I wrote about anticipation in an earlier post, and such anticipation—the flirting, sexual frustration of not being able to act in the moment, and the excitement such activities bring my mind to—are, well, amazing. Such moments hint at the unbridled passion that is sure to come:

Coming into the bedroom after a day of flirting, and grabbing my wife in full embrace.

Pulling her tight against my body, our hands urgently clawing at each other as we kiss with abandon as if we each wants to consume the other.

Our mouths open, tasting each other, hungering for more as our bodies pull into each other.

Husky breaths, flushed skin, our hands rubbing each other’s intimate parts.

I might excuse myself at a party and find a secluded space. After a moment, she follows and meets me in secret for quiet passion, quick, and a touch dangerous. She pulls up her skirt and loosens my pants, freeing me. There’s no foreplay other than the looks she had given from across the room earlier. I quickly note with a muffled moan that she had entered the room already wet and ready, and I easily enter her. We quietly, urgently, deeply make love, the silence and titillation marking this moment as uniquely special.

Or perhaps we experience the passion at a distance. Flirty texts might lead to dirty exchanges, followed by vivid descriptions of erotic acts between just the two of us, knowing that our thoughts in this area are ours alone to cherish. Artistic pictures bathed in shadows and carefully-placed clothing suggest hidden beauty but leave much to the imagination; then come explicit pictures, close-ups of our intimate parts: Her chest, one hand pulling her nipple. Her lips, wet and inviting. My trimmed hair, with the shadow of my dick alluding to my excitement. Her pussy, hairless, beautiful, with a small trail of her creamy wetness dripping down and gathering at the entrance to her gorgeous ass. There’s one of her fingers touching her clit, spreading her pussy, and one petite knuckle gently entering her ass. I respond with one of my tip engorged with excitement, a trail of pre-cum glistening and trailing down to my hand.

Sometimes I want nothing more than to make a special evening last a lifetime and enjoy each moment. I take long pauses to just adore her tight body, to burn the sight of her slightly open mouth, filled with enjoyment, into my mind. I shift my gaze along her graceful neck to her perfect chest. Kissing each nipple, my tongue gently rubbing them as my lips pull them erect. I stare, transfixed, at her shaven mound as I slowly slide in and out. Or I flick and suck her clit, tasting and smelling the wonders of her pussy. As I massage her ass cheeks, her rear pulses and quivers. Or I quickly brush her ass, making her body shiver with excitement.

Such passion, in all its wonderful variety, crystallizes in physical form the love we share. While each encounter may differ in intensity, each serves to solidify our commitment to each other and the trust and joy we share as a couple. Inevitably, such moments of pure physical love leads to sweet moments of release…

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  1. LovingMan says:

    I can relate to this:
    “Sometimes I want nothing more than to make a special evening last a lifetime and enjoy each moment. I take long pauses to just adore her tight body…”

    We are not young but years of experiences of serving one another in many ways, including sexual ways, has built up a bond of magnificent love!

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