Toys or Us (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and anal play (A).
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On a beautiful fall Saturday, my sleepy mind awoke as my beautiful, naked Anne lifted the covers and slipped back into bed after an early morning shower. Her fresh, vanilla shampooed hair smelled delicious. My loins stirred as she wriggled her warm, still damp, sassy ass against my ‘morning glory’ ramrod.

We gently, rhythmically spooned for a few minutes. Then Anne took my right hand to her left breast and worked my fingers, sensuously massaging her breast and lightly brushing her nipples, moaning sexily as she did so. Playfully, she tortured my woody with micro thrusts of her experienced ass, making me moan with mixed pleasure and an urgency to pee.

“Would you like me to jack you off,” she giggled as she drove her ass into my cock and clamped her hand over mine, crushing her perky breast.

“No way,” I cried out. “It’s a woody, not a hard-on!”

Anne took my queue, sighed contentedly, and snuggled into me as we drifted into a blissful sleep. I awoke with a start as Anne’s cute little ass pumped against my piss-hard cock. “Someone’s horny, isn’t she,” I huskily breathed into her ear. All I heard was a sexy little, “Hmm.”

Reaching around for her favorite toy – a sleek, black vibrator (the one we heard buzzing in our bedside drawer one evening after a scheduled home cleaning) – I offered,  “Well, I can wait for my turn if you’d like to cum quickly.”

She glanced at the vibrator and surprised me with, “No! No toys, just us!” I knew exactly what she meant, and my long, hard shaft stiffened as pre-cum oozed out of my engorged dick head.

Anne is a masterful masturbator. It amazes me that she can cum so quickly once she goes to work on her lovely flower. When she self-pleasures, the long slender, beautifully manicured index and middle fingers of her right hand skillfully dip into her wet, swollen pussy honey hole and then rub her equally swollen, pretty pink clit with a perfected up/down/circular technique. I love to watch her jill-off!

As she perfectly played her clit she began to moan, parting her lips in mounting pleasure. Did I mention that I love to watch her jill-off? Again, I went for the vibrator because my bladder was about to turn my rigid pole into petrified wood.

A well-delivered toy vibration on her outer labia and cute little red rosebud asshole, I knew, would drive her into a hip-bucking, screaming orgasm. Instead, she grabbed my hand and firmly repeated, “No, no! No toys, just us!

Her urgent, persistent protest was a reminder of her love/hate relationship with toys. Several years ago, we talked about toys in our bed. We seldom used toys.  If so, it was in a moment of passion when neither of us cared if the toy was a help or just a toy. During our dispassionate discussion that day, she expressed her preference for ‘us, not toys’ to get our juices flowing during foreplay and to stimulate her to mind-numbing orgasms. I shared that watching her vibe her clit and probing her hot, juicy pussy with a dildo as she came really turned me on. Back and forth we went about the pros and cons of ‘toys or us.’

Her plaintive plea on this Saturday morning reminded me of her final comment about ‘toys or us’ those many years before. She had said, “I love using my fingers to play with my nipples, clit, and pussy. I know how to make myself feel good and horny, and I love feeling your fingers in my pussy and in my ass! When I cum, I want you to feel my pussy tighten around your fingers and cum all over them. You like that, don’t you!” Anne was right then and now. The feeling of her pussy and asshole clenching my fingers as she flooded her pussy with cum is intoxicating. A toy deprives us of that pleasure!

Anne’s tempo and breathing began to quicken. Her left hand had been flicking her hard nipple on her perky right tit. Cupping and lifting her breast, she offered it to me and I eagerly latched on. Her contented moan gave my woody a jolt. Time to ramp my horny lady up!

My right hand began to massage her stomach just above her mons pubis. Anne arched her back to push against my hand as we rhythmically, externally massaged her g-spot. Bucking hard against my hand, she began to rub her clit with abandon. My horny lover brought her knees up and lifted her ass off the bed in wonton desire for me to finger fuck her.

“Oh, baby! I want to cum! Pleeaassee . . . make me cum,” she pleaded as she took my hand to her pulsing pussy. Before entering her delicious pussy, I gently moved my slippery fingers all around her engorged pussy lips lingering on her sensitive lower labia. Anne moaned and shifted her position to make my lubricated index finger brush across her puckered rosebud. This move nearly pushed her over the edge as she cried out, “Give it to me, baby, please . . . !”

