Yet to Cum

I have been a periodic MH writer and regular consumer of many inspiring stories for which I thank you all. To this point, every story I have ever written relived an actual lovemaking session that transpired between my beautiful wife and me.  Our lovemaking has always been creative and adventurous.  One of E’s love languages is physical touch; thus, our sex life is incredibly important in our marriage.  Spontaneity (in terms of time and location,) creativity in our position choices, and some use of sex toys have all played a part in our intimacy menu.  Masturbation, however, has never been something we have included while being intimate together.  She has never sought to explore this, nor have I ever asked.  Consider this story a hopeful glimpse into a future moment of bliss.

Due to work travel, we have been apart for four nights. It’s been too long.  I meet you as I walk into the kitchen, and you immediately greet me with excitement.  You embrace me, eager to feel your body feel close to mine.  I sense the receptiveness of your lips as your breasts compress against my chest.  Immediately, I become hard, and you can’t avoid noticing the stiffness rising against your hip.

After a long kiss, I place my hand under your shirt.  Your breasts, always wanting for touch when we have been apart, feel soft, their nipples fully erect.  You take a deep breath and moan, a sound that says, “I need you, and I need my body to release.”

We proceed to the bedroom.  You rip your own clothes off in a hurry, and under them, I find you cleanshaven.  Your breasts stand at attention.  Knowing I was coming home, you applied some lubrication on those perfect pussy lips minutes before I walked in the door.  You need me naked as well as you want to see and feel my stiff cock.  Your hands lift up on my shirt with a quick tug, signaling me to raise my hands.

Before my shirt hits the floor, your hands find the buckle on my jeans.  With a quick zip and tug, you’ve got them pooled at my ankles.  My stiffness holds my underwear in place, but you aren’t having it.  You grab at the cloth at my thighs and pull, and my shaft pops out, standing fully erect.  I step out of the pile of clothing at my feet.

You kiss me, stroke your hand across my manhood, and then slide it under my balls so you can get a sense of all of me.  Then you lie on the bed. You are clearly horny, but as I start to join you, you push me back and signal me to halt.

I now look at you as you lie three feet away on your back, knees up but legs spread.  Your stare deep into my eyes and, without saying a word, make it clear that you want my total concentration.

Your right hand works its way across your breasts.  You stroke your nipples on the way down, but shortly after, your index finger reaches your clit.  You sigh but don’t take your eyes off of mine.  Under your caress, the little button begins to protrude further.  Your finger makes a full circle and then goes back the other way for another.  Clockwise; counterclockwise; repeat, as you stare at me.

The wetness from that cleanly shaven pussy has nowhere to hide, and I can start to see your pelvic muscles relax.  You insert a single finger, slowly moving it in and out by only about and inch or so.

You look at me as I stare in admiration, and you notice the erect statue at my pelvis.  Briefly, you remove your finger from your slit and reach for the lube on the night stand.  You sit up and fill your hand, then begin stroking me, the gel covering me from balls to shaft to the tip of the head.  I am unsure of what’s next, but I figure it out quickly as you lie back down, knees up, finger reinserted.  Quickly one finger becomes two.  Your eyes meet mine, then look down at my glistening cock as a signal for the attention you ask me to give myself.

Solo masturbation was a daily occurrence in my teens, but now that I’m married and 35 years older, it happens only on rare occasions.  While out of practice, I find it’s like riding a bike.  My right hand cups my purple dick and begins to stroke it slowly.  I look at you, and the two fingers go deeper.  Your off hand squeezes one nipple while the other one goes deep. I’m afraid of things ending too soon, so I keep my strokes very slow.  My eyes move from your face to your pelvis and back, and yours do the same to me.

I now see a third finger making its way in, and you start to lift your pelvis off the bed.  Your breathing starts to get heavy, and I know you are building to a release.  Your hips buck as your drop your ass to the bed, only to raise it in the air again.

My strokes pickup their pace, and I step closer to you.  I can see you’re close; now, you keep your hips raised, but now two fingers work your clit.  The race is on as your rub those fingertips frantically on your pink button. Finally, you start to cum, and your whole body begins to shake.

Taking my cue, I place my left hand under my balls to massage my prostate while I stroke with the other.  Your body convulses frantically on the bed as you just hold those two fingers firmly against your clit.  I hear whimpers and groans as your eyes close for the first time.

I stroke myself rapidly now as the sight of your beautiful body quaking is more than I can take.  I have never masturbated in front of you, but all inhibitions are lost.  You are so beautiful, and I know that you are always turned on when you can make me cum.  I feel my release building.

I’m not sure what I should do, so I take a step forward as I stroke just 8-10 inches from your chest. It’s here, and I try to hold off, one finger pressing on my prostate while the other clamps my rod.  My balls start their release, and for a few seconds, I clamp my hand around the head to hold the release just a few seconds longer.  But I can’t take it, and I let go.

Like an uncoiling spring, a rope of cum unleashes across the top of your breasts.  Two smaller jets follow, with the second hitting your arm and the third landing at my feet.  The feeling of my cum hitting your chest enhances your groans as you press your clit to get every last quiver out of that orgasm.

As you start to regain normal breathing, you lie still for a minute and stare at me with a big smile.  No words pass between us, but our eyes don’t leave each other.  Eventually, your hand makes its way up and starts to rub my cream across your chest to help it absorb.  Then you pull me toward you, and I stretch out on top of you for a passionate kiss with my chest against yours, feeling my seed that has lubricated your beautiful skin.

The trust and intimacy that comes from sharing our bodies with one another in this new way leaves us in a state of joy and ecstasy.  We are just as God designed us.

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  1. Happy Husband says:

    Great story. Cock is now hard as a rock thinking of my wife and me doing this as you described. After I make her cum, my wife often likes me to jerk myself off and cum on her naked body, but to date she hasn't made herself cum watching me.

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