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Anne and Ron 14.0: In the Garage

Anne was having a bad day. Her preschool children, having not slept well the night before, were cranky and had been picking at each other all morning. The house was a mess and nothing was getting done. She was almost in tears with frustration when Ron called that morning.

Noon rolled around, and she was still in her nightgown when the front door opened. Ron came in, surprising her—he wasn’t supposed to be home for lunch. Giving Anne a perfunctory kiss, he said, “I asked my boss for a half-day of comp time to take care of some family business.”

Although he was more of a gentle than a strong disciplinarian, the atmosphere in the house completely changed when Daddy was home. Even the two toddlers stopped crying and squabbling. Anne felt relieved and more at ease with him in control.

He immediately sent the children to the table and started making them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  When lunch was done, he took them to bed to read to them. Being still while he read, combined with lack of sleep the night before, all were asleep within a few minutes. When he came out of their room, Anne was so grateful that she gave him the biggest, most passionate hug and kiss she could muster.

Since the children were asleep, she would have liked to have thanked him even more generously. But he pulled away. Instead of his normal enthusiastic response to her romantic overtures, he led her to one of their overstuffed chairs. As she sat down, a little confused, he gently brushed her cheek with the back of his fingers and said,” Now, I’m home. YOU get some rest.”

Leaving her, he began picking up toys to give the children a fresh start when they woke up. Done with the toys, he stopped a moment to look at the girl he married dozing peacefully in the chair. Then he went through the kitchen, picked up the sandwich she had made for his lunch, and went to the garage to check on a woodworking project.

Anne woke to the sounds of Ron tinkering. She tried to doze off again, but a full bladder prevented it, and besides, she really didn’t want to sleep. She was feeling loving, and she wanted to be with Ron. His helping her, combined with the passionate hug and kiss, had flat made her horny.

She finally went out to the garage to join him, smiling at the surprised look on his face when she opened the garage door from the kitchen. He put his tools down and accepted her hug and kiss.

She had been disappointed when she “hinted” at wanting sex earlier in the afternoon, so Anne was determined to make it more obvious this time. She pressed her breasts, naked beneath the nightgown, against his chest. She knew he’d enjoy feeling her nipples grow hard, and she could tell she had been right from the bulge pressing against her pussy.

She had intended to take him back into the house, but there was something terribly naughty about being in the garage. So instead, she stepped back and pulled her gown off over her head to stand there wearing only the panties she had put on when the children got up that morning. She could feel herself blushing as he looked at her with surprise.

Anne didn’t expect to be as turned on as she was by being almost naked in the garage. She immediately hugged Ron again. This time, it wasn’t for affection as much as it was so his chest hid her teats. She was being naughty, and it thrilled her. She could tell by his breathing that he was just as excited by the risk they were taking in the garage as she was.

Releasing her, he fondled her breasts, holding them in his hands as if weighing them. His thumbs stroked her still erect nipples. Then he pulled her to him and kissed her again. His hands slid down her back until they reached her panties. Catching her waistband, he slid it down past her cheeks.

As he did, Ron’s kiss slid from her lips down to her teats. He put his cheek against them, gently feeling their softness as he continued pushing her panties down to her ankles. Then his mouth was on her pussy. She was standing in the garage, stark naked. She knew she was safe. No one could possibly see her. But she couldn’t shake the sense of fear and excitement. It felt amazingly risky to have him nuzzling her pussy hair.

Slowly Ron’s tongue began to caress her lips. As he touched his soft wet tongue to her vagina and slowly drew it up to gently massage her clitoris and then down again, it felt wonderfully good and soon she realized she was cumming.

With a full bladder, Anne knew she might ejaculate, and she didn’t want to get any female fluids in his mouth. She almost wanted him to stop, but she was just too close, and in spite of her efforts to control it, she came. She came hard—much harder than she expected. She squirted over and over again with each orgasmic contraction.

Anne was horribly embarrassed. Her body betrayed her by ejaculating female fluids all over her husband. She looked down at him apologetically, but instead of being upset, Ron was laughing. Before they were married, he had been totally naive about the way a woman’s body worked. As many times as he had seen it, he never seemed to get over his delight when she had an orgasm, especially one as intense as this one. His laugh was so infectious that she started laughing too.

Ron stood up. Through his wet jeans, she could see the bulge of his erection needing desperately to escape. He took off his wet clothes until he was as naked as she was, his erection at complete attention. She would have liked to reach out and hold it, but as close to orgasm as he obviously was, she feared she might cause an “accident,” and she wanted him cumming inside her, not in her hand. She turned around with her back to him and bent over his work stool.

She felt him spread her cheeks to expose her vagina, made slippery by her ejaculate; he slid easily inside her. He was ready—more than ready. Being in the garage had also put him in the right mood. It only took a couple of thrusts and he filled her.

Spent, he didn’t move. He lovingly just held her cheeks against him like an intimate cuddle. She felt very loved. For starting out as a miserable day, it had become a really nice afternoon.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Ok Frankie I LOVED this story! Making love in unique places is a major turn-on for us! The imagery in your story was priceless! The husband helping out at home is so important. And it is perfectly probable that this would make his wife hot for him. I’ve lived it and even seen it in other couples! And bent over a workbench in the garage… very hot!

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