Making Benjamin’s Baby

This post contains strong language (L).

Mary Beth’s POV

I’m sitting on Benjamin’s lap, kissing him passionately, my heart pounding, my body on fire. This is one way I express my surrender to my sweet husband.  I give myself freely to our marriage to serve my husband as wholly as he does me, and I feel utterly free.  Now I know that I can trust a man—this man—with my heart, soul, and body; he will feed me well with all I need, provide me with all I desire, and love me as a husband and man of God should.  I am his second-highest priority, second only to his relationship with Our Lord.

As we kiss harder, I feel his cock swell, throbbing in full arousal.  Benjamin grabs my hair and gently pulls it down my back, and I gasp as my head tilts back as far as it can.  His lips softly kiss my exposed neck; his teeth softly nibble.

Meanwhile, his other hand slides down and slaps my ass, then both slip underneath me.  His large palms cup my ass as he lifts me, his fingers reaching on each side of my pussy to pull my wet, puffy sensitive lips open.  He takes a nipple in his teeth, bites lightly, and pulls back to stretch it outward.

The sensation of him dragging my open pussy around the head of his cock makes me gasp.  I pant and moan,

“Pleeease, Benjamin, take me.  Ooohhhh, please fuck me.  Yessss, fuck me.  I want to feel you deep inside me, filling me with your cock and your seed.”  I feel a sudden prescience, an overwhelming sense that tonight the Lord will bless us with a child.

Benjamin grabs my waist and looks deep into my eyes, holding me poised on the tip of his shaft.  Then, he pulls me inexorably downward.  When I bottom out, he lifts me again and shudders before yanking me down, impaling me on his cock.  In just those two strokes, he erupts, a couple of spurts of hot cum shooting up deep inside me.

Benjamin looks surprised at how quickly he came.  But he doesn’t give himself a chance to soften; with his cock still pulsing and throbbing, he rolls me onto my back, pushes my knees up to my tits, and tells me to wrap my arms around them.  Then he takes me by the hips, squeezing and lifting me.  His cock, still inside me, changes angles to press firmly against my pubic bone ridge and the sensitive spot just behind it that makes me shake.

Benjamin starts thrusting—long, full strokes against that special spot.  I peek between my legs and see my belly bulging and moving with his thrusts.

“OOOoooh, yes, baby.  Fuck me.  Mmmmm, you fuck me oooohhhh soooo goood.”  My words encourage him to thrust harder and faster.  “YYYyyyes!  Oh, fuck yes.  Give me all your cock, baby.  Mmmmm.  Feeeed meeeee.”

Benjamin grabs behind my knees, and his weight pushes me down hard into the bed as I shake through the orgasm washing through me.  It starts in the depths of my belly and rolls like a wave down through me till my juices gush from my pussy around his hard, thrusting cock.  I cry and shake and cum around his cock.

With a loud grunt and long low moan, Benjamin buries his cock as deep as he can, and it throbs and pulses as more of his hot cream jets into me.  Still trembling and eyes fluttering, I feel the pressure of his cum up in me and his cock plugging me, holding most of it inside.

Benjamin releases my legs and lies on me, still impaling me on his cock.  We kiss and hug.  “Mary Beth, what you do to me… I can’t get enough of you.” He starts sliding in and out despite having begun to soften.  Though it must be agonizing, he can’t seem to help himself.

I’m seeing spots after such intense lovemaking, astounded that my husband hasn’t finished with me yet.  After a while, Benjamin rises to his knees, reaching to fondle my breasts and nipples as our cum gushes out with his every thrust.  I mumble and thrash side to side, unable to respond much but not wanting him to stop.

Benjamin pulls and twists my nipples, causing me to arch my back and press into his hands harder.  I wrap my legs and arms around him and teeter on the edge of blacking out, my body tingling and spasming in what feels like a long, steady orgasm.

I wake sometime later, covered by our bedsheets, with Benjamin nowhere around.  Memories of the night fill my head, and my body feels every glorious moment of it.  My hands slide down over my tender breasts and rest on my belly.  I smile and cry tears of joy; I just know that the Lord has answered my prayers yet again, that Benjamin’s child has been created and is growing in my womb.

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4 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story! I understand that some women know when they have conceived. It is kind of God to provide such a wonderful experience to have while making love to make a baby.

  2. 19Sierras97 says:

    Incredible story and I am so very happy for you and hope god did bless you both. I am married and just found out this spring that I most likely will never be able to carry a child with out a miracle. But we know that a baby may not be in God's plan for us and as hard as that is to accept, we have to, and it is slowly making us stronger and our love bond unbreakable. And the intensity of making love or pure raw sex and the amount of it is nothing to complain about that blessing.

    • Frankie says:

      19Sierras97 – You may not be able to conceive a child on your own, but keep in mind that there are a lot of God's little people who from no fault of their own don't have a mother and father. Friends of ours have adopted (their son and daughter are now adults) and their description is "when they place the child in your arms, the love you have for the most precious of gift's could not be stronger no matter where God's gift comes from."

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