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My Fruitastic Partner

I decided to write this story of my personal masturbation when I was inspired in the comments section to elaborate on how I used a banana peel to get off. I was lying naked on my bed one day, slowly stroking my penis, which stiffened from the horny thoughts that usually drift across my mind.  […]

The Listener (L)

This post contains strong language (L). We make these annotations for the benefit of sensitive readers. A recent post called “The Watchers” stirred some memories for me. I have a similar story, except my story is listening and not watching or seeing, and I was the involuntary (but not unappreciative) listener. I used to live […]

Questions for Christian Nudists

Hello, MH community. A while back, I asked a few questions of SecondMarge in the comments to one of my posts. I don’t think she ever saw them, so I’m asking them again here and inviting feedback from any practicing or former nudist families. How do you handle nudism in your family, and how do […]

Romance Novels

Ladies of MH, What is your relationship to romance novels? I have to admit that as a guy, I have sometimes borrowed them from the local library and read them. I know that romance novels are more of a girl thing, but hear me out. My reasons are the following: They’re hot reading material, especially the […]

Friend To Girlfriend

Hi, MH. I am a young Christian male who hopes to have the kind of marriage that I read about in the stories here on MarriageHeat. I want to marry someone who will be both my passionate lover and my best friend, so I always approach girls with friendship in mind first. The trouble is […]

Women and Their Toys

Female masturbation is both interesting and hot at the same time. I think it’s interesting to learn about all the different ways women masturbate, what they fantasize about, what they think about guys masturbating (in general or specifically their husbands or future husbands), how often they masturbate, whether they masturbate in front of their husbands, […]

Matrimony through Dance?

If you are a single guy still looking for Miss Right, I highly recommend swing dancing. Swing events are fun and great places to meet girls; I love how they get all dolled up. And the ratio of females to males really works in the guys’ favor. I have met a decent number of Christian […]

Purple-Painted Playtime

So, full disclosure… I’m a foot guy and proud. There’s something about how sensitive they are or the way the toes wiggle when a girl is excited. Ever since middle school, when a crush of mine played footsie with me at the movies—barefoot—I haven’t been the same. It’s one of my favorite kinks to indulge […]

Midnight Mouths

For reasons that I don’t fully understand, ever since our first year of marriage, there have been several nights – in the middle of the night – where the Mrs. and I get a little… mouthy. Here’s what I mean. One night, I woke up next to her. A strong, blue moon sent streaks across […]

Athletic Arousal (F)

This story includes the use of fantasy (F). You can read about why we included this annotation in our guidelines. Athletic Arousal by Husky “Woo! Nice job keeping up!” I spanked Mrs. Kitty right on her round booty-cheek as she came hopping in through the door. We are by no means a gym-rat couple, but we both […]