Good Vibrations (A)

This story contains anal intercourse (A).
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True story based on a night together in November 2020.

Taking another sip from a rather large goblet, you feel the wine’s warming notes slip down as we sit and chat. It has taken us months to get this reservation, and now we are seated here. I can’t imagine any better company. You feel sexy in your dress bought specially for tonight. A pearl pendant on a long gold chain hangs against your skin as the black material of your low-cut front tries to hide your modesty, your braless cleavage supported by the thinnest strip of dress tape fighting to hold it all in place.

Your hair is tied back taught in a ponytail, exposing the sleek shape of your neck, and a pair of pearl studs that complement the pendant adorn your earlobes. Black eyeliner and black lipstick contrasting against your beautiful alabaster skin evince the rocker in you.

It has been so long since we have been out like this that I have tried to make an effort. Cocktails at the hotel bar preceded a cab to a fancier one for a few more drinks before ending up at this fantastic restaurant. Your hand stays in mine most of the night as we have simply enjoyed each other’s company. I have enjoyed seeing you in that dress, your slender legs in their black tights disappearing into a 5-inch pair of Christian Louboutin, their red soles flashing up at me every time you shifted and crossed your legs during our drinks.

As you take another sip of your wine, I feel a little nervous. Sliding my hand into my black jacket’s side pocket, I search for the gift I have brought you, the velvet box soft on my hand as I look into your eyes. I’m nervous because, for the first time, I have brought our sex life out of the bedroom. You suggested we try something new, and I just don’t know how this is going to go.

Palming the box, I bring it onto the table, obscuring it by cupping my hand over the velvet’s soft feel. Looking at me, you instinctively ask “Are you okay? You look a little worried,” and place your hand reassuringly over mine.

Smiling, I look at you and take a breath. “I know I don’t always listen to what you say—I guess it’s a failing of most men. However, I am trying to change. I have been listening; I am very conscious that you want to explore our sexuality, reignite our flame, and feel fulfilled sexually,” I say with another uneasy smile. Your eyes remain on mine, unwavering, as your hand rubs mine. “So, I thought we might try something different; I bought us a gift! Can you keep an open mind and give it a try?”

“I think so; I hope so,” you say as you feel my hands slide out from under yours and come to rest on top. The small, indulgent, velvet box tickles the palm of your hand as you pull it towards you across the table. Looking down you open its lid, its sturdy design holding it open as you peer inside. You quietly close the lid and look up at me.

“Is this what I think it is?” Your hand brings your wine glass to your lips for a larger sip of the wine. “It’s a toy.”

“Yes, it’s a toy,” I say with a tense smile, not knowing how it will go. I swallow more wine, then bravely muster forward, trying to appear like I know what I am saying. “If you fancy a little adventure tonight, would you like to go to the restroom, turn her on, and then insert her into you?”

“Now, here?” you ask, an uneasy feeling coming over you as I take your hand in mine.

“Yes, please. Let’s try something new.”

After another gulp of the wine, you place the box against your clutch bag, scoot your chair back, and stand. The staccato clips of your heels on the floor as you walk away from me make some of the other men in the restaurant look up and notice you. I think to myself how amazing you look tonight as I watch you go around the corner and into the ladies’ room.

Finding yourself in an airy well-lit bathroom, you move to the end cubicle, sliding in and locking the door behind you with a shuck.  Taking the opportunity, you pull up your dress, exposing your stockings and garters before gliding down your panties. As you sit and let nature take its course, you open the box.

Inside is a molded velvet base with one empty compartment. The other section holds a perfectly polished silver ellipse, the size of a thumb. Around its circumference are two raised, matt black bands. The ends are curved smooth and at one end is a small matt button. As you take it out of the box, you find it is heavier than it looks. You juggle it up and down in the palm of your hand before picking it up with your other hand and rolling it between your fingers. Turning it over, you press the button, and the small LED light blinks red and blue.  As it does, you feel it pulse twice before the blue light becomes constant. You stare at it in your hand and consider what might happen tonight. A small shiver of pleasure rises through your body as you take the toy and place it in your mouth, moistening the ovoid device.

Moving your hand between your legs, you press the toy into your vagina. The cold metallic object moves past your hymen; your finger pushes it deep into your vagina up towards your cervix. The sensation of it inside you is strange. Though it’s inconspicuous, you can feel its weight. But it is not uncomfortable; it feels like it fits perfectly inside you.

