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Canyon Quickie

March 17. We’d now traveled by foot deep into the canyon, surrounded by towering walls of red rock. Lauren ran in front of me, moving at a solid clip, climbing the hills powerfully, and working up a sweat thanks to the rising temperature. Though my attention needed to be on the trail, I still found […]

I Caught Her Masturbating (L)

Saturday, March 5. I had just gotten off my treadmill after an early-morning run and started walking upstairs to get in the shower. After a few steps up the staircase, I heard some whimpering and breathing in the master bedroom, and initially worried something was wrong with my wife, Lauren. But then I realized the […]

Saturday Night Heat (L/A)

    Feb. 26, 2022. Driving home from a Saturday night dinner party with several other couples, the sexual energy between Lauren and me was palpable. My throbbing cock yearned for her. I could see on Lauren’s face and hear in her voice the unmistakable desire to be fucked—hard. Earlier in the evening, I’d started […]

The Facial

The facial is overrated. Let me explain. Not long after we married (in 2000), Lauren and I were watching an adult film; enjoying erotica together was an occasional indulgence for us in the early years of our marriage. Some videos we liked; some we didn’t. (We don’t really watch porn anymore; we prefer to make […]

Coffee for Sex (L/A)

This story includes strong language (L) and anal play (A). When my iPhone alarm went off at 6, I opened my groggy eyes, tempted to snooze for a bit more. I could hear Lauren sipping on her coffee next to me in bed, probably with a book in hand. Laying on my stomach, I reached […]

Doggy Style (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) and mentions anal play/sex (A). Lauren and I recently went with three other couples for a night out. After drinks, dinner, and more drinks, the conversation turned to—you guessed it—sex. The eight of us get together a few times per year, and we’re not shy about talking about sex. […]

Sex Positions – Pros and Cons

Not long ago, a friend of my wife’s asked her for sex advice. She and her husband are in their early 30s and always have sex in missionary position. She asked Lauren for advice on other positions they can try. She said her husband is shy about experimentation, and she asked if we could put […]

The Dressing Room (L)

Not long ago, my wife and I were at a high-end store shopping for Fall clothes. It was a cool Autumn day, and the store, which catered to European customers (my wife is Swedish), seemed busy. After browsing the clothing for a short while, Lauren walked back to the dressing room to try on a […]

Sauna Sex (L)

Whew, 175 degrees and climbing. It’s hot. But after a long week at the office (and on the road), I can think of almost no better way to unwind on a Friday night than time in our sauna, followed by dinner and intimacy with my wife. Tonight will be such an evening! I sit there […]

The Weekend Part 4: Sunday

This story is part three of a series. It contains consensual, playful, dominant/submissive role-play between husband and wife. You can read about Friday,  https://marriageheat.com/2020/09/18/the-weekend-part-1-friday-ignite-story/  Saturday morning here https://marriageheat.com/2020/10/23/the-weekend-saturday-a-m-ignite-story/ and Saturday evening here https://marriageheat.com/2021/03/19/the-weekend-part-3-saturday-evening/ The weekend part 4: Sunday We awoke many hours later. Both of us had slept so heavily that the alarm didn’t wake […]