Are You Present?

Married sex is a wonderful gift, don’t you agree?

My question/challenge to you is this: How often are you truly present with your spouse during sex? Are you thinking about the actual connection you are sharing together, the sensations you are experiencing? Or is your mind on the busty waitress, the hot trainer at the gym, the video you watched or the one you are trying to record, the story you will write?

Sites like this can be wonderful for inspiration, education, and even titillation, but don’t forget to be in the moment one hundred percent to give and receive a wonderful gift.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Always on my husband and the love we are making. Occasionally we may share a fantasy while making love. But the love and passion between us is often more than enough to get us both off. Stay horny and God bless!

  2. LovingMan says:

    This is an excellent reminder to stay in the moment while making love! As an MH author, I will admit that sometimes when my wife & I are having a great lovemaking session that I’ll think about what I could say, in an MH story – about what sexy thing we are doing. I always try to dismiss the thought and “stay in the moment!”

    However, sometimes thinking about past sexual experiences my Melodie & I have shared… has helped me overcome medical & medication blocks to climaxing. In fact, I think writing our true marriage sex stories in my journal and for MH has helped me solidify or set those experiences in my memory.

    A therapist recommended I start a sex journal & it has really helped me appreciate the great sex life my wife & I share in our marriage. If you don’t write for MH I’d still recommend that you keep a sex journal. I keep mine in a private journal app. I modify a lot of those sex journal entries to make them MH stories.

  3. Frankie says:

    I'd like to say I have never pictured myself with anyone other than the gift God gave me when we married, but that would not be honest. I will say it is an extreme rarity. We have done enough naughty things together that memory is typically good enough, when I need a little extra to push me over the orgasmic hill. Any time I picture myself with anyone else, I feel as if I have dirtied God's incredible gift.

    I am in no way criticizing someone else's use of fantasy in their sex life. It just isn't for me.

  4. SophTea says:

    I do have a journal where I record things me and my husband say and do that are very important and loving in my heart and soul, whether they are sexual or not. I take those memories and form my MH stories as best as I can from memory and text. However, I do not think about writing when in the moment with hubby. I am quite raptured by what magic is being done to my body by his wonderful hands and body, and I must say it is a blessing to rely on that escape. Quite glad that God has given me the chance to enjoy this romance physically with my beloved.

    In regards to fantasy, I find myself dreaming during the day or night about my husband doing things to me, or us in rapture. No one else even emerges in my mind's eye but him, whether he be saving me as a knight and then making love to me as his wife, or whatever thoughts I conjure up. The focus in the moment usually still remains in reality, in what is happening. Albeit, I may think of the sexy time afterwards and connect it to any sort of fantastical imagery I think of.

  5. SecondMarge says:

    From my experience this is a question that brings only answers people are convinced they must say. Hypocrisy in my view is a far bigger sin than using your imagination during sex. Mainly because I am confident sexual thoughts of others are not sinful, even during sex with your spouse or self pleasuring. But that is a topic we have debated here often. I can not conceive of anyone never having been aroused by anyone other than their spouse. But I understand how they feel they must pretend it’s true.

  6. FunJames says:

    She is always In my thoughts while making love. And we are very verbal during sex; we believe this keeps our focus tighter and ensures that we have a strong sex connection.

  7. Brett says:

    I really enjoy making love to my busty wife. I never think of being with anyone else, being inside of my wife makes a real connection between us. We do like to talk dirty but we never talk about a 3rd person.

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