An Introduction

Hello! My name is SophTea, and I just wanted to write an introduction of sorts not only to extend my greetings to the Marriage Heat family and community but to introduce myself and my husband. My husband does not write on here, but he has given me permission to share our love story and our more intimate stories on here. I cannot wait to engage in the community and grow my marriage with all of the other wives and couples here. God bless, and our prayers go out to all of you!

My husband and I met in college, we both attended the same university. I started college at 16, he at 17. I went into nursing, and he majored in a field of engineering physics. (Do not ask me about details; I honestly would not know how to tell you if he explained it to me a billion times, lol). I was homeschooled through my entire pre-university years, while my sweet was homeschooled until year 7. We met in a classical literature student club, and we started talking a lot.

I am rather reserved, so I was shy to speak with others, especially boys. But he was very kind and always treated me well and made me feel special, safe, and cherished. He was very stoic, silent about his emotions, but he always made me feel precious as a lady. It took him a bit to warm up to me in an emotional way and talk about his feelings, so I always tried to respect him as a man and give him affection.

I should mention that my husband’s family is from India while I grew up in the Romanian Orthodox Church in the U.S. Over the course of many dates and outings, we found that although our customs are different, our value systems (especially when it came to relationships, marriage, and family) were very well aligned. He has great wisdom, and I could tell he would love and cherish me and lead with a strong sense of morality.

When we graduated, he proposed to me with a ring and a bangle, saying that it is representative of his love for me and that after his graduate studies, he intended to marry me. We were standing in our favorite spot by the lake on campus. It was so romantic and the natural setting made it even better. He said it with such a straight face, and he looked deep into my eyes when he said it. He was serious; he intended to marry me. That straightforwardness, that no-nonsense attitude, is who he is. It’s one of the reasons he felt trustworthy to me; I knew he would not play games.

As someone who had never dated before, but always wanted to, the fact that such a no-nonsense, Godly man was to be my husband made me very happy. I felt like he was a knight going off on a journey, promising to return for his princess. I felt as though I was in a fairy tale, and honestly could not believe that I found such a wonderful man who loves me, and would protect and provide for a family he had with me someday. It makes me giddy even talking about it lol.

He completed his graduate studies 3 years later, and in that time, I received more professional training and worked at a care center for disabled children. When he was 24, and I was 23, we got married. We tried our best to balance the two cultures, and we made sure that we met all the necessary customs for both. The wedding was simple, just as my sweet and I wanted; that was never something we stressed about. Both sides of the families were so helpful and loving and made it as stress-free a ceremony as possible. We loved getting to experience each other’s traditions, and it made us feel more connected as a couple.

My hubby got a great job that was not only financially amazing, but the location was so serene, a perfect place to raise a family with him. We moved there and got married in that state as well. Our wedding night was in our new home.

Now although the wedding was stress-free, this was not! I was so worried about it because I felt that perhaps I was not ready, or that maybe I would not be good enough. My parents told me that sex is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed without limits between a husband and wife. My husband and I spoke briefly over the phone about the wedding night and our honeymoon. He agreed, and his values regarding sex were very much the same. We both were virgins and were waiting for one another.

I must say, that when I spoke with him a few times over the phone about these topics, I was a little flustered. We never spoke with vulgarity, but just thinking about my body next to his, cuddling so tight there is not even space for air between us made me blush. For a few weeks prior to the wedding, I could not get the image out of my head. I would have dreams and little visions as I drifted off to sleep about how his hands would drift over my neck, breasts, hips, legs, and my folds down below. How would his lips feel on mine, his big, strong muscles hovering over my tight and toned frame? I imagined his manhood, lodged deep in my womanhood, and felt a strange ache, a need for him in every way—not only sex, but in everything. I wanted our bodies to be one, and our souls to be one. I supposed then that God wanted me to be with him, to be his wife. And I was more than happy to oblige.

Following the after-wedding customs with our families, we were left alone in our new home. My husband and I spent some time talking first, and I could tell that he wanted me to feel comfortable, relaxed. I felt that was so sweet and loving of him, and just that feeling—of being so well-loved—made me want to give myself to him fully. I tried to let the stresses of the day wash over me and be as calm as possible when it came time for intimacy.

But my shyness forced me back a bit. I was wearing a dress that exhibited a mix of our two cultures, and he had on his traditional attire. We both sat down on the bed and talked. I ended up sitting next to the vanity, taking the pins out of my hair and removing the jewelry; that’s when all the nervousness hit me. I could feel my face go red, and I think my husband saw it, too.

He walked over, asked me to turn in my chair, and went down on one knee. My hands lay folded on my lap, my eyes on them, and he held them both in one of his big strong hands, lifted my chin, and looked into my eyes. I instantly felt relaxed, but I just needed more time.

