In the Sight of God

It had been five months since the plane crash, and still no rescuers had showed up.  Things had settled into almost a normal routine for Lance and Aurora.  They fished a lot, since the sea must needs be the source of most of their food; they gathered and stored wood and dry palm fronds for fire, hunted and trapped meat, and hiked the island.  The bamboo shacks were now watertight with the application of clay mud applied to the chinks, while the stream and waterfall provided them with fresh water, a toilet, and a shower.  Aurora had even created a salt scrub by distilling seawater and mixing in plant liquids.  They had arranged a distress sign with rocks, and every night, Lance lit the signal fire.  There was always the chance that a boat or a plane might pass close enough to see it.

As to their personal care, each displayed the differences of men and women with a hint of humor and intrigue.  Aurora learned to sharpen her razor blades so she could keep her legs and underarms in presentable condition.  Even if she was stuck on a deserted island in the middle of who-knew-where, she was stuck with a man, and she wanted to look at least decent.  She didn’t see much point in wearing makeup unless she was preparing an especially nice supper for Lance, but she started applying coconut milk to her eyelashes and noted with delight that it seemed to encourage some growth.  Plus, she had to turn to the island for cleaning resources.  Raw honey from wild beehives and aloe did wonders for her face.  Her hair had grown quite a bit, maybe due to the new pure diet of seafood, fresh water, and fruit.  And she’d turned a startlingly deep tan.  Combining all this with her steady dedication to daily exercise, if only stretching in the evening, blest her with a very attractive, healthy, feminine appearance.

Lance wasn’t a caveman by any means, but he figured that the situation didn’t call for continual grooming.  Thus his face was scruffed up by a beard and his hair had grown out some.  He didn’t seem to think about his clothes much either, acquiring many a rip in his shirts and pants after a day of fishing, clam-gathering, or trapping.  Sometimes he’d just forego a shirt, his chest soon matching his arms, legs, and face in their browned hue.  Some ladies would think this inappropriate, but the weather was very hot and muggy, and unnecessary clothes just weren’t ideal.  Besides, Aurora had mentioned that, with a dad and three brothers, she was used to seeing men half-dressed.  Lance took that as a hint that it was all right in this setting.

It follows that a man and woman, dumped together in an isolated, naturalistic spot, both unmarried and both good-looking in separate ways, must be attracted to each other.  The long, busy days of building, exploring, and inventing and nights of fireside conversation and singing, had bonded them.  Lance couldn’t help letting his eyes rest on Aurora’s slim figure when she walked along the beach.  It wasn’t lust.  He had vowed before God many a time since he first came to Christ that he would save even his thoughts for the woman he’d marry.  But it was admiration, and it was longing.  Aurora was beautiful, more so because of the sweetness of her character and her voice and her continual smile than her body and face.  And yet the physical draw was undeniable.  What man can spend hours in the company of a woman who matches so well with him and not want something more, something permanent with her?

The discreet glances from this handsome sun-burnished pilot had not escaped Aurora.  She had caught his eye several times over the last month or so and knew he was watching her.  Of course he was always a gentleman, never allowing the look to become anything more.  He had promised at the beginning of this peculiar adventure that she would have no reason to be afraid of him.  That had been the opening for each to explain their faith to the other, which quickly cemented mutual trust and respect.  Aurora firmly believed he was a good man.  He’d taken good care of her out here.  Lance, meantime, was drawn more and more to this pure, courageous woman as days went by and she remained a true lady.

One day, after a lot of praying and communing with the Holy Spirit, Lance decided to take a step forward.  At least he must tell Aurora his feelings.

It was evening.  The sun was low, about to drop into the ocean.  Aurora sat on a rock enjoying the breeze and the caws of sea birds. Lance came up behind her.

“Pretty nice,” he observed.

She turned around.  “You mean the sunset? Sure is.  Everything about this place is lovely.  It’s funny that I’m almost completely content here.”


“I miss my family,” she confessed, “and I just can’t give up hope that a plane’ll fly over or a ship will pass.  I mean, ours can’t have been the only flight into this section of the world.”

