A Workout Quickie (L/A)

Saturday, May 1, 6 a.m.: Watching her squat, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass, accentuated so perfectly by her tight black leggings. Up and down she went with 135 pounds on her shoulders, my sexual desire for her intensifying by the second as I pumped iron nearby.

After my set, I walked over to Lauren and kissed her, fondling her ass cheeks in my hands as our lips met, not caring about the security cameras monitoring us. With no one else in our HOA gym, it’s not uncommon for us to physically flirt with each other and then cap it all off with some intense lovemaking back at home.

“You’d better stop that,” she playfully said as I groped her ass cheeks.

I now reached up and fondled her breasts, covered only by a hot pink jog bra, not caring about the camera. I enjoyed her sweatiness.

“Seriously?” she asked me with a smile. “Can’t this wait?”

“How about in here?” I asked.

“In here? Are you kidding me? There are cameras on us right now,” Lauren replied, not protesting in any way to my fondling her breasts. In fact, she was now rubbing my hardening cock over my shorts.

In truth, I was kidding about getting it on in the HOA gym, but just adjacent to us were private family locker rooms, where we had in the past retreated for quickies.

“OK, how about in one of the locker rooms?” I suggested, still playing with her breasts.

“We could do that… yah,” my Swedish bride answered, now reaching into my shorts.

We grabbed our things and went into the nearest family locker room, turning on the light and locking the door behind us to eliminate the possibility of being discovered.

We began kissing again, but in the privacy of the locker room, my hands strayed beneath her leggings to fondle her ass cheeks. She again reached down and began to give me a handjob, clearly pleased by the throbbing hardness of my cock.

She sat down on the bench and removed her shoes, then rolled off her leggings, leaving her lower body now completely nude. (She doesn’t wear panties.) No sooner had I removed my shorts than Lauren took my dick, hard as a tire iron, into her hungry mouth, her head bobbing back and forth as she sucked me off.

I looked into the mirror next to us and enjoyed watching my bride give me this wonderful blowjob. I ran my fingers through her blonde hair, feeling so content in this moment as she pleasured me.

“I love it when you suck my cock,” I whimpered.

Lauren chuckled and looked up at me, my cock still in her mouth. She likes it when I watch her suck my dick.

She looked over, and our eyes met in the mirror. She watched herself pleasuring me, and she watched me while I watched her.

“You little cock-sucking whore,” I teased.

She took my dick out of her mouth and looked up with a smile. “Cock-sucking whore?”

“Are you?” I asked.

“Maybe,” she responded with a smile before resuming this most splendid blowjob.

“As good as this feels, I think we should fuck,” I said.

My dick still in her mouth, she again looked up and into my eyes, and I could tell that she felt rather content with giving me a blowjob. But she then stood up and bent over, her hands resting against the bench.

I got behind her and gradually worked my cock into her pussy. Lauren wasn’t yet very wet, so it took some finagling, but I finally made it all the way inside her and could now feel her wetness building as I slowly fucked her.

She reached back and began masturbating, balancing her body with one arm while she got off on herself.

With no anal plug on hand, I licked my thumb and then slid it into Lauren’s ass, getting an audible whimper from her. With my thumb still in her ass, I grabbed her cheeks as I thrust back and forth, our skin slapping. She had quickly gotten quite wet.

When she began to cum, I slowed my pace, going deep but now thrusting very gradually, marveling at the view of the action. I could see her labia moving back and forth with my cock as I moved in and out of her. All the while, Lauren whimpered and quietly moaned as she orgasmed, my thumb still in her ass. “Oh yeah,” she said over and over again between her whimpers and moans.

By this time, I, too, was ready to cum. I picked up the pace of my thrusts and, within seconds, felt the quickly-building gush of my load. I went all the way inside Lauren and unleashed my fluid, firing spurt after spurt right up against her cervix.

“Oh yeah,” I echoed as I filled her with my hot, sticky sperm.

Lauren glanced back at me with a look of great satisfaction.

“That felt so good,” I said, still inside her, now fondling her breasts (still covered by her jog bra.)

“It did,” she agreed. And then she added: “This has gotten to be our little place, huh?”

She had a point. To now, we’d had ten quickies in this locker room.

I remained inside her and then began losing my erection, enjoying this oneness with her. Finally, I pulled out and got her some tissue to capture the leakage. After getting dressed, we finished up our workouts.

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4 replies
  1. CreamyPatty says:

    MMMM, You would go and leave a smoking hot story on here just before I head off to Anytime Fitness in about 30 minutes!:) Seriously, that's a notch or two better in my mind than a few Hotel quickies Jim and I have had in the past, and I'm already feeling it between my legs, hence my name! You have motivated me to try something new this morning: I always just wear a G-string panties when I workout, but I'll lose them soon in honor of your story! I may report back if I have anything interesting to share.
    Thanks again!

  2. LovingMan says:

    Great story! We’ve used family private locker rooms for sexy fun at 5 different places including community center pools & gyms, private health club, camp grounds, hot springs in Wyoming & in Iceland. Too bad this writer is no longer with us. This is a very good sexy story!

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