He said something along the lines of, “Darling, no worries. I know how you feel. I am so nervous myself because I wonder if I will be good enough for you and a good lover. I am sure you have similar worries. But we are married, and as your husband, I ought to make sure that you feel safe and cherished.

“If you feel comfortable now, good. If not, then that is also perfectly fine. We have a lifetime together to learn and explore. If not tonight, then I will wait for my love to be comfortable. I want to make love to my wife when she feels loved as well. Plus, I never got to talk to you! All the people around us all day never let us relax and just have a nice talk. I would love to just spend time with my wife in our new home.”

We then prayed for one another and changed into more comfortable clothing. I had a wonderful night; he made me laugh, giggle, and turn red as a tomato. I had a feeling that he would make me feel giddy for our entire lifetime, and I was looking forward to it.

A few days passed, and our families had returned to their homes in their respective states. Now, it was just me and my hubby. We left for our honeymoon in Martha’s Vineyard and arrived at a nice cottage by the waterside. It was beautiful, and he made sure it was also romantic. He often joked that he was capable of two emotions: anger and rock. Well, he ought to add romance because this man had decked the halls!

Rose petals were everywhere, candles ready to be lit, bouquets of flowers on the bed and the nightstand, beautiful curtains, and a serene view. I was instantly taken away; I felt like a queen. But no, he had so much more planned, and I was not ready for the number of tears I would shed in pure joy in the coming hours!

I dress very modestly; I like the way it fits me, and I prefer that style. For our dinner outing that night, I wore a full-length blue dress with lace and frills on the sleeves. My long brunette hair cascaded in curls, and I applied some lip gloss. I usually do not wear makeup, preferring good skincare. (I’m sensitive to cosmetics.) For perfume, I put on a lightly-scented white jasmine lotion, which he had complimented at our wedding.

When I came out of the bathroom wearing this outfit along with wedge sandals, my husband was standing by the window, looking out over the water. I would sometimes find him like this, even when we were dating—silent, looking out onto the world. I always saw him as this majestic, regal man whose silence spoke of strength and mystique.

He wore a light blue linen shirt that hugged his biceps and his muscular chest. I know that as we age, muscles tend to wane, and I will love him then as I do now, but when we are young… Well, all I will say is that he looked so strong and sexy! He has been working out and doing combat sports intensely for nearly a decade. He is 6′ tall and towers over my nearly 5’4″ frame. I remember him asking me once, “What if I were short?”

I laughed and said, “If you were shorter, then it would be easier every time we kissed, and I could hug you without a ladder!”

I remember how hearty his laughs were whenever we were together. I felt that I brought something out in him; this humorous, romantic side only came out for me and that made me feel like I was truly his woman.

Anyway, back to the outfit he was wearing. (I got a bit distracted, lol). His khaki shorts hugged his defined legs and bum, and when he turned around, I saw his clean-shaven face with those dark brown eyes. His thick, soft, black hair grazed his amazing jawline, and the slight smile on his soft, full lips nearly made me faint then and there.

When I neared him, he stroked my cheek with his hand and said, “Let’s go, darling.”

Whenever he takes the lead in something, whether it’s as simple as saying “Let’s go” or leading me in the bigger decisions in life, it makes me feel all lovey-dovey inside. (There I go, getting distracted again.)

We had an amazing dinner and a peaceful walk on the beach. He then ushered me to a small boat. I was a bit confused but went along with it, figuring he was taking me for a twilight ride on the water. We watched an immaculate sunset, and the way it bounced off his eyes amazed me. I found myself feeling that ache again. I wanted to be his. I NEEDED to be.

Then came easily the most tear-jerking, romantic gesture my sweet king of a hubby has ever done. He knows I loved the Disney movie Tangled, and if anyone remembers, there is a scene where Flynn Rider and Rapunzel are sitting in a boat on a lake and lift a lantern into the air while thousands of other lanterns fill the sky. (If  you aren’t familiar with the scene, you should search it up; it was really romantic, lol.)

But imagine it in real life! He brought a small air lantern, and with both of our hands on the lantern, he said a prayer, and then together we launched it into the heavens. I started crying and hugged him tighter than ever before. Now that ache was no longer just an ache, it was pain. Pain that we were not in the honeymoon cottage, underneath the bedsheets, moving and moaning with one another. (I am getting all worked up just thinking and writing about it.)

We went back to our cottage, and I changed into a pretty, long blush-pink nightgown. I took down my hair and let it fall along my back, then went back into the bedroom.