Lance nodded slowly, as if only in partial agreement.  He ambled up beside her.  “I’d like to get back to the States too.  But you know, it’s a fair chance that… we could be here for weeks more, even months… or years.”

Aurora felt something in his voice and shot what she intended to be a discreet look at him.  Only he was looking right at her.  She decided to take a humorous path.

“It’ll be interesting, telling our friends about how we were stuck on an island.  They’ll think it’s wild and romantic.  Crazy, huh?”

“I don’t know.  Is it?” Lance asked the first words that came to his lips.

She felt a little thrill of nervous anticipation run through her body.  Speaking earnestly, intensely, Lance continued.

“We’ve been here for five months, so far with no sign that we’ll be picked up.  Every minute has been… a delight for me, working or just enjoying this place, with you.  But I’d be dishonest if I didn’t bring up the reality that… I’m a man, and when a man and a woman are constantly together, in harmony on everything that’s important, well… there’s… it can’t be left at just… friendship.”

Aurora knew her face was a warm rose color, and her eyes had lowered to the wet sand at her feet.  Now she swallowed and dared to meet his eye.  “What should it be?” she asked softly.

“If there’s a good chance we could spend another twenty years here, just you and me, there should be more,” Lance hurried to say, half-squatting in front of her.  The wind played with his uncut hair.  “There should be… love.  I don’t know if that’s the way it is with you, but it is with me.”

“You love me?” Aurora breathed, all embarrassment vanishing as she gazed into his face, startled and thrilled.

“I love you.”

She bent forward a little, then paused, rushing to gather some words.  “I confess I love you.  I’ve been… very much attracted to you.  I’d be lying if I denied it.  I know you’re a good, Godly man and in every way, so far, you’ve shown the kind of character I’ve always prayed for in a man.  But…”


“I’m not sure.  I mean… I… I’m not one-hundred percent sure it’s God’s plan for me.”  She stopped.

“This probably isn’t the way you imagined being proposed to,” Lance admitted, “but I am convinced that you are the woman I’ve been waiting all my life for.  You know I’m almost forty? There were times I thought maybe the opportunity had come, and each time I was wrong.  Now… you are dropped into my life as if by the hand of God, and I cannot ignore it.  I don’t want to ignore it! I want you to marry me.”

The statement melted Aurora.  She wanted to fling herself into his arms and kiss him and be kissed by him.  But something stood in the way.

“If we’re here another twenty years… I don’t see how we can be legally married,” she hesitated.

“I thought of that.  Have you ever heard of the Friends’ Ceremony?” Lance asked.

“Uh, yes.  It’s what the Quakers do, isn’t it? Two people come and make vows to each other without a pastor.”

“Right.  Aurora, if God is our ultimate authority and the one who binds two people in marriage, then our vows in His sight would be as binding as if we said them in a church or a courthouse.”

“I do agree,” she replied.  “The privilege of performing marriages is only given to the state because of legal implications that could come up.”

“But here there is no legal issue,” Lance finished.  “It’s the moral and emotional issue in question.”  He gently reached out and touched her chin with his fingers, his keen eyes fixed on her face.  “If it doesn’t seem right to you, or you think it’s not quite proper, I will understand if your answer is ‘no’.”

“I don’t know if it’s ‘no’,” she quickly rejoined.  “It’s just that I must be sure.  If it was ninety-eight percent sure and two percent unsure, I’d end up hurting you and me.  Will you give me tonight to pray about it?”

“Of course.”  Lance’s voice spoke some relief, some anxiety, and some hope.  He watched as she hastened back up towards camp.

The next morning, as Lance emerged from a morning swim, Aurora stepped out of her shack.  Peace radiated her face into something more beautiful than usual.  She met him under the stand of palms.

“Good morning!” Her voice was calm, revealing nothing.

He wiped back his hair from his eyes.  “Good morning.”

“You don’t look like you slept much,” she said, noting the darkish skin under his eyes.

“I was too busy wrestling with the Lord,” he admitted a little wryly.

She smiled slightly.  “So was I.”  Taking a few steps forward, she paused right before him.  “And His voice was clear.  The answer isn’t ‘no’.”

At first the wording didn’t quite register with Lance, but after a double-take, a shock of comprehending light flamed his eyes.  “It… isn’t?”

