Before Dinner: Love Of My Life Series, Part 1 (A)

This post includes brief anal play (A).

I stroll to the kitchen, looking for an afternoon snack, and see her on the other side of the room, looking out the window. I pause for a second to watch her gently sway from side to side, her pants resting loosely at the swell of her waist. She leans over a bit, which causes them to slide down, and I catch sight of a tiny red thong. I’m pleasantly shocked—I didn’t even know she owned a thong.

Is she pretending I’m not there, or is she letting me see her beautiful body? I don’t know and really don’t care. I can feel my face flush, and my breath grows husky as her loose pants continue sliding down. In a moment, her whole beautiful ass shows for a second, with the thong not covering much of anything. I can glimpse her pussy, which seems a bit wet, and I can see her beautiful asshole peeking around the thong; it appears to be pulsing.

Suddenly, she glances back at me, smiles slyly, slowly pulls her pants back up around her waist. Then she walks away, pretending nothing just happened. She steps into the other room with a sway in her step and starts talking to the kids, leaving me breathless and confused.

While my mind processes what I just saw, I hear her call, “Honey, we need some food for dinner. Can you run out to the store to pick it up? I’ll text you the list.”

I numbly drive to the store. My wife is absolutely stunning, but she doesn’t usually flirt with me. Was I just imagining what I saw, or was she trying something new? I couldn’t tell. My mind was spinning as I drove down the road. What had gotten into her? Whatever it was, it had the desired effect on me.

As I was driving, I felt my phone buzz a few times as she texted items for me to pick up. When I got to the store, I pulled out my phone to see what we needed: Milk. Lunchmeat. Bacon. And then a picture—of what looks like her cleavage! My heart stops. She’s only sent me a sext once before, and that had made my day.

A few seconds later, I get another photo, this one of her, nude and bathed in shadows. I can’t see much, but holy cow, that turns me on! Several more pics follow, each more intense than the last: a close-up of her lips, then her chest, then just one nipple with her fingers gently pinching it. Next comes one of her gorgeous ass, with one hand grabbing it and pulling it apart. A close-up of her glorious mound follows that one, then a close-up of her fingers spreading her shaved pussy. She sends a short video of her fingering it deeply, with it glistening and dripping, followed by one last pic of two fingers in her pussy, and one pressing into her clean asshole. As the pictures keep coming, I completely stopped breathing, and all the blood leaves my brain. Finally comes one last text: “I love you… Don’t forget the milk ;)”

I don’t know what to think, but I’ve never shopped so quickly in my life. Then, I get back in the car and just sit there for a few minutes, looking at all of her texts, my mind racing.

When I get home, I run in the door, not knowing what to expect. I find my wife cooking dinner with the kids in the kitchen, laughing and talking with them as though nothing unusual has happened. I was baffled.

She comes over to me and says, “Thanks, honey. Can you set the table?” Then she leans over, kisses my cheek, and quickly squeezes my dick as she whispers into my ear, “Tonight, I’ll take good care of you.”

Needless to say, dinner passes in a blur.

Late in the evening, after the kids are in bed, I don’t know what to do or think. Obviously, my beautiful wife is in a sexy mood, but she’s never been this much of a flirt. All evening, she acted like this was just an ordinary day, but I think she knows that drove me mad with desire.

Now we are doing what we always do: wind down with our nightly TV show. We are sitting in bed, and I try to pretend I’m not totally distracted. I hold her hand, trying to concentrate on the show.

As the first commercial starts, my wife pauses the TV, quickly rolls over, and kneels between my legs, facing me. I’m startled, but she ignores me as she pulls down my pants and exposes my limp dick. She quickly sucks it into her mouth, leaving me speechless. Her big, beautiful eyes lock on mine, and I stare at her lovely face, my dick quickly hardening with the gentle swirling of her tongue around it. The sensation of growing larger inside her warm, wet mouth is unbelievably sensual—warm, wet, and wonderful.

I reach down to grab her, but she pushes me back and shakes her head, letting me know she wants me just to lie there. She smiles gently, and I can’t even think. I’ve never been able to see her face, watch her reaction to me while she gives me a blowjob, and I quickly grow harder than I ever have. Her eyes grow wide as my dick fills her mouth, and she hums gently, making me moan.

