Hands-off Ecstacy (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L).
This story contained anal play (A).

My wife of 45-plus years, Anne, had left for a girl’s weekend retreat, leaving me and our hound dog to work, relax, and enjoy the weekend at our own pace. After wrapping up some office paperwork, I picked up my iPad to peruse a favorite Christian marriage sexual intimacy website.

Earlier in the week, my urologist did the finger thing on me—not the most pleasant examination, yet having had the exam many times before, it no longer bothered me. He expressed concern with my slightly enlarged prostate and offered the basic advice: pee first thing in the morning, don’t drink caffeinated beverages, etc. The Christian websites I was looking at has terrific advice from bloggers and forum members on all things related to sexual intimacy and sexual health. A few searches on ‘prostate,’ ‘prostate health,’ and ‘prostate massage’ yielded interesting advice. One caught my eye, and I’ll admit, woke my limp dick up.

A poster wrote, “My urologist urged me to ejaculate two to three times per week for good prostate health. He claims that a man’s prostate builds fluid for God-created reproduction. Evacuating the prostate on a consistent basis is absolutely essential. As men age, their libido wanes, so you need to have intercourse or masturbate regularly even if you are not in the mood.”

Hmm, I thought, that’s true for me. In my late 60s, it’s easy to go 10 days or longer without a good orgasm. Thankfully, Anne and I enjoy Friday night sex and if we get horny, we jack-off and jill-off together or by ourselves. Problem is, I don’t get horny enough to consistently cum with Anne or by myself at least three times weekly.

As I continued to read posts about prostate massage using a toy or fingers (one’s own or one’s wife’s), my old cock started to harden. When I moved, I felt that familiar cold, wet spot in my briefs.

Come to think of it, the last time my prostate had emptied was a week before when Anne came to bed, snuggled up to me, and whispered, “Let me jack-you off tonight. I’d love to cum, but my head is spinning with too many things to get ready for our retreat.” I lay back and let her take me from zero to blast-off in about 5 minutes.

Anne’s amazingly good at taking full control, and that night she insisted that it be “hands-off” for me and “hands-on” by her. She began by flicking my left nipple with her tongue as she moved her left hand across my chest to squeeze my pec and tweak my right nipple. Then she slowly shifted her hand down the middle of my chest, past my stomach, and massaged and kneaded my abdomen. That’s when my dick really began to swell and throb up and down. Anne then bore down with the heel of her hand on my pubic bone and just above it, massaging the area deeply. Both of us love that technique. The pressure, whether on her mons pubis area or my pubic area, feels so good. When we do it to each other, it elicits the first moans of ecstatic delight, and for me, that’s exactly what happened.

My cock was begging to be stroked, and as my hand went for my engorged member, Anne pushed it away, firmly telling me, ‘No!’ Instead of stroking my cock for me, she bit down on my left nipple and reached for my boys to gently finger them lovingly.

This is her way of providing a tender time out for me. Although it feels good, it’s not as intense as her grinding on my pubic area. We discovered that the massage on her mons pubis area by me and on my pubic area by her provides direct external massage stimulation to her g-spot and my p-spot, respectively.

Anne knew I was getting more excited, so she shifted into high gear. Years ago, I coached her to alternatively massage my perineum, squeeze my balls, and stretch out my sac to maximize my pleasurable pain. Nothing ramps me up like a deep external massage on my prostate in combination with pressure on the base of my cock and balls.

She continued to apply pressure until I began to squirm and spread my legs farther apart to give her full access. Her grip around the base of my cock was almost squirting my pre-cum out on my stomach. I begged her, “Make me cum good!”

Anne complied, grabbing my stiff cock and stroking me with skillful rhythm in response to my rising and urgent pleas of, “Make me cum! I’m going to cum! Harder! Oh, it feels so good! Fuck! Here it cums! Aha… I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” My beautiful Anne really knows how to give me mind-blowing Hands-off Ecstasy!

Ooo! I realized that my mind had turned away from the iPad and postings about prostate pleasure to fantasizing about my last jerk off with Anne in control. Now my cock was hard and begging to pop out of my jeans. As I read the next post about achieving a prostatic orgasm through massage only, it hit me! Why not use my prostate toy to make myself cum. I’m way overdue for my 3x weekly prostate health prescription!

