The Chalet, Part 2 (A)

You might like to read the first part of this story. Note: this post includes anal play (A).

Like I said, Guy gets stimulated visually, so tonight, I’ve gussied up to inspire more exuberant lovemaking! In preparation for this vacation, I got a makeover with highlights in my hair, which falls to my shoulders. The girl did an awesome job! What am I wearing? First, a thin pastel blue and green top that falls off my breasts halfway to my belly button and shows my toned tummy. My breasts aren’t large, but they stand up nicely, so the loose top doesn’t hug my ribs. It’s open around my midsection and lets my breasts breathe. Actually, Guy picked it out.😉

Next comes a pair of ’40s-style “dancer” shorts that are seamed to feature each cheek. But with only a 3” inseam, they barely fall below my panty edges and are loose at the thigh openings. Actually, my panties peek out easily, and my gluteal fold sometimes shows, which Guy loves. My treasure area can be seen at the slightest bend! In fact, I’ve giggled at how many young fellas try to get a glimpse of my goodies when I sit or bend. I have to admit that I love it!

And Guy, that sly husband of mine, often sneaks a feel, sliding his hand up my top or shorts opening and caressing my breasts or cheeks. Oh, I can’t wait for his lips to kiss what’s barely hidden there. The outfit shows off my figure, and my tanned skin highlights it all. And I’m wearing new strappy sandals that show off my feet; Guy helped me pick them out too!

Guy has on his new khaki shorts, which accentuate his shapely buns… nice! He’s worked hard to get and stay very fit, well defined in his muscles. His tapered, white button-up short sleeve shirt has the top two buttons open, and, oh my gosh, is his tan body hot! He’s wearing a gold necklace I just bought him, too. And, God, my heart skips when I think about how good this man is!

Wow, there are some really attractive people downtown tonight. Many of us women wear less “restrictive” clothing on vacation and seem less inhibited. It’s similar to wearing a more revealing bikini at the beach because it’s more accepted there. For me, it isn’t about being flirty or advertising for other guys. Of course, I like being looked at and know my workouts make the most of my genetics. But I don’t want to embarrass Guy or invite conflict. It’s 99 percent for his enjoyment and turn-on. 😉 And I’m seducing him in new ways this weekend! Ha-ha!

Tonight, I chat with a woman in her 50s who asks me how I got such great legs. “Well, honey,” I tell her, “some of it is good genes, but I workout in the gym and do Jazzercize. It works wonders at shaping and firming the body.”

She complimented my results and said, “I bet your man can’t keep his hands off you, doll!”

“Yes, thankfully, you’re exactly right!”

Staying fit and tanned, having good genes, and dressing nicely: all these play into how I stimulate my man. Another secret? I move, pose, and talk in ways that incite his craving for me. And I’m a good learner, always adding the new and unexpected.

The sun nears setting, and shadows begin to provide darker, more intimate areas. Holding Guy’s hand and looking up at him, I can’t resist the urge to pull him aside, put my arms around his neck, and kiss him passionately.

“Wow, I felt that all the way into my sweetness! More, please… Mmmm.” With our tongues mingling, I push my breasts into Guy’s chest, hoping he’s getting the message. Okay, now I’m pressing the issue, cupping his crotch. There it is, the blood rushing to make him bulge at my touch. As I nibble his ear, I seductively whisper my intentions. “I want you. I’m aching for your dick in every part of my body.”

He says, “Mmm, careful, baby. I’m ready to take you right here, ha-ha!”

I continue massaging his hardness and say, “Put your finger in me and then taste me, babe.”

Gently, he slips his hand up my shorts and under my panties. I feel his fingers enter my moistness. As he tastes my flavor, he says, “Mmm, yeah, honey, that’s so good,” and smiles with approval.

I can feel Guy’s breath on my neck, and then he kisses my mouth and massages my breasts.

“Oh, yes, oh, yeah!” I whisper. “Baby… baby, stop. Take me to our chalet so we can do this right, okay?” I grab his head and drive his lips into mine! I’m thinking how I am so ready to get crazy wild on him tonight! It’s going to be one we’ll both remember!

We hurry to our place, and I hit the shower; with what I’m craving for us tonight, every square inch of my body has to be kissable and lickable!

Guy’s in the shower now while I sneak out my new clothes. I’ve got some more things that will make him drool! You’ve seen little black dresses, right? But I had one specially made by a friend who designs them for fitness models. I explained what I wanted it to accomplish, and she hit the ball out of the park! New black stiletto heels and a gold necklace and bracelet set off the sexy look. I guarantee Guy will be stunned!

