Dream Cream: Part One (L)

Cool, early evening breezes gently blew in off the Gulf at our favorite beach cafe. On our table for two, draped with a white table cloth, sat a votive candle, a single red rose, and two half-full glasses of wine. Anne’s beauty in a beach coverup that revealed the lovely breasts that have satisfied me for decades and her playful smile perfected the setting and occasion.

Our hushed conversation, punctuated with her delightful laughter, turned increasingly flirtatious. After a rather colorful comment—for Anne’s ears, only—about my uncontrollable horniness for her pussy, she surprised me by pressing her toes into my crotch and sending an electric shock from the tip of my wet cock, down my shaft to my balls, and up through my perineum into my prostate. I nearly shot my wad when she flashed a beguiling smile and horny, bedroom eyes.

Although both of us knew what was happening below the tabletop, completely hidden by the down-to-the-floor white linen, we nonchalantly continued our conversation. The tables of lovers nearby had no idea that this gorgeous, sophisticated, older woman was toe-fucking her man!

Just as I pressed my hot rod against her toes manicured in “Juicy Love” red, Anne pulled back. Her look said, “Don’t! Let me, not you!” My immediate meekness elicited a sly smile from her and brought her warm wriggly toes back to my aching groin.

Deftly working her toes under my uplifted dick, Anne gently massaged my boys.

‘Argh,’ formed on my lips as her toes curled over my left ball, and she rolled it slowly back and forth on the edge of my chair. It was all I could do to keep my face from showing the pleasurable pain she was inflicting on my sperm-filled sac. Anne raised her eyes smiling wickedly as she slid down in her chair and then planted her left foot on my quivering cock.

I feared she would pull away if I mimicked her slouching move to drive the underside of my dripping-with-precum cock against the heel of her foot. Instead, I masked the impulse to groan with pleasure and whispered softly through clenched teeth, “You’re gonna make me cream my shorts! Ooh, just fuck me! Fuck me, harder!”

My desperate words transformed her face into that glorious, flushed look of a wife wanting to receive her husband’s creamy cum in her sensuous mouth, her puckered pussy, even feeling it squirt all over her fucking toes and feet.

What happened next nearly put me over my horny edge. Anne drove the toes of her right foot under my wonderfully abused balls, positioning her big toe perfectly in my perineum. Again, a jolt of pleasure bolted upward as my prostate ached with stimulated pleasure. I raised my hand to my face to hide my screwed-up look that could tell the rest of the diners just that: my dear wife *is* screwing me with her feet right here, under the table, and I’m about to make a mess with my hot, load of creamy cum!

By putting my elbow on the table to rest my hand under my chin and fingers over my mouth, I rocked forward in my chair. This drove Anne’s perfectly-shaped, sexy toe into my perineum and my hot rod into the heel of her other foot.

“Fuuuck,” I urgently murmured through my prison-bar fingers, “Oh, Anne, keep fucking me—just like that. Oh, fuck it feels good! Fuck my prostate! Fuck my cock! Mmmm, it feels sooo good!”

My hot cum began to jettison from my toe-fucked prostate, trying to push its way out through the cock flattened by Anne’s foot. The wonderful wave of utter ecstasy began to warmly wash over me from those sensitive nerves lovingly being massaged by my lovely Anne.

Anne’s face showed her own horny arousal. Her face was flushed hot, her tongue sexily peeked through her full lips, and a hint of nipple poked through her top. The thought of her pussy dripping her liquid on her luscious labia pushed me toward my orgasmic explosion. My creamy cum kept building up and the pressure finally triggered the ignition of my massive orgasm. “Oh … my… fuck! I’m cumming! Anne! I’m fucking creaming my shorts!”

With a jolt, I awoke. The fog began to clear as the recollection of my insatiable horniness returned,  brought on by feeling my half-mast cock twitch in eager readiness to relieve my prostate of its pent-up cum.

“What the… !” I nearly blurted out, as my cock head brushed against my sleeping shorts. The front of my shorts and crotch was covered with my creamy cum! A smile broke across my face as this 70-year-old soaked up the realization that he had just creamed his pajamas—hadn’t done that for more than four decades!

I got out of bed quietly . . .

This is part one of three segments of a dreamy experience with the love of my life for decades. Awaking from a pleasant or erotic dream makes me want to dream some more. My hope is that you’ll want to experience the next part of my dream with me. You’ll have to wait, though!!

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13 replies
  1. YoungCouple69 says:

    Love the way you write–your descriptive language is awesome. I've never received a foot-job (in real life or a dream!)–we might have to try that at our house some time! Going to go check out your older stories now.

  2. Stevie says:

    Wow wow wow!! I was shocked it was a dream. Magnificent wet dream! I have heard of a foot job, but my man is just too afraid he would be way to sensitive. Although he has been close to successful giving me a foot job. I made him stop before I came. Can’t wait for more!! 😉

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