My hound dog paid no attention, sleeping the afternoon away as I quickly headed to the master bathroom and stripped naked. A glance at my twitching cock in the vanity mirror showed a string of pre-cum dangling down six inches. The thought of putting it in my mouth as I reached down to carefully collect the cum on my index and middle finger gave me a quick surge of delight. The pre-cum tasted a bit salty and did its job to make me clench my cock to its full rigid position. Horny was an understatement. I wanted badly to grab my swollen, bright red dick and vigorously stroke it while watching my cum spurt out all over the mirror.

Instead, I grabbed two bath towels, found my prostate toy along with our KY jelly, and headed out to our fully glassed-in four-season porch. It is surrounded by woods and fully secluded from our neighbors. As I contemplated what I was about to do in full daylight with the sun streaming in the windows, a thrill of excitement washed over me.

As I spread one towel out on the hammered metal cushioned lounge chair with matching ottoman, the tip of my cock held onto another string of pre-cum. Quickly picking it up on my fingers and relishing the taste on my tongue, I thought, “Wow, I haven’t been this uncontrollably horny since my 20s. Pretty impressive for a 67-year-old guy in great shape.”

The KY jelly felt good on my asshole and even better as I worked it into the sphincter muscle area. Immediately, my erect cock started to soften, something that always happens when I play with my prostate toy. The toy slipped in easily with a little lube, and I carefully pushed it all the way in and up to the finger-hooked hilt at the base of the toy. The initial sensation of filling my asshole and exerting direct pressure on my prostate is a mix of pleasure and discomfort—the reason my cock loses its hardness and gets flaccid. At the same time, the slight pressure on my prostate drove more pre-cum out my dick hole. I held my fingers under the warm, dripping fluid from my cock tip and milked the rest of the pre-cum onto my fingers for one last enjoyable taste of my pussy-lubricating juice.

Although my erection and my horniness had settled down, my face and cheeks were hot with anticipation of cumming as the toy milked my prostate. For a couple of minutes, I stood, feet apart, working the prostate toy around and up into my prostate by using the finger-hook protruding out of my ass. This movement also pushed the perineum protuberance into my taint area, and it started to feel good. Getting used to the toy in my ass and the pressure on my prostate takes a few minutes, and then the fun begins again. Massaging the prostate generated some more pre-cum and instead of catching it with my fingers for one more cock hardening taste, I let it drip onto the towel. My focus was on the first wave of pleasure emanating from deep within my ass. It felt really good!

I rolled the other towel into a tight log and placed it in the middle of the lounge chair. Then I carefully eased myself down into the chair by gripping onto the chair arms. It took a few adjustments to position the crack of my ass over the towel and further ease down so that the prostate toy’s finger-hook and perineum knob sat on top of the towel log roll comfortably yet with good pressure. Getting all tense and puckering up my sphincter distracted me from my horny state of mind. For a few minutes, I simply relaxed and gradually accepted the full feeling of the prostate toy and the finger-like pressure of the hook and knob on my taint.

My cock was now limp as a noodle and laying in a puddle of juice. It made me laugh to look down at my old manhood after proudly admiring my throbbing, hard cock in the mirror just a few minutes earlier. I reached down to start playing with my cock in an effort to get it hard. After all, everyone knows that it takes a hard cock to cum, right?

Then I thought about Anne’s fingers massaging my prostate a week before. She almost made me cum just by her massage, and I wondered if it was possible to cum hands-off?! Just thinking about it produced a sticky mass of pre-cum on the tip of my limp dick. I’m going for it!

I lay back in the chair and wiggled a little bit; it felt pretty good. Anne’s inner and outer beauty, my deep love for her, reminders of tender lovemaking and hot, uninhibited, intense sex came to mind. Thinking about her fingers working on my cock while her hand pressed down on my prostate through my pubic area started to arouse me again. I realized that I was moving my hips forward and backward, and the dull pressure on my prostate felt great. The sensations swelled from my prostate down my cock shaft, and that cock-hardening feeling began to wash over me. When I opened my eyes, my cock was now laying flat on my pubic area and was just slightly swollen. There was no throbbing, yet I felt a deeper throb, and it gave me a weak-kneed feeling of pleasure.

I began to rock back and forth, and the prostate toy did its job of pleasurably massage my prostate. The weak-kneed sensation was growing, and I realized that it felt like I was stroking my cock shaft inside my body. My breathing quickened, my face flushed, and my back and forth, side to side movement turned into intensive grinding. In my intense state of concentration, I heard moaning and groaning and realized it was me! Looking down at the sleeping hound dog and then looking out into the woods, I felt totally uninhibited and screamed out, “Anne, I’m going to cum for you… Oh, it feels sooo good!”

