy-style, so I turned her around, put her on all fours, and plunged into her from behind. I grabbed onto her hips and fucked her hard, and I heard her let out a yell as she came again and again. I finally let go and emptied my load into her. Then we both fell back onto the bed, exhausted and satisfied.

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    • bosip says:

      My wife was very hesitant and admitted she never would have imagined being in this situation but she LOVED it. Good luck !

  1. justmyD says:

    Whoa. This story is so hot! 🔥 I hope to bring my future wife this kind of intense pleasure, making out with her pussy lips just as you did. I don’t know how you kept your clothes on for so long. I would have to be stroking my cock as I pleasured her. It would just be instinctual.

  2. Salcpl says:

    Wow!!! 🔥😍🔥😍🔥😍 That’s hot! I have done similar acts with my wife, but I don’t have a spreader bar, yet. It was already going to be my next purchase. I think I’ll make that purchase sooner rather than later thanks to your story.

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