As I feel myself grow close to climax, she suddenly stops, releases me, and stares at my hard-on. Then she gently grabs the head with her fingers and slowly strokes under my tip with her thumb, her eyes filled with desire. She scoots down a bit, and I see her lower her head. I can’t even think straight anymore. Soon, she gently places one of my balls in her mouth, caressing it with her tongue while her fingers continue to gently stroke and squeeze my tip. Her other hand caresses from the bottom of my shaft to my ass, and I am in heaven. She’s never been this controlling before, never been so focused on my pleasure, and I love every second of this attention.

Her mouth moves down even further, gently licking all over, and my dick starts shaking with pleasure. One hand continues to gently fondle my tip while the other hand and her tongue rub and moisten my balls, the bottom of my shaft, and my ass, driving me mad as I lean my head back. I moan and shake and can’t control myself any longer.

She notices I am about to finish, slowly licks her way back to my tip, and pulls it back into her mouth, smiling as she sucks and swirls. Her hand jerks up and down my shaft while she keeps sucking it hungrily and gazing into my eyes. Finally, I can’t stand it anymore, and even though she can tell I’m about to finish, she keeps working me with her lips and tongue. I cum with abandon, moaning in pleasure, jet after jet releasing from me, and she purrs as she continues swirling my liquid around my head. I slowly open my eyes and look down to see her, still staring up at my face. She smiles and slowly lets my cum leak sexily out of her lips and down my shaft.

Watching her do this, looking into her gorgeous eyes while she worked, and seeing her just give me pleasure is the greatest moment of intimacy she could give me. I don’t know how to react or what to say. I start to say something, but she stops me.

“Why don’t you just get ready for bed?”

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12 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    So much I loved about this story. Too much to say, but great writing, first off. Great job by your wife on her creativeness. Loved the interchange of flat out, sexually blatant flirting followed by “would you set the table” moments. We love that hot flirting, sexual tension building times intermixed amongst the normal daily routines.
    I’d say write more, but I assume from the “part 1” in the title that is already planned
    God bless

  2. EroticUT says:

    Lucky Texan. I'd love for this to happen; my wife is scared of my cum. She is OCD with cleanliness. I've hinted and asked for this and have been focusing on giving great oral for her enjoying her sweat sex juices hoping to get this in return, but it's been to no avail. Any suggestions?

    • texan says:

      Well, that's difficult. And 'the internet' isn't much help in answering this. You withhold pleasuring her? Probably a bad idea. Demanding it? Not too loving. Making her feel guilty? Leads to resentment.

      Now, I'm no expert, but from my experience it took a long time (years), open discussions with no commitment/judgment to let her know what a gift it might be to me, and having her get comfortable with the concept. There's the ick factor, the feeling some have of degradation or doing something dirty. I gave my wife the time to consider it, and get comfortable with the 'liquid' – taste, finishing with jerking for a while, baby steps like touching/tasting it a little, etc.

      But it was built (for us) on her desire to give me pleasure (a blessing for me!). My whining about it definitely didn't work. I think she would say she doesn't enjoy it in and of itself, but she got to the point where she didn't mind it and she really loves the feeling she gets by giving me such an experience.

      Again, I'm not an expert and all women are different. It doesn't ever happen for some women, and we have to be at a point where we don't mind that and still take joy in the blessings we do have.

    • Sarge says:

      My wife wasn’t thrilled with me cumming in her mouth, so I just accepted that and either used a condom, or I jacked off the last moment. I responded to her wishes and never came in her mouth without permission.
      I’m LDS, and we had a wonderful sex life, and it was beyond people’s perceptions of my faith; we’re not prudes. Masturbation, oral sex, and anal sex (though neither of us wanted that) are all acceptable within marriage.

    • O-surfer says:

      Good answer, Texan. EroticUT, I don’t know anything about y’all, but I can share from my experience. I learned a LOT from this site, but I also listened to blogs by "Sex Chat for Christian Wives” which would probably be helpful for both of you. There are special programs especially for husbands to understand their wives and vice versa. Also apps like Ultimate Intimacy as well as reading stories from MH together can help open discussions up in a non-threatening/demanding way. In the meantime, modeling your desire for her fulfillment and pleasure inside and outside the bedroom/sexual and non-sexual areas of your lives may help her feel safe enough to explore things outside her comfort zone because she knows she can trust that you won’t reject her. Men and women feel accepted and loved in different ways many times. For men, it’s often about the sperm. For women it’s often about being valued in all areas—what we think about, how we spend our time, our dreams.

  3. Fearless Lunk says:

    What part is sexiest?
    A) Wife being caught touching herself
    B) Wife sending sexy nude pics of her jilling
    C) Wife giving an epic BJ and taking a mouthful of cum
    The correct answer is…. YES! 😁

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