For a couple of minutes, the overwhelming feeling that I was about to cum out of my mind kept washing over me. It was an orgasmic wave after wave without an orgasm or cum. It was amazingly good; my cock kept producing pre-cum, yet my climatic orgasm kept slipping out of reach.

By now, I’d been at it for 20 minutes, sweating and literally trembling from the exertion and extremely electrifying edging. For a moment, I doubted if I could cum without stroking my cock. My rolling and rocking around on the towel log roll felt good, but it just wasn’t hitting my prostate with the right pressure and timing.

This gave me an idea. What if I used the low-set lounge chair arms to brace up and off the towel roll? That might help me achieve more pleasurable control of the prostate toy that was now feeling wonderfully good stuck in my ass.

Taking a deep, relaxing breath, I raised up and more gently began to move back and forth and side to side with deliberation. Soon I was able to push up and let down just right to move the prostate toy around. It felt great in my asshole! The control and motion started to make me imagine Anne working her fingers on me. That thought made me moan. Then the sensation of the massager on my prostate went from a dull feeling to an aching one. By now, my arms were trembling from holding myself up as waves of pleasure started to roll over me. Suddenly, I thought I was going to cum! All that came of out my mouth was, “I want to cum. I want to cum. I want to … ” over and over. Momentarily, my sphincter clamped over the toy and my cock involuntarily clenched as though it was trying to shoot my cum out without an orgasm.

My prostate orgasm was so frustratingly close, yet so far away. I glanced at the clock and hardly believed that I’d been at it for nearly an hour. The ache in my loins was either fatigue; irritation from the toy’s movement on my asshole, taint, or prostate; or else, my horny ordeal had produced so much cum that my body ached to release it explosively. My balls told me it was the latter reason. One more go at it!

This time, I sat there thinking about God’s blessing on Anne’s and my marriage, her sexual generosity, and my deep love for her. Several memorable, intimate sexual moments flooded my mind. Relaxed, I raised up and slowly, with more intensity and skill (after nearly an hour of pleasuring myself my technique was improved!), began again to manipulate the prostate toy in my ass and on my prostate. It was feeling amazingly good, and soon those ecstatic waves of pre-orgasmic pleasure began to roll over me. Once, twice, and then several more times, that overwhelming sense of losing total control and cumming hard came over me. By then, I didn’t care if the world could hear me moaning and groaning. I was determined to lose all inhibitions and experience the elusive prostate massage orgasm.

Suddenly, I felt a rise higher than at any time during my asshole and prostate pleasuring. The growing feeling of ecstasy was nothing I’d ever experienced before. My pace quickened, and the pressure on my prostate started to generate an inside-out, orgasmic pleasure. I lost complete control! The most incredible orgasm hit me: cum spurted out of my limp dick all over my stomach, and then a second more intense orgasm made me shout out in machine-gun spurts, “Oh, fuck, fuck! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” matching the streams of cum spurts creaming on my chest.

The amazing, intensity of my prostate orgasms lasted for a long time. Could it have been a minute? Two minutes? I have no idea. The ecstatic feeling was so intense and long-lasting, and it produced an indescribable amount of cum. Best of all, it was my second Hands-off Ecstasy in a week!

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29 replies
  1. AmBlessed says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. External prostate pressure definitely enhances the experience for me. Definitely going to have to try the internal as well now. This had me stroking along as I read.

    • SilverGold says:

      Great to hear that you thoroughly enjoyed my story as you stroked your cock. You’ll have to re-read the story to consummate your pleasure!

    • SilverGold says:

      Thanks SH. Your opinion is highly valued! More stories are on the way, and I hope you like them, as well!

    • SilverGold says:

      Please do share it with your hubby! It may take some practice and control for him to cum. I’m sure that you can help him master the art of hands off prostate orgasms!

  2. YoungCouple69 says:

    Wow–that sounds awesome! I will have to invest in a prostate massager sometime. Any recommendations? I've heard that prostate orgasms are significantly more intense, and it certainly sounds like that was the case for you.

    • SilverGold says:

      This will be a terrific toy investment! Once a prostate orgasm is experienced, the desire for just one more will be unrequited!

