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An Evening For Her and Him (A)

This post mentions anal play (A).

My wife leans over, looks at me, and whispers, “You are mine.” Part of me instantly gets excited, and another part wonders what is going on.  I questioningly look into my lovely wife’s eyes and see them crinkle wickedly.

In a flash, she deeply kisses me, flips me on my back, rips off her pajamas, straddles my chest, and pins my shoulders down.  Whoa, she is being aggressive, and I’m in shock.

Before I can even speak, she wraps her thighs around my head, grabs my hair, and pulls my face into her… and instantly, I’m in heaven.  Quickly, my mind still trying to process my circumstances, I happily go to work.  I’m trapped but in the most lovely location, loving the sights and tastes she provides, and I see her lean back in pleasure.

I’ve never experienced this; she went from zero to sixty in record time.  I was completely soft, my mind thinking about random things, and then—BAM!—right into the thick of it.  So many emotions and thoughts clash at once, from confusion to wonder, but excitement quickly takes over as I come to understand my good fortune.

She seems wet already, and I wonder what thoughts went through her mind to get her so ravenous for action—and whether this would ever happen again.  Then I stop, look up, and decide just to enjoy the moment and the view and love on my heavenly wife.

My mind focuses as I grow hard.  Looking up at my love’s sensual body, my eyes settle on and then roam past her lovely breasts, and I see her lips begin to quiver as her eyes lazily close.  She lets out a small gasp and gently bites her lower lip as I focus on her clit.  I can feel all the tension leave her body as it relaxes with my movements, and she pulls me closer into her.

She controls me, riding my face and sliding up and down, my tongue licking her from front to rear, moistening and pleasuring all of her.  Repeatedly, she leans forward, stops, and sighs as I hungrily prod her bottom with my tongue, then slides back to let me lick and suck her quivering pussy and then her sensitive clit.  It swells as I work, and I focus my efforts there as she starts to tense and moan.

I happily notice that she has shaved and trimmed herself, leaving just a sexy patch of hair on her mound.  The smoothness around her pussy makes everything silky to my tongue as it slides along her, and I grow harder than ever at the sight and feel of her skin as she grinds into my face.

Suddenly, she moans and arches her back, her thighs squeeze against me, and she shivers as she finishes, pulling me even deeper into her as I happily lap her up, tasting her joyous release.  Seeing her beautiful body arched in ecstasy from this angle almost makes me finish too!

After a lifetime of frozen pleasure, she slowly falls off me, her body spent from the sensations.

After recovering, she again takes control as she pulls me to the edge of the bed so that I’m half sitting-half standing, and she kneels between my legs.  She looks into my eyes, and then her eyes slowly fall until they stare at my swollen member.  For a moment, it seems she is worshiping it—or pondering how best to attack it!

She tenderly rubs the back of my tip with her thumb as she places my balls in her mouth and sucks, and I lean back and moan with pleasure.  Again and again, she strokes my tip and sucks my balls until precum coats my head.  Then she slowly licks up the length of my shaft before she places the head in her mouth and rubs my length with her petite hand.  I instantly see stars.

She is the best in the world at this, and she uses her incredible mouth, tongue, and hands all over me to bring me to the edge.  I lose any sense of time, my mind shutting down with the overload of pleasure.

Finally, I feel my body tense up, unable to control myself, and I place a hand on her cheek to let her know I’m really close to losing it.  To my joyous surprise, she doesn’t stop but keeps going.  She looks up at me, her beautiful eyes twinkling and her lips smiling around me as they continue their wonderful work—and as I lose all control, her eyes widen.  She continues sucking until I finish, her gaze locked on mine in the most intimate manner as she confidently handles my load.

After I finish, we both collapse on the bed, our minds spinning and our bodies numb from the pleasure we gave each other.  I gently reach out to hold my wife, and we both slowly roll into a close embrace—exhausted, totally satisfied, and completely in love.

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15 replies
  1. CreamyPatty says:

    Great job with this story Texan. I particularly love how sweet you are in the telling, and it's clear your hot sex is generated and motivated by an abiding love and respect for each other. Very cool!
    I can't help but think of how I feel and what I do when Jim turns me on. Often it's a simple thought or memory of him that gets my cream oozing and my mouth watering – and I have "hijacked" him the way you described in your story much to his delight. He has awakened in the morning or after a nap with my shaved and creamy pussy lightly grinding his lips. He knows how to quickly proceed from there. He also knows, such as in your story, what reward he will be given after I am brought to a shivering climax. He knows he will be serviced in any way he chooses. Lately, he prefers my very special deep throat sucking while my tongue tip reaches his ball sack. And when I feel his load cumming, he loves it when I slide my index finger into his sensitive asshole.
    mmmm, thanks again for the memory. Guess you know how I'm feeling now …

    • FunJames says:

      Hi sweetie,
      I can't believe you outed me by publishing my occasional anal desires Patty 🙂 but I'll fess up to it!
      But, yeah, when I'm in the mood—and I really don't know what created the desire—the idea of you fingering my ass (and fucking me with your favorite toy sometimes) really gets me hot and hard. I remember getting the desire last time: it hit early in the morning and gave me a raging hard-on all day long. I couldn't banish the idea of you taking over my body! Three different staff assistants (two females and one male) were eyeing my package as I moved about the office.
      Anyway, thanks to your devoted attention to me and my kinky desires, I was under your spell that evening, and I can remember no sex being better—and that's saying a lot.
      When I assumed your request position, on all fours, you grabbed my cock and pulled it behind me and rubbed it along my ass crack while stroking it. And when you fingered lube into my hole and forced your thumb in to the hilt, I felt a pleasure-pain like never before!
      So, bottom line, your comment is accurate!

  2. SouthernHeat says:

    Love this! Brings back memories. That’s not usually my go-to position for oral these days, but face riding can be a lot of fun. I sure love to suck and tease my man and bring him pleasure. Got me thinking about it. I think I may have to do some face riding today!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. LovingMan says:

    Hey Texan, great story. Such beautiful imagery too. Such as this:

    “After a lifetime of frozen pleasure, she slowly falls off me, her body spent from the sensations.”

    Like you said, enjoy the moment. Relish the sensations. But don’t expect this every time you make love. But based on my past experiences… I guarantee you it will happen again… or your wife will be warm for your form and do something else wonderful!

  4. 1blessedman says:

    Love it when the wife rides my face to orgasm. And her bj’s whereby she swallows has been intense! If she adds in some rosebud lay….who am I to argue?

    • CreamyPatty says:

      Atta girl SecondMarge, I knew you would cum around! 🙂
      Hope some of my comments help you get in the mood, sweetie.

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