You find yourself pressing your tummy to see if you can feel it and then smile to yourself as you bend down and slide your panties off. Wrapping the box in your knickers, you slide them into your clutch bag before you pull the flush chain. Tugging down your dress, you open the stall and walk to the hand basin. As you wash your hands, you wonder if it may slide down; however, it feels so discreet that you’re not sure if it’s still there. You check your image in the mirror, noticing that the dress tape is coming a little unstuck, so you affix it to your skin a little better before heading for the door.

I sit and look longingly towards the restroom door, smiling when I see appear and strut towards the table. You look confident as you stride over, staring me down. The eyes that watched you go to the toilets now watch return to me. You sense their gazes. When you reach the table, I stand and pull out your chair, pushing it in after you as your legs slip under the tablecloth.

As I move back to my chair, you pick up your wine glass and finish off its contents. You feel the comfort of the red wine as it slips down your throat. Then, leaning forward with your elbows on the table, you run your fingers around the rim of the glass. “What now?” you ask with a smile. I smile back but have to lean back as the waiter approaches and picks up the wine bottle to pour you another glass.

Suddenly, a wave of vibrations makes you jolt. Your bum shunts back in your chair as the low buzzing sensation moves outward from your vagina. The waiter looks astonished at your reaction, but I cover with, “What a sneeze! God bless you, sweetheart.”

As the buzzing suddenly stops, you throw me a glaring look before smiling at the waiter and saying, “Oh, excuse me.” He smiles and tops my glass of wine, then moves away.

“I guess it works,” I say with a smile.

You look at me, astonished. Lowering your voice, you ask, “What the hell was that?”

I open my palm and show you a small black remote control. The sleek controller is the apparent missing item in your box, and it is adorned with a green and red button along the top, then a row of buttons labeled from 1 to 6. Letting my finger hover over the green button, I depress it slowly, and you suddenly feel the vibrations rumble within you. The sensations start inside your vagina, resonating around your cervix and then through you to the base of your spine. The pleasure rises up your spine, over your shoulders, and up into your brain.

You can’t help it; your hands duck under the table, and your fingers press against your wet labia as you feel the vibrations through your fingertips. I watch as you close your eyes for a moment, then I find the red button—your body relaxes instantly as the quivering stops. Your eyes, framed in black, emote your pleasure, and your teeth sink into your lower lip. Just as you start to speak, you feel the pulsation of the toy starting up again. The sensation is faster, more rigid, and you feel the ripples dance over the nerve endings in your vagina and move up and down your body.

I feel your legs brush up against mine as you open your legs under the table. The toy is probing, moving up your canal. Goosebumps appear on your chest, and your erect nipples poke through the material of your dress. Your fingers, hidden under the table, press against your mound, and your labia feel wet as you run your fingers up and down them. I see your eyes water a little as the pleasure surges over your body. The pulses throb up your body as your head moves back, and your eyes roll back under fluttering lids. When the toy stops again, you open them and look at me before glancing around the restaurant, dreading the thought that you have been seen. But the other diners just continue their conversations, unaware of your throes.

Your left hand grasps your glass stem, bringing the wine to your lips, and you take a large gulp. When you pull your other hand from under the table, I can see your fingers glisten with your vaginal salivation. You offer up two fingers to me, and as I open my mouth, you lace them in. My lips close around them, and I suck your taste off them, your sex on my tongue. It’s warm and salty, silky and sweet, all wrapped up together. I feel myself get hard as I savor the deliciousness.

Unable to contain myself, I press button 4. The previous stillness in your vagina is broken by the juddering of the toy deep inside you. Concentric circles of pleasure emanate like sonar waves through your body and over your skin. You slip one hand under the table again to find your clitoris and flick it, the tension building as the toy hums and your fingers thrum. Your back arches a little as you move in your seat, pushing your hips forward. As your free hand moves to a feigned itch, you pinch your erect nipple with your fingers, and the action dislodges the tape and allows me a glimpse under your neckline. When I press red, you quietly groan your disappointment.

Unsheathed from your shoe, your foot moves up and finds my hard cock in my trousers. Painted toes beneath stockings scrunch my shape as you move them over the hard silhouette. As you play, I press green once more, and the pleasure starts again somewhere inside you. It makes your muscles tighten and your foot press harder against my cock. Your body shudders forward a little as your hands clasp the edge of the table. I watch your eyes move under your closed eyelids and your nipples harden even more, their shape now prominent. I hear you say,  “Stop, please, I am close to cumming.” I press the red button once more, and you open your eyes and sit back.

