Sexual Compatibility

"Don't you ever think about sex with other people?" "No way could I ever wait. You need to test drive…

Breakfast In Bed

Marriage doesn’t get boring when you turn routine moments into sensual surprises. Jamie and I have…

Are You Present?

Married sex is a wonderful gift, don't you agree? My question/challenge to you is this: How often…
Young wife baking sweets for her sweet ~ MarriageHeat

It’s The Little Things

Introduction Hello, husband here! This is my wife's MH account, but I finally gathered the will to…
Man propses on the ski slopes - MarriageHeat

The Perfect Marriage Proposal

Every relationship is unique, as is every marriage proposal. I thought it would be nice to hear from…
Husband and wife intertangled on their first night of matrimony - MarriageHeat

Our First Night (L)

This story contains strong language (L). As we say our vows, I hold my bride's hands—this…
heart-shaped lock open in the cupped palms of a husband and wife - MarriageHeat

Overcoming Struggles

Hello, everyone. I just want to give a fair warning that this post talks about sexual abuse, and so if…
Husband and wife enjoying a winter cuddle in a cabin retreat - MarriageHeat

Our First New Year Celebration!

Hello, friends! I hope you are all having a good day; our prayers and love go to you all. I am back after…

My COVID Honeymoon: The Next Morning

You can read the first part of the My COVID Honeymoon Series here. I woke up in the early morning,…


Hello everyone! I hope God is blessing everyone with a productive and blessed day. If not, my prayers…

“Our” First Orgasm (L)

This post contains strong language (L). I posted about this here before: As a Christian couple,…

Not Yet

My husband and I decided we would wait to  start our family; we were young when we got married. We felt…