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An Oral Exposé

In our marriage, E and I have always been both very willing givers when it comes to oral sex.   The awesome thing about oral sex is that it is 100% about giving pleasure to your spouse.  The feeling of controlling the other’s body with your lips and tongue is incredibly erotic.  For the ladies […]

Yet to Cum

I have been a periodic MH writer and regular consumer of many inspiring stories for which I thank you all. To this point, every story I have ever written relived an actual lovemaking session that transpired between my beautiful wife and me.  Our lovemaking has always been creative and adventurous.  One of E’s love languages […]

Anniversary Passion

It was a Sunday, the night before our 24th anniversary.  We had plans for the next night, but this particular Sunday was a gorgeous summer evening.  We each had some work to complete for our jobs, but I suggested we take a bottle of wine to our backyard fire table and enjoy the beautiful August […]

Passion Halted

Having two late-teenagers creates an interesting challenge for my wife and me to find our alone time.  The kids often have friends around, are up late, and our bedroom is also on the main floor of the house outside our great room, which can be problematic.   With all of that said, we do our […]

Alone Time

The workday had just ended, and it was one of those rare evenings when we had the house to ourselves for a few hours.  We were just about to go for a walk in our neighborhood when E asked me, “What plans do you have in mind for tonight besides making love to your wife?” […]

🔊Early Afternoon Oral Pleasure (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L). This story includes anal play (A). You can read more about annotations here. 🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist It was early Saturday afternoon. E had told me she planned to take the dog for on a run, but at that moment she was still cleaning up in the kitchen. I […]

Not Sleepy After All (L)

This story uses strong language in one instance. (L) You can read more about annotations here. My sinuses and cough had been putting a damper on our love-making.  I’d been fighting a cold for some time.  It was a Saturday night, and my beautiful wife E was asleep on the couch asleep after a few […]

Foreplay Fondness

We had been apart for four days due to travel. My wife wrote me ahead of time to tell me she was craving my touch and wanted to spend time with my hands and body all over hers. When we finally had time to ourselves that evening, we enjoyed several long kisses and embraces. We […]

🔊 Power of a Preview First Hand

About a month ago, I wrote my first MH post. It described how important and powerful it can be for a married couple to express their sexual desires to one another before the “real thing.” I thought it was time to share a recent prelude letter. This one was written while away from my beautiful […]

The Power of a Preview

A few years ago, I shared with my wife my desire to be completely open with one another about our sexual desires. Our love life was already very good. But in opening up our communication we took it to a new level. Here’s the method I suggested. We would take turns writing out our desires […]