My husband was sitting on the bed, wearing a sleeveless shirt and boxers. When he saw me, his eyes widened, and his jaw nearly dropped on the floor. The poor man was in knots, and something inside me told me, “I did that! My hubby sees me in my nightgown—not even lingerie, but a nightgown—and he is already this in love?!?!” I knew that God made us this way, to see our spouse and feel those butterflies, that happiness and awe whenever we see them. I sure felt that way about him, and I felt… sexy, lol… knowing that he felt that way about me!

I approached and sat next to him on the bed. We started talking, and somehow the conversation came to skincare. I was talking about my lip routine, and I mentioned that I liked a particular brand. I told him that the rose and jasmine flavor was amazing and made my lips feel soft and healthy. He asked if he could try, and I was a bit taken aback, but told him that I could go get it from my bag if he would like.

He put his hand around my arm to stop me. “No, Sophia, I mean, can I try it from your lips?”

I went red, and my shyness came back up. I thought, “Oh, dear God, I know he is my husband but we are about to kiss for the first time and maybe this will lead to sex! I was excited, and that ache persisted, but I was so nervous and shy. Still, without even realizing it, I pushed my head towards his, and our lips touched.

We kissed.

It felt divine, and the way his hands held my face—oh, I just melted. He was my knight for whom I’d waited three years. He was my love and my life. I felt all of my nervousness float away. I was still shy, but not because of nervousness or being afraid; it was a giddy, schoolgirl shyness built up within me. When our lips separated, I felt as if I was ecstatic.

My husband leaned me back until I was lying on my back and brushed away the hair from my face. “I love you so very much. I cannot wait to be the best man I can be, work hard, and provide for you and our future family. Bur right now, there is something I so desperately want.”

“And… what’s that, sweet?”

He leaned toward my face, and with his deep, exotic voice, said three words into my ear. “I want you.”

I lost it. I wanted to scream, “Take me, my husband. Ravish your wife!”

Now I know that it seems like a cliffhanger to end this story here, but I figured I would write one story that covered how we met, the wedding, and all of that, then one story that contained, as my husband would say, “the spicy stuff” lol. I will be writing another story as soon as I possibly can about our honeymoon, and how my husband and I made wonderful love that night.

As of right now, we have been married for just over three months. He is a scientist, and I am a homemaker and work part-time at a local children’s center. Married life is, oh, so good!

It is 1:00 in the afternoon as I write. I sent my husband off to his job at 8:15 this morning, and after creating this post, I feel that ache again. But alas, it will be nearly five long hours before I am in his arms again—five very long hours. But I know my handsome, brave knight will come back to me soon. He will come through that door, and I will welcome him with hugs and kisses. And I so dearly hope and pray that my battle-hardened knight ravishes his wife.

Thank you for reading. I am so happy to be here. I know there are many ladies here who have been married a long time, so any advice you can give to a young wife would be so appreciated! I have read a few of the stories here before, and I cannot wait to hear from all of you <3

Have a blessed day!

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17 replies
  1. SecondMarge says:

    Always interesting to read about other cultures and their beliefs. Not sure Disney is a very hot wedding night topic but if it works for you… At least it wasn’t Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. 😉

    • SophTea says:

      Thank you! And the Tangled reference was just romantic it was not something that got us going I promise haha. God bless, have a wonderful day "n_n"

    • SophTea says:

      Thank you! I cannot wait to see how our passion grows and evolves over time at every stage of our lives. Prayers for you and your beloved <3

    • SophTea says:

      Homeschool pals <3 I hope and pray for the happiness and wellbeing of you and your wife! And yes, the second part is being posted in the coming weeks!

    • SophTea says:

      "Sweet but intense" is a great way to describe our sexy time lol thanks for the comment! Love from my heart and many prayers for a wonderful day for your and your beloved "n_n"

    • SophTea says:

      That is so sweet, so many memories from youth that you both can carry with each other <3 I wish I met my husband earlier, turns out we lived very close to each other, never met until college lol. God bless you both have a wonderful day!!!

    • SophTea says:

      Thank you, I believe it comes out in just about a week. God bless you, your beloved, and your family <3 have a great day!!

    • SophTea says:

      <3 Glad you liked the story! Part 2 comes out in just a few days, I can't wait to see what everyone thinks, that story is vert close to my heart… God bless, and many prayers for you "n_n"

  2. Suzyzz says:

    Hi welcome. Well written story. and as time goes by I am sure you’ll expand on your episodes. There is so much to learn about things some of which may appeal to you and some not. Be strong sex will take its place as your desires for different things captivates your mind.

    • SophTea says:

      Thank you <3 and yes I cannot wait for the future, as me and my husband's physical intimacy evolves and grows. Thank you for your kind words, god bless!

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