Service Call (L/A/F) ~ Special Ignite Download

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve worked extra hard to get this to you on the big day. It’s a novella-length story—over 14,000 words!— from an MH author who has been with us since nearly the beginning: Ladygarden.

“Kay and K(en)” write together, often sharing or swapping the main-character point of view so that we get into both heads. This, along with their focus on dialog, effectively bring their stories into real-time. (And their use of expressive sounds really helps our narrators read the story evocatively!)

Speaking of narration, while we don’t usually have audio versions of the Ignite e-books, we’re making an exception for this special project. While the audio book won’t be downloadable, we hope to have it on the Ignite Playlist sometime tomorrow. (Maybe it’ll help make up for the two-month wait!)

For those of you sensitive to strong language or certain sexual acts, be advised that this story does have the L, A, and F annotations. You can get more details in our site guidelines if you are unfamiliar with their meaning.

With no further ado, we present:

Service Call

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3 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    WOW! Ever heard the saying, " The best is yet to come ". Well the best has arrived! Ladygarden ( Kay and K ) have out done themselves with this well written scorching hot story. They have raised the bar to a whole new level here at MH. I really enjoyed it ! Thank you Ladygarden and MH for bringing this story to us. All hail the reigning King and Queen of MH!!! As a longtime member here I have read many stories, but this one is by far the best yet!!!
    Stay horny you two and God bless!

  2. LadyGarden says:

    Oh Gina, love you girl! Very happy you are feeling better and totally speechless with your lavish praise. How much were you drinking when you wrote that “review?” 😂 You are very kind and we are humbled by your encouragement. We salute Missy for her editing expertise and fine tuning gifting.

    Lord bless you and Ben.

    Stay healthy!

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