Dream Cream II

Ten days ago, Anne made a dramatic entrance into our master bedroom after her evening bath. She was wearing my favorite sheer black, deep plunging, surplice chemise that accentuated her beautifully aged, lithe body. My old, experienced cock instantly came to attention as she crawled across our spacious bed with her ass sexily and sassily swaying side-to-side. She leaned down, giving me a perfect view of her pointy tits and tenderly kissed my lips as she seductively flicked her tongue on mine.

We both faced a busy schedule before the next opportunity for me to love on her perky nipples, suckling and lingering on them until gently rising orgasmic waves of pleasure washed over her.

That evening we made leisure love. Anne finally gasped out in sheer ecstasy as her swollen pussy gushed out her sweet cream. My double-penetrating fingers worked their magic on her cute rosebud asshole, wriggling in rhythm with my fingers that expertly massaged her G-spot. Her sexy voice rose in volume as my fingers gently milked her delicious pussy juice from her engorged G-spot sponge. The sexy slurping sound of my fingers fucking her love canal quickened and increased her cries of passion. They urged her on and made me blurt out, “Oh, fuck, Anne, keep it cumming!”

Slowly, her pussy clenching subsided and she grabbed my hand, pressing it deep into her cunt, squeezing out more of her warm cum that thoroughly drenched her pussy and dripped onto her finger-fucked asshole. After a couple of shuddering pussy clenches accompanied by two contented, “Umms,” she slowly and loving pulled my fucking fingers out of her still horny pussy.

Then her experienced sexual seduction went to work on my mind and body, particularly on my hungry, pulsing cock. She eagerly spread her legs wide and slowly slid my ample dick into her luscious, sopping wet cunt crevice. My hard thrusts, penetrating to the far reaches of her hot hole, made her gasp as the tip of my throbbing rod bucked against her A-spot.

“Does it feel good?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah,” she purred as she arched her pelvis upward to maximize the angle of my shaft.

I piledrove my ready-to-burst cock as deep as possible, causing her to gasp again, and cry out, “Cum, baby. Give me your cum, please! Uh-huh!”

My guttural, uncontrollable vocal eruption, “Aargh,” matched the explosion of my cum deep inside my Anne. After a few minutes, my cock finally went slack, and as I eased out of Anne’s cum filled cunt, my still sensitive cock head plopped in the puddle of our love juices on the sheet.

Anne adjusted her black chemise, turned her back to me, nestled her ass into my wet lap, and we contentedly fell asleep lying in the sweet, creamy mixture of our cum.

Suddenly, I awoke! As the fog cleared my mind, I realized that my PJ shorts were soaked. The cum was neither cold nor hot. Hmmm, did I just dream this or…

Mmmm, how I marvel in the sacred oneness of our love!

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