A deliberate shake of her head and a very tender smile was all he needed for assurance.  Then he grabbed her against him, a glad laugh escaping him.  She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Oh, thanks to God for His goodness! I love you, Aurora.  You hear me? I love you!” he declared.

“And I love you.”  She could feel the sudden tension between them, as they were practically nose to nose.  So could he.  But he erased all that with his next words.

“I want to kiss you so bad, but I want to kiss you as your husband, and share everything the way God laid it out.  Is that all right with you?”

Touched and deeply honored, Aurora nodded.  “That’s exactly what I want.  Thank you.  Thank you for treating me like a lady.”

“You are one.  Now, uh, when will you marry me?” he asked, smiling.

She mulled over it a second.  “Well, I assume you want to prepare a honeymoon suite,” she answered with a flirtatious twinkle in her eyes.

“Will you marry me tomorrow night?”

“Yes.  At sunset.  It’ll be so beautiful then.”

“You’re beautiful no matter if the sun’s around or not.”  Lance drew her against him again.  She didn’t even care that he’d soaked her blouse.  “Oh, and I’ll get rid of this beard if you want me to.”

“Oh, I’d love it.  I mean, I love you in any state, but I prefer clean-shaven.  If I’m going to be kissing this face, I want it free of hair,” she said, her mouth muscles struggling to keep back a grin.

The idea of her lips touching his face sent fire through his body.  It was a wonder he controlled himself enough to just laugh.  They parted, not wanting to let go of each other, but excited for the prospect of tomorrow evening.

All that day, Lance worked.  He’d gone up into the rocks to a secluded sandy nook, half-hidden by craggy palms, and prepared the most sensual setting he could with the materials he had.  He laid out all the cushions from the plane seats, creating a fair-sized mattress, covered them with parachute silk, and then spread his light gray blanket over that.  Then he brought up torches and stuck them in a romantic circle around the bed; he lined the path to the hideaway with big shells.  The next afternoon he would hunt for as many flowers as he could possible hold.

Aurora, meantime, prepared herself.  She was so delightfully pent-up, a bit nervous but mostly overwhelmingly joyful and excited.  The night of prayer and study of God’s Word had determined this decision, and now, because it was right, all the glorious feelings and hopes and imaginations flooded her as she worked.  She headed for her waterfall shower-bath and washed up, shampooing her hair with some of the shampoo she’d been carefully rationing out; she shaved her legs and underarms and trimmed her pubic hair; then she let the sunny wind dry her hair as she dug up the most bride-like outfit she had and applied some simple makeup.

At his spot by the stream, Lance shaved off the beard and trimmed his hair the best he could, then dunked into the water for a bath.  There wasn’t much choice in the way of clothes, but he had a white dress shirt in his suitcase that he hadn’t needed thus far, so he put that on and rolled up the sleeves; his best trousers were beige and lightweight, perfect for the beach.  And since it was the beach, he decided against shoes.  What was the point?

The sun had fallen to the west; it still had a ways to go, but the brilliant golden light spilling over the ocean pulled Lance out to the shoreline.  This was the time.  He waited for Aurora.

He’d been standing for ten minutes, hands lazily in his pockets, when he turned and saw her coming.  Just the way she glided over the sand caught him.  His hands came out of his pockets, laziness replaced with awe and desire.  She was the image of grace in a filmy white skirt and white camisole, her dark brown hair flying in the wind, her face aglow.  Lance felt the passion building inside him.  This woman was about to become his wife.

Thoughts raced through her mind too as she approached him.  Lance was so tall and handsome, a very graceful man with a good build.  And he looked so different with a cleanly-shaved face.  The ruggedness, the fine lines, even the few pockmarks, were sexy.  As he stood, waiting for her at the water’s edge, the breeze playing with the hair over his forehead, his trousers fitting neatly over his long legs and slim hips, the top two buttons of his shirt left undone to allow a glimpse of chest hair, and a glorious light in his eyes as he gazed at her, he was all Aurora could have ever asked for.

Their hands met in an electrifying grasp.  Then, without a word, they turned and faced the sunset.

