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The Chalet, Part 3 (L/A)

Don’t miss the first and second parts of this story. Note: This post contains strong language and involves anal penetration (A). A long while later, I catch the mixture of our fragrances and lift my head above his resting shaft to kiss the head. I tenderly start licking the tip in circles, working on getting […]

The Chalet, Part 2 (A)

You might like to read the first part of this story. Note: this post includes anal play (A). Like I said, Guy gets stimulated visually, so tonight, I’ve gussied up to inspire more exuberant lovemaking! In preparation for this vacation, I got a makeover with highlights in my hair, which falls to my shoulders. The […]

The Chalet, Part 1 (A)

This post includes anal penetration (A). It’s a beautiful morning in the mountains. We have the door and windows open in the chalet so the fresh air and sounds of nature can fill the room. This is our romantic getaway, which we both need and have planned for; the kids are with their grandparents, and […]