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Love That Saves

Ted led the way to the fourth story, set down his and Elaine’s suitcases, unlocked his apartment door, and showed her in. She looked around with interest, though she wore, as usual, her nonchalant façade.  Ted saw through it like a piece of glass but pitied her meanwhile.  The girl had lived a rotten life […]

There’s a Small Motel (F)

Ed Killian was a lonely, wandering ex-Army lieutenant, looking for something but never able to identify it. Until now. When he saw Angie singing in the restaurant, he was drawn.  No woman had really interested him for some time.  Memories from Korea were always poisoning his thoughts and making any sort of beautiful daydreams turn […]

In the Sight of God

It had been five months since the plane crash, and still no rescuers had showed up.  Things had settled into almost a normal routine for Lance and Aurora.  They fished a lot, since the sea must needs be the source of most of their food; they gathered and stored wood and dry palm fronds for […]

Making Peace

It was about half past nine.  Gil and Mara had gone to bed, but they were fighting; words flew, harsh and cutting, between them.  The issue, which concerned the appropriation of some unexpected money, seemed pretty major to both of them.  Mara felt they should save it; Gil thought it could purchase a new car, […]

Stranger’s Sailboat

At a luxury resort in southern France, Felicia sauntered the open corridors on her way down to the dining room.  This was vacation in the Mediterranean at its finest.  The hotel was extravagant but classy, with traditional design, private paths winding along several wide pools, and gorgeous landscaping.  Plus, it sat right on the sea.  […]

Forgotten Love

Jessamyn’s parents, the Hortons, drove away.  Now Jessamyn and Eddie Rawson were alone, he at last back home from the hospital and rehabilitation center after almost four months. Eddie watched as Jessamyn, or Jess, locked the front door and made sure the porch lights were on.  On his somewhat tired face was etched perplexity.  The […]