“Father in Heaven, thank You.  Thank You for bringing this woman to me.  She is all the things I prayed for, waited for, longed for.  I’m not deserving of her, but with Your grace and help I will try to be.  We stand before You, declaring You as our God, our Father, and our Savior.  You are the one that made marriage, so we come to ask that You tie our hearts together, for as long as we live.”  Lance paused, turned to Aurora, and gathered up both her hands.  His eyes were a little misty, his voice suddenly unsteady.  “Aurora, in the sight of God, I am vowing to love, honor, and cherish you until death parts us.  I will be your protector, your provider, your leader, your friend, and your lover.  No other woman will ever take my heart from you, because I am placing it afresh on the altar to the Lord.  In wealth or want, health or sickness, pain or peace, I will be faithful to you and love you with everything in me.”

His vows almost overpowered Aurora.  This was a moment she had thought might never come to her.  To look into a man’s eyes and listen as these words poured from his full heart… oh, her heart sang with gratitude to God and love for Lance.  But she must control her voice.  It was her turn.

“Lance, in the sight of God, I vow to love, honor, and obey you as long as I live.  I will respect you and be your helper.  In whatever work you’re called by the Lord to do, I’ll walk alongside and try to make the way easier.  With His grace, I’ll be a wise wife and confidante.  Whether you’re poor or rich, sick or well, I’ll cherish you.  You will never have to turn elsewhere for love and fulfillment because, number one, I know you are safe in the love of Jesus, and number two, I will be yours emotionally and physically forever.”

“‘He shall cleave to his wife, and they shall be one flesh’,” Lance murmured, stepping closer and drawing her against him.  Bending his head, his hands circling her waist, he covered her sweet rose lips with his mouth.

Neither could believe the sensation of this kiss.  It was the first for both and strange in its newness.  Lance felt like he was in some kind of glorious dream as his hands wandered over the silky figure in his arms; he noted the tender firmness of her breasts crushed against his chest and breathed in the fresh fragrance of her hair.  These lips were so supple, so warm and moist, he felt he could never pull away.

She, on her part, thought her legs would give way as he touched her bare skin.  No man had ever touched her before.  What was it about a mere touch on the arm or the shoulder that could send her body into uncontrollable quivers? And his lips devouring hers only added fuel to the passion inside her.  A flexing in her slit told her that she was hopelessly aroused by this man.

Lance’s hands strayed lower, caressing the soft butt cheeks covered by her skirt.  He didn’t know she had nothing on under that one thin layer; it was part of the surprise of her planned wedding night attire.  Inwardly, he gasped at his own audacity.  Was he really stroking a woman’s butt? Ah, but this wasn’t just any woman.  This was the woman created for him.  The need for her to meld with him, to be his, conquered him.  Amid the fiery kissing, he hunted for her hand, guiding her down to the front of his pants where a tent had formed.  She was hesitant, but he was gentle, pressing her hand against his clothed shaft.  Instinctively she massaged it, calling a subdued groan from his throat.

His mouth now moved down her jawbone and neck.  When he first nuzzled just below her ear, she gasped in delight.  This must be a sensitive place on her body.  He slid down to her collarbone and then to her breasts.  Only the camisole separated his lips from the two graceful mounds.  In this situation she had decided to forgo a bra.  Disbelief filled her over the impossible beauty of the scene: the strong, masculine face pressed against her, lapping at the veiled nipples.  She kept rubbing his shaft, while the fingers of her other hand dove into his hair, combing through it wildly.

Then, abruptly, he straightened, gazing down into her eyes so deeply that she knew he was reading her soul.  But she was reading his too.  Oh, that look in his eyes! He wanted her.

Her breath was shallow and quick.  So was his.  Without a word, he deftly picked her up and began walking towards the honeymoon hideaway.  It was a wonder he didn’t trip over the uneven sand rills, keeping his eyes glued to hers as he did.  She just stroked his neck and hair, gazing back at him and trembling when his fingers flexed their grip on her thighs.

The sky was still light, but the sun had sunk behind the sea’s edge.  At the foot of the path, Lance set Aurora on her feet.