Actually, I probably would be hesitant to wear this in an everyday public setting, but if he asked… who knows? The dress has spaghetti straps. I’m braless, and its V-cut neckline reveals the cleavage of my breasts. They still stand up pertly without support. The dress flares out, so it flows when I walk or dance. But unlike a dinner dress, this one’s hem falls several inches above my knees, showing most of my tanned legs. Guy is a leg man, so they get plenty of attention. A twirl reveals the gluteal fold where my butt cheeks meet my rear and inner thigh, one of Guy’s favorite visual images!

Okay, you’re wondering what’s under this erotic outfit, right?

Well, my designer friend suggested three styles of panties that enhance my buns. I bought all three in multiples! Tonight? Soft, black, sheer lace bikinis. They have a red ribbon tie on each hip; that way, they don’t have to go down over my heels… you’ll see later.

Erotic music that Guy had downloaded on his phone plays softly now, and I sway seductively to the vibe as I watch myself in the mirrors. I think, “Guy’s gonna melt when he sees, smells, and tastes this hot babe! Damn, you look edible, girl!” We have already set up three cams to make private videos of our nights of love on this vacation. They will capture different angles to make sure nothing gets missed. I hope the videos get everything!

Uh-oh, I hear him coming now, and I have a plan for his first look. I’m gazing out of the open balcony sliding door with my backside facing him; the gentle breeze blows the hem of my dress up to show my legs and sometimes my fold. The downtown lights facing me should create a silhouette of my lower body through the sheer fabric—very sexy!

Guy walks in, aware of the music and scented candles, but he freezes when he sees me.

“Oh, my goodness, babe… I… Wow!… You look amazing!”

I turn around and lean against the glass door. Then with my head tilted, hair shifting to one side, I put my hands behind me suggestively. I let my head lean back against the door, my neck inviting kisses. I want to tantalize him, so with my left knee forward to show a lot of leg and swaying invitingly, I convey the message, “Dinner is served, big boy. How hungry are you?”

He slowly walks over, dressed in a black button-down silk shirt and linen slacks that accentuate his bulge and the shape of his buns. Nice! As if on a Caribbean island, he’s barefoot and looks longingly at me as I lift my knee seductively and put my left high heel next to my right knee, most of my thigh showing. Get the picture? Then closing in, he puts his hands on the glass door on each side of my head, and slowly, teasingly, he moves his mouth to mine with his sweet, hot breath lightly touching my soft lips.

My gosh, this is so erotic. My breath is almost taken away as I begin to moisten in hunger. I’m so excited, so caught up in love and lust for my romantic man. When he gently bites my lower lip, then gently touches our lips together, I think, “Please keep going. Please tease me, touch me, kiss and lick my whole body!”

He reads my body language and presses in firmly, French kissing me slowly at first, then more firmly, more passionately. Guy’s bulge presses against my clit! Oh, my God, I want him so badly! His chest crushes my breasts, and my heart thumps at his touch. I’m breathing faster and hotter, and I feel my panties moistening with my love juice. “Guy… Oh, damn it, Guy, I’m all yours, honey; everything is yours! Take me, baby, take me now before my pussy bursts!”

His hands move to my body and up my dress to cup my thrusting butt. Then, bringing them to the front, he lifts my hem as he kneels and kisses my flower through my panties. They are sexy, but they restrict further intimate kisses, so he uses his teeth to untie the side ribbons and let my dampened panties drop off! Gosh, that’s hot! Next, Guy lifts my leg and kisses my inner knee. Then turning my leg outward, he starts kissing the inside of my thigh.

Oh, God, how can I take anymore without demanding he put his tongue in me!? My pussy is completely exposed to him as he works his lips up to my glistening flower. Then I feel his breath on my clitoris, his kisses that follow. Finally, his tongue travels low on my slit and slowly licks upward—once, twice—ooooh, I’ve lost count because my whole body is trembling! Is this real? Am I truly experiencing these wildly intense sensations? Don’t stop, I think; oh, gosh, oh…

Oh, yes! His hot tongue just slipped deep into my pussy! And again. Oh, my God, again, deeper… then he starts licking my clitoris!! On and on, his tongue flicks and circles until the tension nearly breaks me. “Oh, yes, baby! Oh, yes! Oh m-m-my. Oh, Guy! I’m… I’m cumming, baby, I’m cummmiiinngg!!! Ohhhh!!”

