A Saturday Night Without Kids (L/A)

Last night…

You were amazing last night. You got home later than usual from checking on a friend who needed help, but I was still awake, working on my computer in the living room. I’d showered while you were away and put on a tank, underwear, and my black satin robe. Underneath, my pussy was moist—I was yearning for you.

You wanted to eat a small bite, so we sat together on the couch and watched an episode of our favorite show. When you started to nod off, I sadly assumed nothing would happen between us.

I got up to put away our dishes and then get ready for bed, and to my surprise, you stood and followed me to our bathroom. Turning, I caught you staring at me with those dark eyes, and I melted.

In a flash, you were next to me, groping and fondling every part of me that you could reach. You kissed me ever-so-sweetly, letting your tongue explore my mouth and trace my pouty lips. Then you pressed me up against the wall and slid your fingers inside me. I was powerless against your touch as I felt your huge cock growing against my skin.

You told me to suck on you, so I slid down the wall and opened my mouth, waiting to feel you slip your cock into my mouth and down my throat. You thrust in and out, and I loved the moans of pleasure that came from deep inside you.

After making me gag on your cock repeatedly, you crouched down to kiss me and touch my pussy. I ripped off my panties and lay down on the cold tile floor, begging you to ram your hard, wet cock into my pussy, and you happily obliged. You continued to fuck me on our bathroom floor until your knees couldn’t take anymore.

We got up, cleaned up a bit, then headed to bed. For the next two hours, we made love, talking to each other, and enjoying each other’s bodies. Then we took a quick break and ended up in the shower, where you fucked my mouth, pussy, and ass. I leaned over in the shower so that the water ran down my ass, and you fit your fingers inside me—one at a time until all five were inside. After all these years of practice, it wasn’t hard to accomplish. At one point, you had your hand stuffed in my pussy while your dick was in my ass. It felt so good to feel you stretching both my holes. 

After washing off for the third time of the night, we finally got back into the bed, exhausted, satisfied, and intoxicated by each other’s love.

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7 replies
    • TheHulksWife says:

      I certainly will 🙂 another is already scheduled to post in august. Thank you for the feedback!

  1. CreamyPatty says:

    Very hot story. I get so creamy thinking about my husband fucking my “bubble but” as Jim calls it, but even after a slow, lubed double finger fucking—and I reciprocate with a thorough cock sucking—I still have trouble taking his magnificent cock in my second hole. We are working on it because I think I will enjoy the experience. I am turned on and a little envious, Hulk’swife.

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