“Just one second,” he murmured in her ear.  Then he raced up out of sight to light the torches and scatter all the flowers.  She waited, wondering what he’d prepared.

He reappeared and swung her into his arms again, striding up the path.

“I can’t believe this is really it,” she whispered.


“Our wedding night.”  She felt herself grow hot in the face when she said it, knowing all the implications, yet it was also freeing and delicious to speak so bluntly with him.

“I hope it’s everything you ever could have wanted,” Lance declared.  He stopped and motioned for her to turn and look at the scene.

It was as erotic as any honeymoon destination.  The makeshift bed, sheltered in this nook high up on the shore, strewn with flower petals, surrounded with little glowing torches, and all covered with a sky that would soon darken and shower them with starlight.  Aurora’s lips trembled and smiled.  It moved her.

“It’s so beautiful! Thank you,” and again she kissed him.

That was all it took to stir up the fire in him again, and with his lips to hers, he quickly carried her to the lovers’ nest.  In only a moment he’d lightly lowered her and himself onto the bed; she was on her back and he was over her, his chest pressed down on her breasts, hands grasping her wrists, and mouth passionately devouring hers.  Both groaned in the overpowering delight of the moment.

This time, Aurora was the one to suddenly stop, placing her fingers between her lips and his.  Then she allowed her hands to travel down to his chest, where she proceeded to deliberately unbutton his shirt.  He caressed her cheek and jawline with soft touches of his lips.  When she reached the last button, he whispered, “Keep going.”  So she unfastened the trouser button too and unzipped the zipper.  His passion was easy to gauge in that sizable erection, which needed release from the constraint of the pants.  Aurora felt some strange sensations as she reached into his boxers and helped draw out her husband’s shaft.  If this was any other set of circumstances, she would be overcome with shame and embarrassment, even horror.  This was unimaginable with any other man, and certainly with any man she wasn’t married to.  How did God create something so marvelous that all the shame and humiliation vanished when it was done His way?

Lance helped her pull off the restricting trousers and underwear and seemed prepared to grab her against his naked body.  But she, with slow, sexy movements he’d never seen, stood up.  Actually these moves weren’t new.  Over the years, she’d thought about how she’d use her body for her future husband’s pleasure, and this swaying and swinging of hips and butt and rolling of shoulders and touching of breasts had been practiced in private for quite some time.  As she stepped back a little, caressing her skin and raising one foot a little to stroke her smooth tan leg, her hands played with her skirt waist.  Lance was riveted, utterly seduced by the sight.  His shaft stretched almost straight up, every muscle tense, his neck and ab muscles convulsing.

Aurora tucked her hands into her waistband and began shimmying the skirt down over her hips.  Then she’d draw it back up, giving him the most seductive look she could from under her eyelashes.

“Aurora, don’t make me wait!” he begged.  He’d noticed the bareness of her lower belly and now suspected she was naked under that skirt.  His hand had wandered to his shaft and he was massaging it.

She continued to pretend to strip, readjusting her clothes.  She was teasing him.  But her brimmed with desire too; she was taking in every inch of his body, strong and tan and muscular and inviting her to press hers against it.  And that shaft was soon to be hers, inside her, as Lance made love to her.

Now she edged the skirt downward, wiggling her hips free of its folds.  Her pubic mound was covered in soft, short brown hair.  She liked it trimmed, since shaving it usually made her itchy.  Below that stretched her tan thighs and calves and finally her feet, all bared to Lance’s eyes.

Lance swallowed.  He couldn’t grasp what he was looking at.  His eyes roved from her vulva to her sexy legs, then back again.

But Aurora wasn’t nearly through.  She tantalizingly pulled the white camisole up, revealing a firm, if not toned, tan belly.  That was another thing she hadn’t told him.  She’d been privately slipping in an hour a day of nude sunbathing, so her entire body was a uniform light bronze.  Massaging the sides of her breasts through the camisole’s skimpy material, she held his eyes, wringing out as much desire from him as she could.  Then she slipped the white top over her head.  Only her long, windblown hair remained for a covering.

Lance gasped hungrily at sight of her exposed breasts.  They were not very large, but they were round and healthy, with soft pink areolas and nipples which were, at the moment, blatantly hard.

