Desiring to be Filled: Sexting while apart (L)

Her husband had to travel out of town once again. She was watching a crazy, slapstick movie when he texted to check in on her. She admitted she’d had a down day and chose the film because she thought it would be good to laugh. He questioned what had gone wrong since the day seemed to have started out well when they’d texted earlier.

She told him that it did start well, but she never got a chance to finish herself off. Also, she woke up early and never got back to sleep.

He suggested she try to have a nice orgasm before lying down for the night; hopefully, that would help her sleep better. Then he told her that on his way back to his hotel, he stopped by an adult toy store to look for something she might like as well as she did the clitoral air suction toy she already had.

She asked what he’d found, and he said, “I mentioned the Melt to the gal, and then she started telling me about and showing me these other pumps. One looked like you would really enjoy it when I’m away—or when we’re together! 😉 It covers your whole pussy and sucks up the pussy lips. The saleslady said she preferred this one over the Melt, which could get too intense and send her over the edge too quickly.”

She said, “It may be one of those personal preference things as to what works for each person. But it must be nice to have a full store selection to try out! I wonder if they get to keep the display models. LOL!”

He said, “It also has a vibrating tongue, and the other end is a dildo.”

“Sounds intriguing!” she responded, “but I still want to go to the toy store soon and see about a couple of things in person.” Then she added, “I think I will take your advice and play with this clit.”

He responded, “Mmmmm. I wish I were there with you.” Then, he began giving her instructions: “Start nice and slow, with soft, gentle circles around and around. Don’t touch your clit just yet.”

She moaned as she complied.

Soon he added, “Slide and stroke your fingers up and down the folds of your pussy.” Though he couldn’t hear the moans he caused, he continued. “While you’re circling your clit, play with your nipples with the other hand.”

She finally paused to type, “Feels so good!”

“Now, slide your fingers around both sides of your clit… and then gently squeeze it between your fingers. Now go back to making nice big swirling circles over and around your clit.”

She asked, “So, I can touch it now?”

He granted permission but added, “But just a tweak! Now leave it alone; play with your nipples again.”

She followed his directions and then typed, “What a tease!”

He responded with, “Me? No, I’m enjoying this as much as you are😁. Well, I may be a *bit* of a tease.”

“Teasing can be good.”

“You should see how hard my cock is getting.” Then, knowing it would drive her crazy, he sent a picture of that hard cock.

“Mmmmm!” She wished she had it there to suck on. When he reminded her, “I think I mentioned that I shaved today…” she responded with two tongue emojis.

Now, he began to instruct her again. “So, back to playing with your nipples and your pussy. Use one finger to circle your clit, getting closer and closer with each repetition, rubbing over the top of your clit.”

It was her turn to tease him with a description. “It’s big and hard.”

She should have known he would not let that go unanswered. He teased right back, “Mmmmm, easily sucked between my lips and flicked with my tongue.👅👅👅 Speaking of big and hard… how wet are you getting?”

That was easily answered with, “💦💦.”

In his next description, he started getting down to business, fantasizing he was with her. “Mmmm. Lapping up your juices, sliding my cock up and down the folds of your pussy lips.”

As her arousal grew, she responded, “Oh, god!!”

He continued, “My fingers start circling your pussy hole and then gently probing inside while my other hand slides up to play with your nipples. Now, my tongue presses against your clit, massaging it with pressure.”

She squirmed at the thought and said, “I love your tongue on it!!”

He went on, “Mmmm, you taste wonderful. I’m licking and sucking on your clit. First, a soft nibble, and then my fingers slide deep inside your pussy, stroking your inner wall, searching for your G-spot, and thrusting inside your pussy.”

“I raise my hips to meet your thrusting!” she responded.

“My hands slide over your inner thighs and pin you down as I bury my face into your pussy, covering it with your lips and juices. My tongue goes wild all over your pussy.”

She saw her opportunity to send a pussy pic and did so, saying, “This one?”

“Yes!!! I miss your smothering my face into your pussy! If I were there, my arms would be spreading your thighs while my hands and fingers would be spreading your pussy lips.”

She responds, “Yesssss! And I would love it!”

He continues the fantasy, “My tongue would be diving and probing your pussy hole, tasting your juices, and then… I’d stand up and slap my cock against your pussy.” Now he sent another picture of his cock, even harder and larger than before!

“Oh, yes!!” she enthused. “Give it to me!!!!”

He continued, “I’m slapping it against your mound.”

She could barely respond as she firmly smacked her clit, but managed, “So, so 🔥🔥🔥.”

It was as if he knew. “I’m slapping it against your clit. Now I take the tip of my cock and circle, probing against that rock-hard clit of yours.”

“I am so 💦💦💦 right now! Fuck me!!” she begged.

“First, I’ll pinch your nipples and slide my cock over your pussy. Pre-cum is starting to flow…” and he sent a picture to prove it.

It was almost more than she could take. “I NEED that in me!!” she typed while he sent, “Teasing your pussy hole with the tip of my cock.”

“It’s so big!” she said with wide-eyed emojis.

“Are you ready for it?”

“It looks so slick!! I think so!”

