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Ron and Anne 5.0: Night in the Trailer

Anne and Ron had been married for several months when they traveled to see another married couple who had been in their wedding. They spent the night in a trailer on their friend’s property. The problem was that the trailer didn’t have a double bed. Anne would have to sleep on a trailer-sized, single bed […]

Ron and Anne 4.0: First Night Apart

Ron was in graduate school when he and Anne married. One weekend, a student group they participated in held a state-wide conference. Being newlyweds, they weren’t particularly keen on attending. The students were mostly single and there would be no provision for married couples to sleep together. For the first time as newlyweds, they would […]

Ron and Anne 3.0: Newlyweds

Nature’s call woke Anne. Ron was lying on his side next to her, peacefully resting his hand on her breast. When he went to work that morning, it would be their first day apart since they were married the previous Saturday. Anne was a virgin when they married. She had looked forward to her wedding […]

Ron and Anne 2.0: Engaged

You might like to read the prequel to this story,  Anne meets Ron. Anne sat in class, twisting her engagement ring on her left hand. The professor droned on, but she was no longer interested. The semester would end in a couple of weeks; then, she would have her degree and be free from school […]

Anne Meets Ron

Anne was driving toward a nearby campground after her Friday morning classes, looking forward to some alone time. She was sick and tired of the college dating game where even supposedly Christian guys played at romance, copped feels, and tried to get her to sleep with them. She pulled up to a little deserted beach […]