Please Take Me, Sir (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) and includes anal intercourse (A). 

Friday—date night! Due to some recent stress in our lives the last couple of weeks, we had missed our time together and sorely needed to reconnect. We love date nights; it’s our opportunity for quality time and sex without having to be quiet or worry about our kids. So all day at work, we both were hot, horny, and ready for the great time we always have together.

I got home and got the kids to Nana’s, then came back to pick up my beautiful date. Wow, did she look stunning! The view I had of her as she walked to the vehicle took my breath away. She had on a short, v-neck dress that showed her bulging cleavage, along with black stockings, which she knows turn me on instantly! Her makeup was on point, and her hair fell in gorgeous curls. I could feel my cock stirring within my pants.

We kissed every chance we got on our way to the restaurant, barely able to keep our hands off of each other. We chose Chili’s, a mutual favorite, and the hostess seated us quickly. At times, it seems to take a lot for Stephanie to let go of stress. She ordered a couple of mixed drinks during dinner, and boy did it relax her! We discussed life and enjoyed being together, just the two of us.

As we headed to the car, Stephanie was all over me, kissing and fondling me. I thought she was gonna attack me right there in the parking lot. Then she talked dirty to me all the way home.

“Oh, baby, this bitch needs fucking so badly. I need my stud to take care of me. How I love you!” These were just a few of the things she said. All the way home, she teased me by propping her feet on the dash and pulling up her hem to give me a fabulous view of her stocking legs. She also took her bra off and occasionally raised her dress high enough to expose her sexy boobs. Her stunning nipples stayed hard all the way home.

My cock throbbed against my pants. The anticipation of the night ahead just about drove me nuts during the hour-long drive to the house.

When we got home, she was wild! We began to make out, and then she sucked my dick. Oh, how warm and wet her mouth felt. Her exceptional blowjob skills sent jolts of pleasure shooting through my body. I groaned.

“Oh, shit, baby. You suck me so good. I love you so much, baby!”

Then I began to finger her dripping pussy. There’s nothing else that communicates her desire better than when her pussy gets soaked, which—thankfully—happens nearly every time we have sex!

As her pleasure began to overwhelm her, she asked me to treat her like a bitch. I was more than happy to! I love dominating her and (safely) pushing her limits. First, I handcuffed her, tied her feet together, and blindfolded her. Then I put nipple clamps on her amazing nipples. Next, I flipped her over on her stomach and began spanking her ass, sparing no mercy. Ohh, how I loved the way her cheeks lit up as she moaned with pleasure!

“Ooohhh, fuck, baby!! Spank my ass! I’ve been such a bad girl, sir,” she moaned.

I rubbed Stephanie’s ass and spanked over and over, even using the whip. Then I turned her on her side and started kissing her, rubbing her all over. After a bit, I pushed my hard throbbing cock into her mouth, deep down her throat.  I told her what a bad of a girl she was as she squirmed and moaned with pleasure.

Next, I pulled her tied legs straight into the air and finger-fucked her pussy. She squirted several times until it became a gushing flood that soaked her and our bed. Stephanie trembled all over as her body responded to the pleasure. Then I put her bullet on her clit and finger-fucked her to an orgasm. 

“Oooohhh, baby, I’m fixing to cum,” she cried. “I love you so fucking much, baby!!!” Her body shook violently with the orgasm.

Then I told her to get on her knees. I began to lube up her relaxed rosebud and my cock.  As I slowly slid my hard cock into her tight ass, I felt as if it would explode instantly!

“Oh, baby, your ass is so tight! I love the view of my cock in your little rosebud,” I told her over her moans. Then, I began to pump my cock in and out of her ass as we both cried out in ecstasy! My bitch shook and screamed so loudly, which made me feel like one hot master.

“Please, sir, take my ass!! Make this bitch yours,” she yelled. Her words brought both of us to incredible orgasms.

As we came down from our high, Stephanie said, “I need more.” So she stayed in the doggy position with her ass in the air and kept the vibe on her clit, and I shoved her favorite glass dildo into her pussy. “My bitch is so horny!” I said.

“Oh yes, baby, I am such a horny bitch. She was screaming, crying, and shaking like I had NEVER seen before in almost 12 years of marriage. As she came for the final time that evening, she went so limp that she could hardly get up. I helped her to her feet and hugged her tight, feeling like such a blessed man!

It was one of our best date nights and led to the longest sex session we’ve ever had—two hours! How I love my sweet, sexy wife, who loves to get so wild and dirty!

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18 replies
  1. Salcpl says:

    Awesome story! We will have two nights this weekend alone. I am planning a sensual massage one night, and some bondage one night. Maybe we can have such a glorious night as you two had. Thanks for sharing. You’ve given me something to reach for this weekend.

  2. SouthernHeat says:

    Wow, you got my juices flowing this morning! Very hot date night! Great job pleasing her so many times. Keep that home fire burning! Keep having fun, and keep writing.

  3. LovingMan says:

    The epic sex/lovemaking sessions don’t happen every single time we have sex but they DO happen to us. I think that many married couples have epic or very erotic sex/lovemaking sessions from time to time. These sessions create wonderful sexy memories too. My wife & I think the epic session are essential to our marriage! It sometimes takes some effort and planning to make a session ultra-spicy & memorable!

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