Brazilian Wax

For years now, I have enjoyed a cleanly shaven pussy. I like a small landing strip, but I prefer no hair on the sides or the rest of the way down and around my wife’s pussy. Also, I don’t want any hair around her anus. My wife and I have been married for almost 15 years. She has routinely kept herself shaved below the top of her lips and along the sides for my pleasure.

She shared with me that she had a Brazilian wax in preparation for a cruise once before we met. The guy in her life at the time didn’t like it; he thought it made her look like a little girl. Over the years, I have made comments about her getting a Brazilian wax for me since I like her closely or completely shaved, but she never took the hint.

Earlier this year the topic came up again. I told her that it actually kind of hurt that she got a Brazilian for another guy but has ignored my requests. She said she didn’t realize I was serious. When I assured her I was, she told me to make her an appointment, and she would get one.

Well, don’t think I didn’t jump all over that. I did some research the following day for the most recommended salon in our area doing Brazilian waxes. That same day, I had her scheduled with the highest-rated esthetician. I apprised my wife that night when her appointment would be. I think she may have enjoyed me taking charge in this situation also; I know I did. It was kind of a turn-on to call the salon and speak to the receptionist as a husband scheduling a Brazilian wax for his wife.

It was at least a couple of weeks before her appointment, we had to allow time for her hair to grow before the waxing. The anticipation was exhilarating for me. I was incredibly amped up leading up to the evening of the procedure. Imagining my beautiful, sexy wife on her back with her legs spread and the female esthetician touching her most intimate places was arousing, to say the least. I also knew from my research that I would have to wait 24 hours before sampling her new look. More anticipation. I thought the next day would never end.

Friday night came; time for the big reveal. Her appearance was breathtaking! I have shaved her plenty of times and watched her shave, but the complete lack of a single strand of hair was different. I couldn’t wait to run my tongue all over her pussy. I dove in and licked my way to paradise. In my wildest imagination, I didn’t fathom how smooth and slick she would feel. It was perfect!

And I couldn’t wait to lick my way around to her anus. I’ve come to enjoy rimming my wife when she is shaved, but this new kind of smooth was driving me nuts. I couldn’t get enough of that juicy slippery pussy and ass.

Finally, the time came to pound her with my aching cock, which I had also shaved and left very little hair in my pubic area. I didn’t want my hair to limit my experience of the new smoothness. Her bare pussy was as slick as wet glass, truly incredible. I took my time with her and rubbed my cock all around her clean waxed pussy. I took pictures beforehand, during intercourse, and afterward to capture that huge cum load that I deposited on her and inside of her—very stimulating pictures.

Since this first time, she goes every two months or so or anytime we have a special date night or long weekend planned. She loves my reaction to her waxing, and I love the feel and the look. It gives us both something to look forward to. She will be going later this month for her next waxing, then we embark on a vacation to Nashville, TN. We are both very excited.

I have been getting my chest and back waxed for over a year now, so you ladies need not think that I don’t do similar things for my wife. The point of this post is to encourage the wives of MH to consider getting a wax job, albeit French, Brazilian, or whatever for your husband if he’s into less hair. Also, men, if you’ve never experienced the feel of a waxed pussy, you are missing out.

I am so blessed to have such a loving wife. It’s the most erotic thing any woman has ever done for me.

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20 replies
  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    "Also, men, if you’ve never experienced the feel of a waxed pussy, you are missing out."

    Agree completely. Whether or not a woman gets a wax, though, is totally personal preference. My wife has kept her pussy 100% bare for about 17 years but that is her preference. Occasionally she'll get waxed. The waxed feel is really amazing. And it is equitable in our marriage because I keep myself heavily groomed as well.

  2. Sultryheat says:

    I’m in complete agreement that there is nothing quite as erotic and pleasurable as my wife’s freshly waxed smooth bald pussy! She’s been doing this for years and I also get very excited on waxing day as well.
    She started getting Brazilians, simply because hair irritated her vulva and it’s a personal preference of hers. This act is HER choice and I’d personally never ask for it for myself…she says my pleasure is just icing on the cake.

    • SecondMarge says:

      My first husband never would have wanted anything but full bush. He equated a bald pussy with desiring sex with a 13 year old.

      Tastes vary and while I have never been with a man that was hairless down there, I have seen pictures and I would not want my partner completely shaved or waxed. The man I am dating does some minor manscaping. I am He prefers bald in women.

      Letting my hair grow out then going bald again was a pain. So I have stayed bare down there. I am a bit embarrassed to admit it but I like touching myself more when I am smooth. I think women look sexier that way and giving oral must be better without hair in the way.

    • Salcpl says:

      I left out that I love seeing my cum all over her bald pussy. I eat her a lot after a waxing, even after she is covered in my cum.

  3. SecondMarge says:

    I was unprepared for the sensations, feelings, and pain of my first time. First time a female touched me there. It was different than my first exam by a doctor. I don’t think she intended to give me some pleasure before the pain. I had heard there would be pain. My first husband liked bush. My second asked if I would consider shaving.