Very slowly, with her naked bottom swinging side to side, Aurora sauntered towards Lance.  She stopped right in front of him and placed her hands on his shoulders; their eyes were locked, the knowledge of their nakedness igniting more tautness between then.  Then Aurora practically fell on him.  Their bodies connected, the feel of skin against skin intoxicating.  Lance wrapped his rugged arms around her while she attacked his hair with her hands, and they recommenced their wild kissing.  Aurora thought she might faint whenever Lance opened his mouth and softly bit on her lips with his white teeth.  His next sensual move was to slide his tongue into her mouth, which startled her, but in a second, she was hungry for him in the same way.  There seemed no way to ever fill up on each other.

At length, Lance rolled over so he was on top of her.  The passion clenching his body against hers forced him to keep kissing her while he reached down and grabbed his shaft, directing it to her slit.  She gasped when he first touched the sensitive hole.  This was the first time, after all.  It might hurt.

“Wait… wait,” she begged, muffled by his lips still over hers.  “Please, go slow?”

Lance paused, his expression softening.  “I will.  Let’s just get the hard part over with.  Then it’ll feel a lot better.”

Since her eyes were fastened on his face, she wasn’t watching what was happening below.  But she felt it, every tiny electrical impulse of it.  Lance lined up his shaft with her vagina, then pushed in.  It didn’t hurt too bad after all, probably because she was wet with desire and also had used tampons over the years.  Her hymen most likely tore away before this.  She felt very strange, realizing that a man’s penis was stuck inside her private area, and at first it wasn’t exactly the most erotic feeling in the world.  But then he bumped against her clitoris, and she almost screamed.

“Ahh! I’m sorry!” Lance apologized, not sure what had happened.

“No! No! It’s good!” she reassured him.  “Just… keep going.  We gotta give it… a chance.”  Her breath was coming more quickly, because the situation suddenly reinforced itself in her brain and the thought of this handsome man making love to her just about made her pass out.

It was slow at first, since Lance was new to this.  He pulled out a bit, then plunged back in.  Or he swiveled his hips, basically kneading the inside of her vagina with his shaft.  That felt marvelous, and Aurora quickly let him know it.  The added sensation of her own juices dripping down her inner thighs, mixing with her sweat and his, tripled the pleasure.  This was fast becoming a very heavenly night.

Aurora soon figured out how to move her own pelvic area in rhythm with his without letting him slip out.  His ball sack clumsily slapped against her perineum.  He had partially lifted himself up by the strength of his arms, mainly so he wouldn’t make it hard for her to breathe, and also to angle himself comfortably.  But the whole time, he was floating into a drunk delight as he took in the picture of this beautiful woman, naked and vulnerable and sweaty against his body, her face and neck and fingers clenching with gratification at his lovemaking.  Oh, how much more of God’s goodness could a person endure? And added to all this was the gift of a clear tropical night sky above and a sliver of a moon to drop its sensual light over them.  Lance thought he might have a heart attack; the intensity of the pleasure and peace were overwhelming him.

The final spasm of delight came first for Aurora.  Her entire pelvic region convulsed, and she felt her insides squeezing Lance.

“Oh, Lance… Lance… I think it’s… oh, it feels so… so good… I think I’m… fainting… oh, Lance! Lance!” Her nails were cutting into his back, but for him the pain was even more arousing.  And her trembling breasts and legs and shoulders as the orgasm overtook her sent him over the edge too.  He felt compelled by some uncontrollable force to penetrate faster, or at least harder, to feel every millimeter of his wife’s secret parts.

“Yes… yes… oh… ah… ah… dear God… that feels so… so… oh, Aurora… you’re so good…” he gasped, losing all sense of reality in the wave of rapture.  His muscles tightened.  To her surprise, he pulled his shaft out and allowed his semen to squirt out over her belly and breasts, trying to get his breath meantime.

Once this would have seemed unpleasant to Aurora, but now that it was actually happening it was incredible.  She touched the creamy liquid and rubbed it into her skin.  She even dared to raise her fingers and lick them.  “Oh Lance… you taste so good,” she murmured.