“I grab you by your hips…”

“Fuck yes!!!”

“…line my cock up with your tunnel…”


“…and thrust into your pussy.”

She typed, “I scream, ‘Yes, baby!!'” and he responded, “God, you are so fucking hot and wet! My balls are slapping against your ass as I pummel your pussy! Fuck! You feel so GOOD!! Thrusting, I can feel your pussy clench on my cock as I reach up to grab your tits.”

She told him, “You’re filling me up so much!!!”

“I wanna fuck you from behind,” he replied. She told him she would turn around, and he sent another pic followed by, “Smack! A smack against your ass cheek as I grab them and spread them.”

“Oh! That feels good!! But I stop to suck it on my way to turn.”

He liked that thought. “Oh, yeah! Suck that cock of mine! You want to suck and swallow that for a while. I slap and bounce my cock against your neck and cheeks. Lick the pre-cum from my slit!”

She responded with two more tongues.

He tells her, “I KNOW you know how to give an incredible bj! Your tongue and lips feel so fucking good wrapped around my cock!”

“You’re right; we’ve had lots of practice,” she agrees. “But just wait until you get home! I’m going to suck your balls dry!!”

He continues with, “Slowly thrusting into your mouth.” As if her mouth were full, she just replied, “Mmmm,” as he added, “Long slow strokes.”

She played along but paused to say, “You taste good! But don’t forget where you were headed!”

He reassured her, “Oh, I haven’t! I want my cock deep inside your pussy!”

She admitted, “I liked that smack,” to which he responded, “I pull out of your mouth and bounce my cock on your face.
Turn around and get ready to be fucked. I’m stroking my cock for you. *smack, smack* against your ass cheeks.”

“There you go,” she said.

“I’m sliding my cock over your pussy and between your ass cheeks, reaching around and underneath to play with your clit. *Smack!* A bit harder.”

“Yes!!” she encouraged. “Make it sting good!”

He says, “My cock is right at your pussy hole. I grab your left hip and spank your right ass cheek.”

She adds, “I push back into you.”

He continues, “and plunge deep into your pussy. Fuuuuccckkk! YESSSSS.”

She expressed her moans, “Oooh, oh!”


She felt her orgasm approach and could barely respond with, “OMG!!!!”

He continues, “I’M GONNA FUCKING LOAD YOUR PUSSY WITH MY CUM! *smack, smack*.”

They both ended up cumming as the conversation continued. Finally, he told her, “I finish stroking and cum all over your pussy!”

She confirmed, “And I came hard!! Feel that pussy contracting?!?”

“Oh, fuck YES!” he responded. “I can’t wait until I can bury my cock inside your pussy again for real. Sexting is fun, and I love getting off with you, but I need YOU—to cum INSIDE of you!”

“You were right that I needed that,” she told him. “You’ve been gone too long! I can’t wait until you get home! But that was SO much fun!”

“I think we’ll both sleep well tonight,” he typed.

“I know I will!” she agreed. “Sweet dreams!”

“I’m probably going to have *wet* dreams!” he told her. “Good night!”

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8 replies
  1. CreamyPatty says:

    Guess I'm going to pass on writing a story cause there's NO way I can top this entry. My hubby Jim and I often play while we are apart (usually me because I'm in sales and need to attend company meetings at least 4 times annually). Jim sets up my FaceTime app for me and we do enjoy watching each other getting off. I really become more aggressive I guess when very turned on – like now reading the MarriageHeat posts. I enjoy it more when we read them to each other, so thanks for that.
    He will be home from Home Depot soon, so I may check out any new tool 🙂 he may have gotten.
    I'll be reading but again, I can't write like the other Hot men and women. LOVE you for contributing!

    • LovingMan says:

      CreamyPatty, after reading your comment I have to disagree with your statement that you need to pass on writing a MH story. Speaking as one of the more prolific MH authors who writes stories for MH… & being one of the volunteer MH editors… I want to say that based upon your excellent comment that you obviously could write a great MH story! Your comment was really well written and very sexy. Personally I think you SHOULD be writing MH stories. Or maybe your comment was tongue in cheek because you DO write for MH. Honestly my old brain can’t remember if I’ve seen your stories. But again… based upon your great comment… I still think that you SHOULD be writing MH stories!

  2. LovingMan says:

    Great story! We’ve done phone sex when we’ve been apart. It was phone sex the first time because it was the very first year of cell phones!

  3. Lustfully in love says:

    My wife and I love your story and your expression of joy and the pleasure of sexting as a couple, quality sex toys and masterbation over the phone. My wife travels more than I do now. When I used to travel a lot we always had kids at home and she couldn't relax, even with the bedroom door locked. But now the kids are grown up, and she is really letting go of her sexual inhibitions. She is learning to enjoy her body and discovering the many benefits of masterbation. She now has several sex toys she really likes and masterbates frequently. She looks forward to the orgasms and the various forms of eroticism and sexual adventure we now enjoy together. She masterbates in whatever hotel she is staying in, using her favorite toy while I encourage her over the phone. Your story gave her even more confidence and encouragement. Thank you so much.

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