  3. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    My Hubby used his (and it looks just like the one in the picture) this weekend. He got on all fours, and I oiled him up and inserted it for him. It had been so long since he had anything in his ass, and his reaction was priceless! Within moments, he was moaning and pumping his hips. I caressed the backs of his thighs and his ass cheeks with my fingertips until the orgasms had him writhing all over the bed, and I couldn't keep up. I just sat there beside him, criss-cross applesauce, grinning and watching him cum for about ten minutes straight—three songs on the playlist. He stayed hard the whole time, which (like OP experienced) is really unusual. Then it was MY turn for attention.

    [From MH: That model is called the Aneros Helix Syn, but they don't seem to making that style anymore, instead transitioning to a "trident" design. Here's a link that will give us a little kickback if you order: https://shevibe.com/search.php?search_query.x=0&search_query.y=0&search_query=aneros#oid=1583_1 ]

    • SilverGold says:

      CHL, thanks for sharing and how much your husband and you enjoyed his long pleasuring. Prostate orgasms can be very powerful!

  4. Grace911 says:

    I would love to help/observe my husband having a prostate O, but he is very reluctant. Any hints on how to convince him? I've emailed him a link to this story. I hope it helps push him toward it. I think it would be an amazing experience for us both! Thanks for sharing such excellent, horny descriptions. ❤

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      I think, for a lot of men, the reluctance stems from the taboo associated with backdoor pleasure. If homosexual men enjoy each other that way, and the Bible says homosexuality is wrong, then so must be the receiving of pleasure there—or so the reasoning goes. I'd say talk with him and find out if his reluctance stems from that understanding. If so, I wouldn't recommend trying to talk him into it, per se. At least with my husband, that tends to set up resistance. Instead, I'd ask him to read the scriptures and look up the actual meanings of the God-inspired words there. He may discover that the prohibition is not against prostate pleasure nor even anal sex, but against experiencing it outside of a heterosexual marriage. But if not, I advise letting it lie for the time being. You never know how God will work in a situation, and there is nothing wrong with saving some potential treats for down the road.

    • SilverGold says:

      Many creative sexual intimacy ideas can be difficult to embrace the first time they come to mind, Whether suggested by a spouse or learned from others. One question and thought to consider, “Do you and hubby engage in anal play or sex on you?” If so, great! Use that joyful experience to talk about why the anal area on women and men is amazingly nerve-sensitive. Suggest that he relax during foreplay and allow you to lube up him up back there and just spend time on his rosebud with little pressure pushes on his sphincter. Give him a HJ as you do so and make him cum. My hunch is that he’ll ask for more!

  5. PatientPassion says:

    As a grateful prostate owner myself, this is a great reminder to learn more about this kind of pleasure when I get a chance! I've experimented with anal play before, and while it's a big psychological turn on and brings some pleasure, I've never gotten close to anything like this! I would love to be able to reach orgasm (and even extended orgasm!) through this lesser-known erogenous zone. I've read several great accounts of it here on MH, detailing both self-stimulation and wife-assisted stimulation (manual and pegging), and I have big hopes for eventually experiencing it myself, either alone or with my future wife or both! Thank you for the reminder that it's possible! (I also appreciate CHL's comment along the same lines, showing how much extra pleasure this can bring!)

    On another note, I find it fascinating that there's such vast unexplored territory of pleasure beyond the traditional view that men can only orgasm once, and only by penile stimulation, and then they're done for a while. This is just another iteration of an immeasurably valuable lesson that applies to every area of life: there's always more that can be, and should be, learned! It would be great to see more men be able to learn about and access this God-given capacity for sexual pleasure. Most of us here on MH seem to know that many women can experience multiple and extended orgasms. Wouldn't it be great if us guys could learn techniques like this to have a similar kind of pleasure?

    • SilverGold says:

      Don’t give up trying! To achieve a prostate orgasm, relaxing and allowing yourself to just enjoy the waves of pleasure at multiple crests to near PONRs is an incredible experience. For me, allowing myself to keep going even when I just couldn’t get through the PONR ended up rewarding me with that ecstatic moment of prostate orgasm. Let it build up and it will cum!!!

  6. SecondMarge says:

    Hot for me to read because of experiences with my second husband as he aged. He started to enjoy my licking his nipple and moving my hands from his cock to his prostate. Sometimes I would stroke his cock with my other hand, sometimes he would do it himself after having played with my breasts. His enjoyment of prostate, anal play until eventually f’ng his ass with a toy. I have to say I never expected to be pleasing my husband in that way but I have to admit I became very turned on doing it and watching him.

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