The Chalet, Part 3 (L/A)

Don’t miss the first and second parts of this story. Note: This post contains strong language and involves anal penetration (A).

A long while later, I catch the mixture of our fragrances and lift my head above his resting shaft to kiss the head. I tenderly start licking the tip in circles, working on getting him hard again. As he comes to attention once more, I begin taking him in fully, intending not only to enjoy his dick in my mouth but also to get him stiff enough that I can finish my anal pleasure! That’s what I want, dammit!

“Guy, you know what I want, right?” I say between my molestations of his dick.

“Maybe, doll, but I want you to tell me. Say it! Say it, baby!!”

“Guy, honey… I want your whole dick in my ass! All of it! Fuck me in the butt. Now!!!”

“Okay, baby, okay. First, get on the easy chair.”

I lay my breasts on the top cushion, sticking my butt up for easy access and a full view, and Guy caresses my buns, kissing each. Mmmm, that’s sexy. Then he kneels behind me, and his tongue dances around my anus in sensual circles before plunging into its depths. Once I’ve relaxed and opened a little more, and he’s satisfied that I’m sufficiently lubed up, he stands and slowly begins to insert the head.

“Oh, oh, easy, honey. Let my butt open up to you.” I tell him to carefully keep going, even though he knows just what to do from long practice. I open more, and the smooth-textured head fits nicely, stretching my sphincter with just the right amount of pleasure-pain as, hungry for his penetration, I welcome him in. Slowly, I push back onto his hardness, taking a little at a time as my anal muscles adjust. Ow, but oooh.

I rest a few seconds as Guy lovingly massages my buns to relax me; he’s so unselfish! “Okay, babe, we’re almost in all the way,” he says, and I push again, taking every wonderful inch of his hardness.

“Oh my gosh! YES!” I exhale. I start moving as my ass relaxes more, and I hear Guy’s moans of ecstasy at the squeeze of my anus around him.
As for me, I’m at maximum fullness, but it’s okay. Guy’s dick begins to pump, increasing our combined range of motion. We’re both ecstatic… It’s sooo good… and because he’s my man, I thoroughly enjoy giving him this pleasure. I like that he’s turned on by the view, the sensations, and my willingness. And besides, I’ve come to love this sensation too!!! As John Cougar sang, it “hurts so good!”

Now, we’re really pumping. Guy lifts one foot to the seat cushion beside me to shift his angle and allow his hand between us. He slips two of his fingers into my pussy below, and as he thrusts, his raised leg pushes them in and out of me. Oh, my God, It’s incredible!

“Guy, cum in my butt this time! I have more plans for tomorrow, but cum in my ass now!” After my thorough ass-reaming, I’m about to explode from this new double penetration. “Oh, Guy… oh… oh… ohhhhh!” And I convulse with pleasure. My back stiffens as I cum, and I sound out a throaty groan with maximum emotion!

Though on the edge of his own climax, Guy tries to slow down and let me settle, but it’s no use! So he speeds up and drives as deep as he can, spurting hot cum in me!

“Oh, it’s hot, babe. I feel it all the way up in my butt! Oh, I love to make you cum, honey.” And we embrace the climactic sensations, slowly gearing down our thrusts. Then we shift to the spooning position on the floor as we catch our breath. Once Guy slips out, we wipe off and lie there for a while. It takes a few minutes for my sphincter to close back to normal, but Guy likes how it gapes after he’s been inside.

After a good night’s sleep, we awake to the sounds of early tourists below, birds in the trees, and maids doing their work. We shower and get ready, then eat a good breakfast. Downtown, we spend a busy morning visiting shops and the aquarium, then have lunch before going on the skywalk, which was awesome! Nature is so beautiful, especially where commercialism hasn’t encroached yet.

But it’s getting hot now, and we’re ready for the swimming pool. After a quick rinse at the chalet, I slip into another of my new bikinis. Now, girls know the advantages of the pool. First, we get to be exhibitionists! I have a couple of ounces of material on me, showing 95% of my skin. And as much as I feel a little naughty around others, my main turn-on is toward Guy. I want him watching, envisioning how I look entirely nude, remembering how I feel in his hands, how I taste…

This leads to the second advantage: the chlorinated pool cleans my body, then a shower in our room eliminates the chlorine… cool, huh? And the same goes for my man. The third advantage is getting a deeper tan, maybe even without the bikini.

