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Dream Cream: Part One (L)

Cool, early evening breezes gently blew in off the Gulf at our favorite beach cafe. On our table for two, draped with a white table cloth, sat a votive candle, a single red rose, and two half-full glasses of wine. Anne’s beauty in a beach coverup that revealed the lovely breasts that have satisfied me […]

Toys or Us (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and anal play (A). You can read about annotations in the guidelines. On a beautiful fall Saturday, my sleepy mind awoke as my beautiful, naked Anne lifted the covers and slipped back into bed after an early morning shower. Her fresh, vanilla shampooed hair smelled delicious. My loins stirred […]

Mature Masturbation Delight (L/A)

After an amazing day of walking the beach near our cottage in the small Pacific Northwest town, we enjoyed a leisurely, light dinner with our favorite wine. My amazingly beautiful and sophisticated wife of 67 has long, slim legs, small perky breasts, a trim waist, and a perfectly shaped stomach that curves just right from […]

Five Decades of Masturbation

Since I’m new to MH, here’s some brief bio info. My wife, ‘Anne,’ and I have four kids and eight grandkids, and in our mid-60s, we marvel at how deep our love continues to grow. Our marriage is centered on Jesus as Savior, and we’ve been blessed to see our children and grandkids love and […]

Hands-off Ecstacy (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L). This story contained anal play (A). My wife of 45-plus years, Anne, had left for a girl’s weekend retreat, leaving me and our hound dog to work, relax, and enjoy the weekend at our own pace. After wrapping up some office paperwork, I picked up my iPad to peruse a […]