He fell forward and kissed her, catching a hint of his own semen on her lips, delighted that she found him appetizing.  “Next time we’ll try some more taste-testing,” he whispered with a faint smile.  He was exhausted.  So was she.  He dropped his head against her neck, kissing it softly several times.  Then he rolled over and settled himself so she could lie in his arms.

The night was too warm for a blanket, so they remained completely uncovered in the night air, the sound of the ocean a calm backtrack to their own singing hearts, their hands clasped, their bodies warm and damp and pressed close together.

Finally Lance spoke.  “We are married, Aurora.  Really and truly man and wife.”

“And in His sight, it is so beautiful,” she whispered, kissing his neck.

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20 replies
  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    Great job writing this creative erotica. Very detailed and sensual. The only thing I couldn’t relate to… if two attractive Christian singles were the lone survivors on a desert island, I would have had the “wedding” after 5 days, not 5 months! LOL! 🤣

    • texasman76 says:

      I am with you, Lunk! I would have done it much sooner too. Excellent writing. Very good description and passion. Well done.

    • LovelyLonelyLady says:

      Thank you so much! I see your point about it being hard to wait that long. I think I wrote it the way I would want to live it out if the situation happened to me, since I'm a cautious person who would really want to get to know someone before marrying him…especially on a deserted island with no recourse! Just the wary side of me.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I know this is fiction, so it’s fine. But in reality, time would slow down, so things would move much quicker. If that’s the only person you see, and there are no distractions, and you’re with them 24/7… you can probably fit several months worth of “dating” into a single day. By the end of 1 week, you would know each other in detailed and nuanced ways that most engaged couples don’t achieve. I think the story as-is is adorable! 💟

  2. MonsterCock23 says:

    Interesting Fantasy, a 40-something-year-old pilot taking a young bride on an island. Never heard of that before! Hot story, really interesting imagination… You must be wild, haha.

    • LovelyLonelyLady says:

      Thank you! Yes, I love coming up with unusual stories, since so often the same plot is used in romantic fiction.

  3. livinghope says:

    I love the length and quality of your narratives and the work that you clearly put into crafting them and all the detailed descriptions. They really turn me on too. With this one, I especially love that a woman telling the story could appreciate pleasure in having her stomach and breasts showered with the semen of her husband. It may not be something that every woman immediately thinks sounds good to them, but it is amazing to read in your story of her joy in rubbing his ejaculate into her skin and tasting it off her fingers. The thought of shooting cum across the breasts of my future wife and her finding pleasure in it is a scene that really gets me firm and going and that I lock onto as I cum hard now in hope of things to come.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh I’m glad to hear someone’s member got nice and firm over this because this lady here has quite the wet spot in my panties…I don’t have too much time but before I change them I will be taking a couple minutes for myself. Oh I’m squirming and haven’t even taken an article of clothing off yet…these panties are too wet to keep on though! Great story and writing 💕

    • livinghope says:

      alwayswet101 Yep, not just a hard member, but I had to pull out my cock and reenact a semen explosion of my own like in the story! Obviously I would want to make sure that my future wife was receiving orgasms of her own and reveling in my pleasuring of her genitalia too, in addition to delighting in having her breasts showered with my cum. I've enjoyed reading your comments on this site and they often don't fail to get me hard too. Glad you are able to find tremendous pleasure in this season of life and pregnancy. Thank you for sharing some of the sexual heat on here and happy to hear that you are getting well-pounded at home.

    • likaself says:

      LovelyLonelyLady, this puzzles me: why did you have him pull out?

      Five months on the island together and no masturbation?

  4. coosabeach says:

    Very well written erotic story. Clearly about MAKING LOVE, not straight up rutting. Caused me to become aroused! I love how you enjoyed his ejaculating on you-very hot!
    Glad your story had him pulling out, lessening the chance of pregnancy.
    I hope that in your next story, you both try oral pleasure!
    Can’t wait for your next posting.

  5. SophTea says:

    This is such an amazing story <3 the vows that they said had me nearly in tears and the passion they shared was phenomenal… I loved your writing, your stories, just the way you communicate true Biblical passion between man and wife. I hope to read more of your works soon!

    Joyfully in Christ,

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