We dress up and go out for a romantic dinner later at a restaurant that overlooks the downtown area. Then, we’ll take a walk to set the mood for a very sexy night in our chalet. I have on a summer dress, new heels, and underwear. Looking good, girl! I tell the mirror.

After dinner, Guy goes into the room, turns the video cams on, lights some candles, and opens the balcony door while I wait in the hall. Then, to my pleasant surprise, he lifts me in his arms, kisses me passionately, and carries me inside and on through to the balcony, which it seems he has set up for making love outside, where we can see the town lights. I’ll explain as I go.

Accompanied by mood music and candlelight, we make out like crazy. Guy’s hands are all over me, and my dress rises, showing my butt. I don’t care who sees us, though; I just want steamy, naked, butt-up sex! I unbutton his shirt and then his pants. After kissing down his neck, chest, and tummy, I pull his pants off. My breath tussles his trimmed pubic hair, and warm kisses tease his groin while his hands gently touch my flowing highlighted hair.

My pussy twitches as I find my prize: his hard, erect dick.

I begin kissing the tip, tasting his pre-cum… Mmmm. Then to truly inspire him, I take the head in my mouth and tongue circles on it while cupping his jewels. Slowly, slowly, I take his whole shaft deep into my mouth. Gosh, I love the taste, the warmth, the texture of his head. He knows to always keep his dick fresh for me in case of moments like this.

Anxious to have more of me, Guy pulls me up and duplicates my kissing pattern. Sensuously undressing me, he drinks in every beautiful, softly highlighted curve of my figure. Now I only have on my bra, panties, and heels as Guy kisses my lips that still taste of his manhood. He lets his hot breath warm my neck—mmm, I feel a current in my flower—and kisses my cleavage and the nipples peeking through my sheer bra. Then he unfastens it and releases my “girls” to the gentle breeze. His tongue circles my erect nipples, and the current through my womanhood increases. Gosh, I love how he makes me feel! Now on his knees, he squeezes my butt cheek with one hand while the other massages my inner thigh, barely touching my panties. Tongue and kisses follow my “treasure map” from my navel, down my tummy to my pubic hair… Gosh, I’m trembling with anticipation!

As Guy kisses my clit through my sheer panties, I can feel his breath there. Both hands gently caress my bottom, then slide under my panties to fully grab my cheeks. His fingers slip into the cleft between my buttocks—naughty and nice! Gradually, he releases me from my panties as he kisses my pubic area. Oh, how I  love watching him do that! He breathes in my essence, opens my legs, kisses my labia… oh, gosh! I feel his tongue sliding up and down several times… then licking my clit… oh, oh my goodness!

I begin to tremble more, savoring every lick, anticipating penetration. “Oh, yes, right there!!! Yes. Oh, gosh, yes, baby!” Then deeper still, his tongue wiggles into me, taking in my delicious juices while his nose bumps my clit. He can feel my cheeks involuntarily twerking, a sign that my orgasm is approaching. My breathing is erratic; my body has a mind of its own. I grab his head, lift one leg, and drive my pussy into his talented mouth like I do when I’m riding his dick. My throat utters strange sounds of pleasure, and my dew oozes out, but Guy licks up any that might approach my thigh. Shivers, no… convulsions take over my body as strange lights flash through my mind. I almost hurt with an orgasm so strong that I’m sure my groan carries downtown!

Now I’m fucking Guy’s mouth and tongue like a nympho, grinding my pussy into him mercilessly! And he, responding by sensuously eating me out, can’t seem to get enough of my sweetness! My orgasm—or orgasms?—seem to last for many minutes. I lose track of time and any sense of rationality; there’s only a euphoria that I wish every wife could experience!

Slowly, still passionately but allowing me some control, the convulsions taper down. Now my flush pussy just writhes on Guy’s mouth in blissful pleasure. I’ve slowly managed to catch my breath, like an athlete after a marathon race, and speak loving but dirty phrases confirming Guy’s wonderful gifts. But all this has made me burn for more of his assets and expressions of desire for me.