Now my body is out of control. It convulses and shakes; Guy has to hold me up because my knees get weak! Eventually, I slide helplessly down the glass door, my heels under my butt and my dress bunched up to my hips, showing all my treasures. Then with my hands on his face, I whimper weakly, “Guy… Oh, Guy, I love you so much, honey. You make me feel things I didn’t think possible, baby.” I pull his face to mine and kiss his soaked mouth, tasting my own fresh wetness… sooo good!

That gentle kiss and the tastes lead to slightly more passionate kisses… and just like that, my strength starts coming back!

I move to my knees, now French kissing him while unbuttoning his shirt and pushing my barely hidden breasts against his chest. Slowly, I coax him onto his back, my breathing once again accelerating. I try to rip his linen pants off, but I’m trembling again with desire. Finally, they’re completely off, and there at full attention is the most gorgeous throbbing dick I could hope for, several inches of delicious, swollen delight—and it’s mine!

Guy pulls the straps of my dress down, then off, to expose my breasts as I move up over his body, and I feed each one to his mouth while his hands enjoy massaging them. When he sucks my nipples, it sends electricity through me! Down below, I caress his shaft and rub the head on my pussy, getting my juice on it. Then, with my thighs open for him, I wriggle my ass over my target and slide down on his throbbing manhood. This is so hot!

He grabs hold of my dress and pulls it over my head, liberating me from all my clothes except my heels. I’m glad he set up three cams to record every angle! I’ve gotta see the video later!

I’m gyrating frantically on his dick, fully engrossed in our ecstasy. “Please, don’t cum yet,” I beg. “It feels too good!” My hips drive my pussy into him as I go for deep penetration, seeking the most intense sensation. “Oh, yeah, baby. I love it so much! Let me take you deep and hard!”

Guy warns me he’s going to cum soon. Okay, I know what I want then. I pull off, turn to the 69 position, and start sucking his soaking wet dick. I want his gorgeous dick in my mouth now! I don’t know if any couple loves oral sex more than we do, but ours is so erotic that I think about it all the time!

Guy takes my heels off, and I move my warm feet beside his head so he can feel them. He caresses them sensuously while he licks and nibbles on my gluteal fold. (I told you it’s his favorite!)

Mmmm, I taste my juices, his pre-cum, and the unique flavor of his dick. I love the smell, the taste, the texture, and the risque image it creates!! His tongue slides through my wetness as he devours me again, and his finger massages my sphincter, lubricating it with my juices and his saliva. Oh, yes, that’s what I hoped would happen tonight! My rosebud relaxes as he works; his finger starts entering, and I feel my anus loosen up for more.

I’m aware that Guy’s climax is building, but I keep sucking. He’s trying to hold it back, but I won’t stop. This is my fantasy, and I won’t be denied!

Now I feel my orgasm building too! My tummy quivers. My thrusts against his mouth become radical. I want his explosion in my mouth!

Then, with a convulsion, he erupts! I deep throat his pulsing dick as his fresh cream spurts, and I swallow all his cum! I know how it thrills him to see it, feel it! As I devour his load, he groans loudly!

Then a few seconds later, I erupt. “Oh, ohhhh! Oh, my God!!! Ohhhh, ooooh, baby!!!” I feel a thousand ecstasies, making me grind into his mouth, his tongue still darting into me! Finally, I collapse on him and whimper with relief, “Oh, fuck, that’s… so, so good!”

Guy is still gently fingering my anus, which clearly added to my orgasm, and I’m still lovingly kissing his dick, letting him recover too because I’m not freakin’ finished for the night! But rest— I must rest…

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3 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Intense story! Written in such an erotic way too! Keep loving by each other like that! We too have had some epic lovemaking sessions while together on vacation!

  2. Buckeyebabe92 says:

    We're glad you like our stories. I'm new at this so the structure will hopefully improve. But I get so turned on writing them, especially remembering the events they're based on. ♥️

  3. CreamyPatty says:

    Erotic and very sexy. I'm going to read this one to Jim after he is UP and around this morning. And your comment about "anyone loving oral sex as much as you two," I'm here to say "WE DO." :O We would do it 24/7 if we didn't need to pay the bills. I figure God gave his long, thick and yummy cock to me and my warm pussy and over sensitive tits were created for him to fondle and caress.
    I'll let you know how he likes it later!

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