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15.0 Anne and Ron On an Afternoon Drive

Leaving their teenagers at home, Ron and Anne headed out for a Friday afternoon drive. Ron wanted Anne to see a partially forested, deserted farm where he had arranged camping rights. It was completely secluded, and all the buildings were gone except for a small wooden deck. Upon arrival, they went over to the structure […]

Ron and Anne 12.0: A Weekend Off – Part 1

Anne noticed Ron had been acting differently the week after reading a book on marriage recommended by their pastor to the men in their church. For a man typically focused on work, maintenance around the house, and keeping up the yard, he seemed to be unusually attentive to her and her needs. He did a […]

Ron and Anne 11.0: Pregnant with Twins

It was Anne and Ron’s third pregnancy, and this time, it was twins. Just starting her seventh month, Anne had already gained 50 pounds. She was huge, and she still had more than a month to go. Ron kept saying Anne was beautiful, but she knew he was only saying that because he had to. […]

Ron and Anne 10.0: Conception Discussion

Please don’t read this story as condoning driving without keeping your full attention on the road. – Frankie After the excitement of the honeymoon and starting a family, Anne and Ron’s marriage had settled into the fourth-year doldrums. While she focused on keeping house and raising their two small daughters, Ron concentrated on work success. […]

Ron and Anne 9.0: First Home

Ron had finally graduated from college. He now had his first real job that earned enough money for them to live without clipping coupons and eating ramen noodles every other night. With it came a move to a new city, where he and Anne could finally afford to purchase their first home. They now fit […]

Ron and Anne 8.0: an Afternoon at the Farm

Anne’s grandmother moved to the city and gifted her farmstead to Anne’s parents. They asked Anne and Ron to clean things up after the move as a favor. The couple arrived at mid-morning, and Ron went out to straighten the barn while Anne stayed inside to take care of the house. It wasn’t in bad […]

Ron and Anne 7.0: Home Again

Ron was returning from a month-long research trip to Alaska, part of his PhD co-op program. He went dressed for spring weather in the lower 48, not realizing the only difference between Winter and Spring in Alaska is whether the road equipment was out to resurface Muldoon Road on the east side of Anchorage. He […]

Ron and Anne 6.0: The Farm Pond

Anne and Ron joined her parents in a family outing at her grandmother’s farm. Being a young couple in their 1st year of marriage, spending time with her parents, aunts and grandmother wasn’t nearly as high on their priority list as spending time with each other. After lunch, Ron suggested they go swimming in the […]

Ron and Anne 5.0: Night in the Trailer

Anne and Ron had been married for several months when they traveled to see another married couple who had been in their wedding. They spent the night in a trailer on their friend’s property. The problem was that the trailer didn’t have a double bed. Anne would have to sleep on a trailer-sized, single bed […]