Guy stands up, his dick erect and throbbing to be in me. He turns me around and has me grab the balcony rail, my breasts catching the glow of the downtown lights. Then, he starts rubbing his hardness against my labia. “Look out at the other windows,” he demands. “Some of those women are fucking their men. Some are watching you fuck your man, wishing they felt as beautiful as you are to me: your face, your hair, your breasts, ass, pretty feet. They want to taste as sweet as you do: your lips, your skin, your pussy! And they’re watching to see if I fuck you the way you deserve, baby. So, show them how good my dick is inside you.”

Oh, my gosh, who taught this man how to excite me like this with his words?!! I quiver as he fills my imagination with images of eroticism, of women (and men) intently watching our balcony adventure, our nakedness, and sultry sexual prowess. My mind takes satisfaction in their approval, and I feel a rare freedom.

Then, my imagination is interrupted as Guy puts the head of his shaft into my wet, hot, yearning pussy. His warm left hand holds my hip as he slowly slides into me—just think of that phrase: “he slides into me,” one human entering another human… gosh, how intimate is that?! His right hand caresses my butt cheeks. In his cock goes as thrills shoot through my insides; all the way in, and I moan with delight at his penetration.

Then, to enhance my pleasure, Guy massages my juice-lubed sphincter with his finger. Yes! Oh, yes!

I work my ass rhythmically into him, my eyes rolling back in my head. My high heels help me align with his shaft, and they look sexy, too, I’m sure. I can feel my juices trickle down my inner thighs, and we pause for a moment as I reach down, wipe it up, and rub the juice on my nipples for Guy to lick off. I can tell he absolutely loves my tastes. And I love his!

My breasts dance as he thrusts into me. I’m not willing to make Guy cum just yet; no, not yet, my love—at least, not inside me. So I stand up, swing around, and move him to the comfy chair. His throbbing dick, covered in my wetness, stands erect and close to ejaculation as I kneel, spreading his legs and looking lustfully into his eyes, and lick the head.

Guy moans, a step closer to ecstasy. I’m erotically aware that my ass and pussy are spread open and catching the evening glow through the balcony rails… Damn, I feel naughty! As my head moves down on Guy’s shaft, my butt moves erotically in time. Guy moans, trying to delay his climax. Ha-ha, it’s hopeless, big boy, ’cause I’m in control now!

Oh, the mixture of tastes—the unique flavor of Guy’s penis; his sweet pre-cum; the aroma and taste of my juices—so sultry, such a desirable mixture! It incites my lust for him, for more, to give more, and to enjoy more… without inhibition!!!

That’s it! I feel his dick engorge with his ejaculate and shoot it into my demanding, sucking mouth! Guy thrusts his hips, driving his manhood into my hungry mouth…Oh, it’s so gooood! I’ve learned to take his cock to the back of my tongue as he cums, swallowing it all directly. MMM, it’s hot, creamy—and mine, all mine! And I know any women watching him lose control wish it were them, sucking and satisfying their men!

Winding down, I crawl up into his arms, plant my juicy cunt on his lap, curl up, and hold him lovingly. What did I do to deserve this wonderful man? I didn’t “try out” a bunch of men to find a lover who could satisfy me the way Guy does. He was my first and only.

“Guy, you’re my gift. I love you so much it hurts… in a good way,” I giggle.

He gathers his breath, kisses me tenderly, and whispers, “I am so blessed that you’re my wife, my love. And the fact that you’re beautiful is a bonus, but I love you first because of who you are…”

“Thank you, honey. Now, you were telling me I’m beautiful? Ha-ha! Please, go on.” I can’t seem to hear it enough, especially since I was a late bloomer.

“Yes, baby, you inherited great genes. And I get credit, too, for these perky breasts. I mean, they say sucking them helps them grow, ha-ha!!” Then Guy says, “Let’s take inventory while we recuperate: Hair like silk—brown, flowing, clean and fragrant. Beautiful face, gorgeous green eyes, full lips, and a lovely neck. Your breasts… oh, baby, those full, high breasts! And they have a flavor all their own, delicious. Silky soft skin… Mmm. Athletic arms, pretty hands. And I love your firm tummy and trim waist that accentuates your hips.

