As I look back on our marriage and our intimate moments, I have found that the most erotic times aren’t the actual moments of climactic release—though those are wonderful! There’s a feeling of complete oneness in the moment that causes the world to stop. I feel her completely abandoning herself in the heat and pleasure of that moment, clawing my back, pulling me deep into herself, or taking me in her mouth as I reach that wonderful instant of release, and my mind sees stars. Of course, that moment is complete heaven. For the physical pleasure, but also the intimacy, acceptance, and experience shared between us and us alone.

– But –

As I remember special occasions and unique experiences or fantasize about future encounters, what completely captures my mind are the things she does to build up anticipation before we even come together.

I catch a smile from across the room at a social event with her eyes twinkling. Her tongue barely brushes and wets her upper lip, which no one but I can see. Her eyes, filled with desire and a touch of mischief, cause me to lose my train of thought. My mind wanders as she turns back to her conversation, leaving me at a loss, my mind conjuring images of her kneeling slowly in front of me.

Or we share an evening conversation by the fire pit with the darkness fighting the dancing flames. Her alluring legs shine in the flickering light, with glimpses of her inner thigh just beyond my line of sight, hidden under her skirt. As she reaches for her drink, her thighs part, and I get a flame-lit glimpse of her sexy, freshly shaved pussy. She catches me staring and lightly brushes her inner thigh for a moment as she smiles at me. Then, slowly, her hand travels upward, and her lips part as she rubs her mound and clit. I catch sight of her starting to grow wet before she closes her legs, licks her fingers, and sighs as she returns to gazing at the fire.

We relax in the hot tub, my wife showing off her tight, petite body in a bikini. Just looking at her, knowing I have this wonderfully beautiful woman by my side as the jets work the tension from my body, makes my mind spin. As we soak in the bubble-filled tub, she laughs with our friends over trifling topics. But her hand slides down my chest, slowly into my suit, and begins to stroke my instantly rigid member. She continues her conversation, and my mind goes blank. I try to remain in the conversation as she mercilessly rubs me close to release, knowing I am helpless to do what I so desperately want.

Or innocent flirting—well, maybe not so innocent— like a quick kiss as we pass through the kitchen. A light squeeze of my rear as I bring her close to me. A brief flash as she pulls her shirt up from across the room, showing her gorgeous body to me.

We text when apart, from light banter with emojis to hot texts as shorthand for what she wants me to do to her. Photos of her lips; her nipples, lightly rubbed between her fingers; her clean mound, wet and ready; her rubbing herself, her fingers touching her hard clit and pulling apart her lower pink lips as she works herself up.

All of these cause my mind to go completely blank and refocus my attention entirely on the one I love and all the ways I love her. I cherish these moments as they serve to lead me into the world of fantasy and the anticipation of erotic ecstasy with the wonderful woman with whom God has blessed me.

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6 replies
  1. Salcpl says:

    I can completely relate to this description. I relish those times when my wife sends me a sexy picture of herself, or when we are spending some time together and I get glimpses of her, and we both know what is to come later. Mmmm

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Flirting is such a turn-on for me, too. It's easy, once we are married, to forget the importance of the build-up, stoking the fire. If we do, sex is much more of a conflagration than just "prescribed burn."

  3. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    This is such a wonderful post, and we relate to it so much. I love the knowledge and familiarity we have with each other that allows us to turn each other on so easily no matter who else is around. Thank you so much for putting this into words.
    God bless

  4. SecondMarge says:

    Always pleasant to read about a couple that enjoy life to that degree. Helps keep the faith after all the bad, failed, or sexless marriages that have become the majority.

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