The Chalet, Part 1 (A)

This post includes anal penetration (A).

It’s a beautiful morning in the mountains. We have the door and windows open in the chalet so the fresh air and sounds of nature can fill the room. This is our romantic getaway, which we both need and have planned for; the kids are with their grandparents, and we’re like two newlyweds on a honeymoon.

Yesterday, I went shopping and bought new clothes that will undoubtedly inspire Guy’s imagination! So I start today wearing one of my new bikinis—or at least what little there is of it. But, hey, we’re on vacation and alone in our complex, so I can show some skin if I want. After all, it’s for Guy and me because I like feeling sexy. I don’t work this hard to keep a fit body just to hide it, right? But don’t get me wrong; it only belongs to Guy, and he loves not only me but my sexy body, too—all the way down to what he calls “my pretty feet.” So I’m lying here by the mini pool, getting an even deeper tan. It’s a good thing no other men are around because I just took my top off.

Guy looks out over the balcony and drools! Ha-ha! He’s getting me on video. Then he teases me, “It’s too hot to wear anything, baby,” so I slip down my bottoms, obliging him slowly with a wiggle. I show him my butt as I bend over to remove them and hear him say something dirty and sexy as I lie down, opening my legs to the sun.

“Wow!” he says, his voice so low it’s almost a growl.

“Ok, Guy, I’ll meet you in the water.” I slip into the refreshing pool and tease, “Your turn, buddy. Drop ’em!” and he exposes that hot, tanned body. We’re both beautifully naked and feeling naughty. Guy comes down to join me, and as he gets in, he smiles at my wet, perky breasts pointing at his face.

I pull him to me, my tits pressing into his muscular chest. My mouth longs for the unrestricted French kisses in which we tenderly engage. Then I caress his erected shaft, lift my left leg, and rub the head of his dick on my pussy. Mmm, that’s nice!

With buoyancy assisting, Guy raises me and slips the head, then—slowly—his whole shaft inside me.

“Ooooh, that’s good, honey!” I love how he drives me hard, my breasts bouncing against his muscular chest while his hands caress my butt. “Gosh… oh, my gosh…”

Then, knowing that I like it, he massages my anus.

“Oohhh, yeah, honey, that’s what I need!”

Guy uses the pool water as a lubricant to work his finger in, and my rapture builds up. I quickly orgasm, moaning as he drills me, then push him out and have him sit on the edge of the pool so that he’s entirely at my mercy! After rinsing his goodies with bottled water, I look up into his eyes and kiss the head of his hard penis before licking the wetness off. Then inch by inch, I take him into my hungry mouth. I want him to climax too, so I work his dick over and over, making him cum deep in the back of my throat so that I can swallow, barely tasting his semen.

As soon as he can speak, he congratulates me: “Home run, babe! That felt and looked so awesome!”

As he recovers, I lay my head on his thigh, and we cool down and giggle. If anyone is watching with binoculars, I know for sure that they’re jealous now!

Guy and I are still naked in the sun. As I get out of the water, he lovingly takes a towel and pats my body down. Sexy, huh? Then he gathers our suits and lays them on the table. After that, we decide to get more sun, especially on our private areas—which means we have to keep our legs apart, whether on our backs or tummies. Well, that’s like holding a red cape in front of a bull for my man!

Guy is very visually stimulated, which I capitalize on by looking and dressing provocatively. He often reminds me how pretty my pussy is to him, so after a half hour or so, I turn onto my tummy with my tanned buns up, my pink rosebud and my cooch exposed. My hair drops across my face as I roll over, but I can still see him hardening as his dick recharges. Good, because I want more of it, all I can get. Slyly, I put my hand under me and massage my clitoris, sending a message to my restless lover. Of course, he doesn’t know I’m watching or that I’m baiting him to get his dick in me again. But thankfully, it works!

He reaches over to me, massages my thighs and butt, and brushes my pussy.

“Mmm, honey, that’s nice.” When he licks his finger and slides it in me, I respond, “Oh, that’s so good, honey. Please… oh, baby, please put your dick in me. Please?”

With my legs slightly apart, he straddle-mounts me from behind and slips into my wetness easily. I love this position because I feel my butt making full contact with his body.

“Mmmm, babe, that’s good.”

He works his hips to maximize my pleasure.

“Oohhh, yeah, honey, like that!”

Guy gives me kisses on my back and neck as he thrills my pussy!

“Oh! Oh, Guy, baby, it’s so goooood!” And my ecstasy breaks out! As usual, my orgasm builds pretty quickly, and I cum hard! “Ohhh, gosh, ohhhh… Oooooh!”

Now, I know some women aren’t crazy about anal sex, but I love it under the right conditions, okay? So I say, “Guy? Honey, are you wanting more? The backdoor is open; I want to feel you in my ass.”

Guy takes only a moment to drop saliva from his mouth to my anus, then rubs the head of his cock on my anus. Oooooh. My sphincter relaxes, and from the same straddle position, in goes the head.

“Oh, stop! Just a minute… okay, more… ow, slowly… oh, yeah,” and in he goes. Listening to my moans as he inches in, soon he’s pumping me steadily but carefully, making sure I’m being pleasured and not just rammed. I’ve learned to enjoy this mix of pleasure and pain; it adds an intensity that excites the senses!

It’s intense for Guy, too; I’m much tighter there, and he’s not ready to cum yet. So after only a few minutes, we stop and relax, then rinse off our steamy bodies under the outside shower, gather our swimwear, and go inside for lunch. After a well-deserved nap, we clean up and get our new duds on, and at 7 pm, we head downtown to mingle, eat, and check out the sights.

Look for Part 2 soon!

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7 replies
  1. FunJames says:

    Very nice, hot, and well-written story. I'm at my inlaws' place, so I'll need to do something with this massive hard-on I have now:). I would love to be spontaneous with anal sex as you illustrated but it's hard for us as we would need to stop for (lots) of lube, hopefully enough to allow my (thick) shaft entry without pain to my adorable and sex-hungry wife Patty. Any tips on this, let me know. If I get time later, I'll submit a tale of Patty's unbelievable cock-sucking skills.

  2. 1blessedman says:

    Just a pic note. I am not a fan of the story pic. I have done many surgeries for breast augmentation and I am not a fan of fakes boobs. Those in the pic are less than quality and surely fall short of realism. But….to each…..his own…..

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