“Now, to your feet and upwards, hm-hm. These pretty feet… well, I never had a real foot fetish until I saw, touched, and kissed these beauties. You take such good care of them, keeping them soft, clean, and decorated with polish and jewelry. Dainty ankles and shapely calves that heels enhance. Smooth knees… and these legs! Wow, baby, they’re… well, they’re what I see as perfect. And these inner thighs? You know I could spend hours kissing you there, right? You could make a fortune off this body… no, seriously! I’m so thankful that you’ve dedicated it to me alone.”

As he gently spreads my legs and works on my clit he says, “And baby, I don’t know if you’re aware of how beautiful you are here. Really, the labia, hood, clit—you womanhood looks like how an artist would paint it.”

“Guy, honey, are you trying to make me cum again? Your way with words… you make me so hot!”

“I mean every word, baby; you’re exactly what I want and need. And if you’re getting hot for me—well, that’s even better.”

Honey, I can feel you getting hard. Can we go some more? Please, babe?!”

Guy kisses me hard as he fingers my pussy. Then he scoots down in the chair, turns me to straddle him, and I reach to insert his dick in me—but he moves me up to his face!

“Oh, yes, honey, oh yes!”

He puts his hands on my butt, his tongue slides inside me, and I instinctively rotate my hips to fuck his face! Oh, yesss! My heels came off a while ago, so he seductively massages a foot, then the other as I ride him.

“Oh, yesss!” My bottom is moving; my breath and heart rate increase. My butt has to look good in this position! And then I ask Guy, “Please finger my asshole, babe!” And because it’s not been long since our last episode, my anus opens easily for his finger… two, now… oh, yesss!

It’s not long before I slide down his chest to his lap. I sit up to align my butthole better so I can feed his hard head, slippery with precum, into my anus… “Oh, ohhh, ohh, yes, yes!

“Ouch! Oh!… No, I’m okay, just let my butt open more… give it a minute…” I can feel my anus relaxing, opening to suck in his shaft further… “Oh, oh, yeesss, that’s what I want… Mmmm, yes.”

Guy skillfully massages my clitoris with his thumb.

“Oh, yeesss, honey. Damn, that’s good.”

I’m losing control again as my butt muscles twitch. My clit is ecstatic! I only wish I could have him in my mouth, my butt, and my pussy all at once!! But this is sooo gooood!
“Guy, Guy, I’m cumming, baby. I’m cuuuummmminnnnggg!!!”

And I’m wrecking his poor dick! I can’t help it; I’m driving my ass into his cock, occasionally wincing in pleasurable pain. “Oh, yesss, oh, ye-Ow, oh yesssss.”
And then—damn, I forgot about Guy’s climax building—hot creamy jizz shoots up my anus, which is maxed out with his swollen shaft. In this position, the sudden tension and pulsing of his climax increase the stretch of my asshole, and I freeze but refuse to pull off his manhood. Yes, it’s intense, but it’s more a painful pleasure than pleasurable pain; if you’ve ever experienced it, you know!!

My head angles back as I groan unintelligibly. Slowly I move my ass again, determined to milk him and get every ounce of pleasure from this erotic moment! “Oh, fuck, honey! Guy, you are amazing!”

Guy lifts me and turns us both around before slowly sliding out, waiting for my muscles to push him that last inch rather than pull. He puts a Kleenex from the nearby box on my enlarged asshole; then, I shuffle to the shower while he wipes off and gets us a glass of wine.

Well, tomorrow it’s breakfast and pool time, then we head home. But we’ll have a lot to recall, ideas for sexcapades at home, and new things we’d like to do. More to cum!

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  1. CreamyPatty says:

    mmmmm, SO fucking hot!
    I'm still jealous I can't take Jim in my ass like you. We are working on it but not there yet. I'm making do with the pleasure he gives me with his fingers. I have no complaints. When he knows that as I'm about to cum, he slides a finger or two in my ass to increase my climax intensity. Thanks!

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