    • Loving Guy says:

      I would prefer a hairy pussy. Not necessarily a full bush, but a trimmed bush would be great. I personally would not find a fully shaved pussy attractive. However, that is just my personal viewpoint. Everybody has a different viewpoint and that is great. Different strokes for different folks.

  4. Keystone Jack says:

    Now, start researching 'sugaring.' For Keystone Jill, it was less pain, and a quicker recovery. Waxing pulls against the growth direction. Sugaring pulls with.

  5. Bootylicious says:

    Yeah, I've heard that argument before too: that a bald pussy looks like a little girl. I don't get it at all!! Little girls do not have curves, do not have hips, do not have a big booty, do not have boobs. Only a woman's body has those things. Having a bald pussy doesn't make a woman's body look childish at all! Quite the contrary!! I'm all woman, even without my bush!

    My hubby started shaving his cock and balls a couple of years ago. He's a baldie like me now (I've kept myself bald for over 20 years). I love his bald look! I think it looks sexy. He likes it too…says it's more sensitive to touch (which is probably why you like to play with your bald pussy more now too, SecondMarge). I totally get it! haha

    • LilaY69 says:

      I like my pussy with a neatly trimmed bush 😉

      Btw, Booty, did you say you’re on Songs of the Believers forum?

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Lauren has also been 100% bare for probably now 18 years. She went all bare without my asking, but I love, love, love it. So sexy. For her, it's way more comfortable.

  6. Bootylicious says:

    Hi Lila!

    No, I haven't joined SOB yet. But I certainly would like to be able to exchange emails and discuss topics more freely with women like you and Alwayswet.

    By the way, have you ever tried completely bald? Any other husbands on MH shave everything off too? I really love the look and feel of smooth! And no fur balls for either my hubby or me! LOL


  7. Salcpl says:

    Booty, My wife told me that the first time she waxed, her bf said she looked like a little girl. I think this made her not want to do it again. Like you, I explained to her that her baldness down there does not look like a little girl at all to me. Also, I am also equally turned on by a small landing strip, but no hair on the sides or below for me. I manscape myself, shaving my balls, and staying trimmed above. I have gone bald before, also. My wife has never expressed her preference either way.

  8. Happy Husband says:

    My wife likes my cock and balls totally shaved and then a small patch above. She usually sucks my cock at least every other day, and she prefers no hair but she wants just enough to run her fingers through. She has shaved bare for last 10 years and won't go back.

  9. Hot Tamale says:

    I'm a baldie too and LOVE it!! I would get my pussy lasered (and legs too) if I could afford it. Never been for a brazilian. The growing out stage (until it's long enough to wax) would drive me crazy! I shave every day. I agree with Booty. A bald pussy on a woman's body does not look childish at all!! That's ridiculous!

    Oh, my husband started shaving everything off too. A smooth cock is very sexy IMHO!

    • Salcpl says:

      Hot Tamale, My wife isn’t crazy about the growing out stage, but it does give us some variety. It also creates excitement in the days leading up to her next waxing. She keeps it shaved until about a month away from her next waxing, so it only grows out for about a month.

  10. SecondMarge says:

    Some enjoy a full bush and some a small landing strip or design. Bald has been the rage for years but I recently read that fewer girls are going bald, hair is in. I like bald on me and the way it looks on other girls. I guess I won’t be “in”.

  11. YumYum says:

    My husband likes to come into the bathroom & watch while I shower or take a bath. He'll sometimes wash my neck & back for me & I'll finish the rest myself. My husband has told me so many times that watching me shave my pussy is one of the most erotic things I can do that turn him on. And I do mean "turn him on" His cock gets so hard & stiff watching me shave & I know that I'll be feeding him my pussy as soon as I dry off. Coming to bed with a shaved cunt is my invitation for him to have his way with me. Lying down & spreading my legs is my gift to my husband. He starts off with kisses & sucks on me for a bit to get me wet & then he stirs me up with his cock until I'm squirming. He loves how his cock feels surrounded by shaved cunt lips sucking on his cock. He disappoints me when he pulls his cock out, but I know at that moment he's going to suck on me till I beg him to stop. He loves sucking my shaved cunt & I love it beyond words. He'll suck me off, make me cum & then slowly fill me up with his cock again to calm me down a bit & then he'll suck on me some more. He tries his best to lick me clean of the honey from my cunt. What I really like is to let him lie back with his head propped up on some pillows & I'll straddle his face with my bare pussy & rub my cunt on his lips to multiple orgasms. My husband says that the most intimate thing in the world is to suck me to orgasm & I agree. He loves when I cum while he's sucking me. And I love it too. Shaving my pussy bald is something I do often for my husband. Having my shaved cunt sucked on is a such a wonderful pleasure for me & my husband. My pussy is his & I love giving it to him. Shaving my cunt is just one of the things I do to please my husband. I reciprocate in so many ways. Pleasing & pleasuring my husband is something I love to do. It's always my pleasure.

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