Taking up your clutch bag, you unfasten its buckle. Your hand searches the bag and finds your panties, which you take under the table to wipe your dripping mound. Taking a large gulp of wine, you pass the scrunched panties to me and say, “Follow me.”

I watch you stand and move towards the restrooms again. Taking your panties and pressing them against my nose, I can feel your wetness and smell your fragrance on them. I rise and follow you. Opening the ladies’ room door, I peer inside to find it empty and step inside. I could crouch down and look for your feet under the door, but instead, I let my finger hover over intensity level 5 and press green.

An explosion of pleasure rushes up from your vagina. Your hands slam against the stall wall as you cry out, “Ohh, God.” The pulse moves over you like a wave battering the cliffs, your vagina feeling every single hum of the toy on the nerve endings clustered in your pussy. Your fingers return to your clitoris as you hear footsteps move towards you, and when I open the door, you smile.

The first thing I notice is that you have stripped off your dress; you’re naked except for your stocking, suspenders, and your shoes. You’re seated on the toilet, one arm flat against the wall and the hand of the other dipping between your damp thighs. I latch the door behind me, and when I turn around, you fight to unclasp my belt, yanking my trousers and underpants down to my ankles. My cock springs to attention as you release it from its captivity.

Your mouth moves quickly to take me in. It’s fast and furious—none of the usual attention but rather a hot, horny, brief suck. As I feel you slurp me, I notice that you’re toying with your clitoris again. Your fingers are moving over your slit, feeling the tight pea shape grow out from under the hood above your puffy lips. You pull me out of your mouth, leaving a signifigant coating of saliva on my shaft and tip.

Turning around, you bend over, and your hands spread your cheeks as you gift me your arse hole. I turn off the toy as you guide me to your bum. Pressing myself into you, I feel your tight arse surround me. Your hips hump slightly as my slippery helmet passes into you, drawing me in and out very slowly as you moan. The pain and pleasure meld together as you stretch out your hands against the wall to support your body. The sensation is as uncomfortable as you expected, the pinch of my cock entering making your eyes water again. But the pain is soon completely overwhelmed by pleasure as I turn the toy back on.

I feel the vibrations filling your vagina, shuddering it with an electric pulse that suffuses your body and into my penetrating cock. Your bum clenches around me as the tremors rock you. Gratifying wave of electricity wash through you as I move into you faster, bringing a sting into the mix of sensations.

My hands move to cup your boobs so slightly that the motion of my thrusts makes your hard nipples barely rub against my palm. It elicits an exquisite ache that trickles downward to meet the tingles of pleasure-pain surging up your spine and creates a cascade of joy over your body. Your head feelings light and wonderfully cloudy as you moan in absolute pleasure before the sensation begins to crescendo inside your pussy. As you feel my hot spray deep inside your arse, your body shudders uncontrollably in orgasm. The unstoppable pulsing of the toy magnifies the surge of bliss as you convulse around my cock. Your muscles tighten violently, constricting around my shaft and your torso arches back, pushing your breasts deeper into my hands. The momentary exhilaration and light-headedness that comes with your orgasm make you cry out.

As the feeling subsides, I turn the toy off and slide out of you. A streak of warm cum trickles out of your arse as I watch. You cup your mound and press your fingers into your vagina to hold the sensation one moment longer.

As you turn to sit, I bend down and kiss you. Your skin is glowing with faint perspiration.

“Was that okay?” I ask.

“More than okay,” you respond. As we quickly dress, you look at me and say, “Let’s go home and play some more!”

We exit the restroom, but as we head down the hall, I can’t resist; I press the green button once more. Your knees buckle a little as you turn and give me a hard stare.

“Home, now!” you say with a smile.

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12 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Hot story! Coincidentally, the night before it posted, I gave my wife a remote controlled egg. We decided not to try it first while out, but had a little fun with it at home. Started reading your story the next day and when I got far enough in to know what it was about, I told my wife and she started reading too. Last night we had a LOT of fun with it (but still at home) that started with me suggesting naked movie night and her saying “sure. You wanna hold the remote?” The rest was epic!

    • Joespirit101 says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. Its funny we use it at home during movies to. but i do like it when we go out, Love lauren xxx

    • Joespirit101 says:

      This is the one we are using. Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator from Love honey.
      enjoy 🙂
      Love Lauren

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