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To read the preceding posts, follow links in the first line. Anticipation. Exciting moments of passion. These lead to that exquisite culminating moment of release. This glorious experience almost defies words. As a man, this point causes me internal conflict, a battle between the desire to continue enjoying the ongoing ardor and the longing for […]


I wrote about anticipation in an earlier post, and such anticipation—the flirting, sexual frustration of not being able to act in the moment, and the excitement such activities bring my mind to—are, well, amazing. Such moments hint at the unbridled passion that is sure to come: Coming into the bedroom after a day of flirting, […]


As I look back on our marriage and our intimate moments, I have found that the most erotic times aren’t the actual moments of climactic release—though those are wonderful! There’s a feeling of complete oneness in the moment that causes the world to stop. I feel her completely abandoning herself in the heat and pleasure […]

Adoring Her is My Pleasure (A)

This post includes anal play (A). This and other annotations are explained in the Guidelines. My wife is a gift from God. That’s all I can think of when I look at her. She is beautiful, with such kind eyes and a welcoming smile, and everyone that meets her is just charmed by her personality. […]

A Nice Break From Work

This past year, hard as it has been, has provided one benefit: I’ve been working remotely in our home office. This means I have been able to enjoy a new form of quality time with my wife during the day. Mostly, I have just enjoyed having the opportunity to randomly pop out of the office […]