Anne arched up for me to slip my left hand under her ass. My left hand’s middle finger circled her rosebud as I plunged my right hand’s middle finger deep into her throbbing pussy. “More . . . More . . . Ahh,” Anne cried out. Wriggling my finger into her eager ass made her push downward, driving it deep into her tight hole. Then I worked my right index finger into her lovely pussy and began my come thither massage on her fleshy, swollen g-spot.

Anne bucked hard. She grabbed her left tit and pulled and twisted her nipple, crying out, “Oh, baby, you’re going to make me cum. Harder! Aha! Oh, fuck. . . I’m cumming . . . I’m cumming!” Anne’s pussy and asshole clamped down on my fucking fingers as I urged her on, “Make it cum! Oh, yeah, your cumming all over me. Yeah, baby. Keep cumming!”

My lovely Anne’s eyebrows knit hard as her flushed face and screams of delight duplicated her orgasmic pussy and asshole spasms. Her creamy cum oozed out of her tight pussy as I finished her off with long, deep, finger-fucking thrusts. The sound of her juices made her gasp and bear down to push her cum out of her honey hole. I slowly moved my finger in her ass and whispered, “Oh, baby, you came so good!” She murmured with satisfaction, “Uh, Uh, really good!”

Suddenly, the urge to pee made me leap out of bed and run to the bathroom. By now, my woody was rock hard, and I stood there for what seemed like an eternity waiting for my hard cock to relax and give me relief. After a minute of release, the relief felt so good that my cock started to get horny.

My cummy fingers wrapped around my revived cock. Each stroke felt sooo good! When I licked Anne’s pussy nectar from my middle finger, it brought my member to full staff. My focus on the afterglow of finger fucking my masturbating Anne to her glorious cumming made me miss hearing Anne pattering up behind me. Wrapping her arms around me and pressing her lithe, shapely mature body against me, she whispered in that sweet, dreamy voice that I love, “Someone’s horny, isn’t he?” I huskily responded as my hand returned to stroke my throbbing cock, “Oh, yeah!”

Anne cupped my balls from behind as I continued to expertly stroke my experienced cock. With each stroke, Anne’s light kisses on my neck, and her skillful work tugging on my ball sac and squeezing pleasurable pain out of them, my ramp-up quickened. I was about to release my hot load of cum! Anne loves to hear me blurt out my involuntary response of, “Oh, baby, fuck me, fuck me hard!” whenever I’m about to explode my load. When I did so, she reached forward with her other hand to cup around my purple, red cock crown.

“Give it to me, baby!” she urged me on. With one more stroke and Anne’s pleasurable pull on my ball sac, my creamy cum spurted out in spasms of orgasmic ecstasy. She finished me off by taking over midway through my climatic bliss. Anne knows to fuck me with her expert jack-off strokes. It felt so good as her cum filled hand stroked my shaft, squeezing out every last drop of my hot cum.

Standing there basking in the rapture of our early morning cum fest, she giggled and whispered, “So tell me, Old Stud, toys or us?”

Contentedly, I replied, “Us!”

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4 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Cute title. For us it’s “Toys and Us.” After having a vibrator inside my wife will insist on the real thing. And due to my arthritis and her neurological condition we discovered that a vibrator used during intercourse leads to great (& easier) orgasms. We have a position we call “X position” where she’s on her back and I’m perpendicular to her and I’m lying on my side facing her. Our legs are intertwined. This is our go to sex position but we do others as well. But X position facilitates her using her bullet vibe… & I like the sensations of the buzz via her vaginal wall. Often her orgasms now happen with her using her bullet vibe on her clitoris as I love on her nipples with lips n hands.
    So I DID like your wonderful story. The unique way you helped each other cum was awesome!
    All couples have similarities and we all have our uniqueness as well. For us it’s “Toys AND Us!”

  2. YoungCouple69 says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. This story is gold. One of my recent favorites. I know very well the dilemma between wanting to take advantage of the morning wood and the need to pee! The line, "My loins stirred as she wriggled her warm, still damp, sassy ass against my ‘morning glory’ ramrod," made me chuckle. Hard to resist a sassy ass early in the morning 🙂

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