Love That Saves

Ted led the way to the fourth story, set down his and Elaine’s suitcases, unlocked his apartment door, and showed her in.

She looked around with interest, though she wore, as usual, her nonchalant façade.  Ted saw through it like a piece of glass but pitied her meanwhile.  The girl had lived a rotten life and played it tough because that was the only thing that kept her from getting hurt.  The problem was, as Ted knew, she’d been hurt a long time back.

“Nice joint,” was her comment.  The piano caught her eye, and she strolled her fingers over the keys.  As she meandered, her hips flowed back and forth, clearly and temptingly molded under the tight fabric of her red skirt.  Ted pulled in his breath, then forced himself to look elsewhere.

Elaine faced him and stuck her hands on her hips.  “So, Mr. FBI man, what now?” She sauntered up to him.  “I’m a little rusty on honeymoon protocol.  The guys I’ve known never bothered with a marriage license or a ceremony.  They were just interested in getting me into bed as fast as possible.  I guess you’re an odd one, going through all that fuss.  Well, get on with it.”

The look on Ted’s face was hard to describe.  There was gentleness, also a keen gleam.  He wished she could read his heart, the brew of trembling, tender emotions that flamed and wrestled inside him and pushed him to the path he had taken.  Elaine only knew him as the FBI agent who had rescued her from the brothel two nights ago.  Though she sensed his decency, she had no clue about his deep love for a Savior, a love that had led him to marry her.

His latest assignment had involved infiltrating a brothel on the Texas border that was rumored to have been trafficking underage girls, particularly Mexicans.  The rumors were true—horrifically so.  Ted almost got physically sick when he saw what went on in this hellhole.  The dreariness in the eyes of those girls broke him.  He was drawn to one pair of black eyes from the start.  They belonged to Elaine.

He found himself “requesting” her company for the night.  Of course, she agreed.  A beating from her pimps would be the least she could expect if she refused.  Once they were alone, Ted explained his mission and assured her he wouldn’t touch her.  At first, she didn’t believe him, then she was so startled she could only stare at him for several long minutes.  When he had convinced her of his sincerity, he asked for her help.  Without proof of the identity of the exploiters, the FBI could do nothing.  Elaine was hesitant, yet allowing her long-stifled hopes to breathe again, she agreed.

For almost two weeks, Ted frequented the place as a “client.”  Elaine had learned her way around and even got her hands on some of the thugs’ files.  These papers would convict the men running the brothel of sexual crimes against minors, a deadly offense in 1954.

Then the twist occurred.  Elaine smuggled Ted into the tiny office in the brothel basement so he could look through the files himself.  It was a risky move, but he took the chance.  While searching the files they simultaneously stumbled over a record…on Elaine.  Her full name was Elaine Rodriguez.  She’d been brought over the border illegally as a child.  According to the law, she’d have to be sent back.

When Ted read the report, he felt his stomach grow tight.  Elaine’s face, a soft nude brown, became gray.  Her life was suddenly in his hands.

Raising eyes of terror to him, she placed quivering fingers on the paper.  “What…what will you do with this?”

Ted inhaled unsteadily and combed his fingers through his hair.  “I’ll have to show it to my superiors.”

“You will deport me?” she breathed.

“No.  I mean, I don’t know what I’ll do.  They wouldn’t…they couldn’t just send you back.  Not after how you’ve helped me.  That’ll count for something.”

Now hardness overtook her features.  “So you only use me to get information?” she reproached him, her tone still low but frightfully cutting.

He looked her dead in the eye.  “Elaine, I won’t betray you.  I give you my word.”

“Your word!” The way she said it conveyed all the sarcasm in the world.

“I know you don’t believe me, but I mean it.”

When Ted went to the local FBI headquarters and informed the Special Agent in Charge of everything he’d discovered, including Elaine and her past, he asked questions regarding marrying an illegal alien.  The agent gave the information, then asked, “Why, Mallory?”

Ted took a breath.  “I…I’m going to ask Elaine to marry me.”

Agent Brookings’ eyebrows shot up.  “Uh…a prostitute? Don’t you think you’re being a little rash?”

“If you could see what I’ve seen in that place, you wouldn’t ask me that,” was Ted’s deliberate answer.  “She’s a woman who’s been used like dirt.  They’ve all been.  Every last girl.  And I got her to help me.  Us, I should say.  Brookings, I’d be a rotten skunk if I betrayed her.  I want to help her out.”

The FBI man shrugged.  “Well, your love life doesn’t concern the bureau.  If you need help getting her papers and such, I’ll have the immigration people get on it.”

“Thanks, Brookings.”

The brothel was raided and the operators arrested.  All the girls were taken to safety, Elaine going with Ted.  It was in the hotel room that he’d rented for her that he made his proposal.

She was too astonished to get angry, though a glint of distrust flashed in her dark eyes.  When he explained that he was appreciative of her help and wanted to offer her a chance to stay in the country, she narrowed her eyelids.

“For your assistance, you want some reward.  That is it?” she asked with a curl of her lip.

“On the contrary,” Ted rejoined, feeling himself flush slightly.  “I’m not asking anything from you.  After what you’ve had to live with, I wouldn’t blame you if you hated me and every other man in the world.  Maybe… maybe someday we can have something together.  I don’t know.  But for now, all I’m suggesting is that if you’ll marry me, you’ll have a home and the opportunity to start your life fresh.”

From the furrow of her brows, she was evidently considering the proposition.  Her dark-lashed eyes blinked quickly as her mind roved over all the aspects.  Then she faced him.  “Very well.”

Only relief showed on his hard-cut features.  She couldn’t see the masculine longing in his heart.

Now here they were, after the short ceremony at the courthouse.  Ted knew he had a struggle ahead of him.  He was a man, with a man’s virility and desires, married to a woman both alluring and off-limits.  From her comments and tone, she expected him to simply take her, like all the men in her life up to now had done.  But he wouldn’t.  With God’s help, he would honor her and wait until she wanted it.

“I’ll show you your room,” he said calmly, reaching for her bag.

“My room?” Her soft black brows furrowed.

He looked at her.  “Your room.  And I won’t ever come in unless it’s a matter of life or death.”  He strode away, thus missing the bewildered expression on her face.

The next morning, she woke up in the most comfortable bed she’d ever slept in.  Her room was airy, with a balcony that looked out over the Gulf.  The coastal city stretched out hot and drowsy before her gaze.  This was a fairly nice place for a bachelor to live, she mused.

When she’d gotten out of the shower, she heard someone tap at the door.

“Elaine? It’s Ted.”

She rose and hurried over, opening the door a few inches.  “Yes?” She was not at all over her suspiciousness.  Still, the keen, strong face looking in at her struck her as rather handsome.

“I have to go in to the office and might not get back until late.  You can do whatever you want.  I’m sorry if it’s kind of boring around here.  Maybe you’d like to walk on the beach or go shopping—you’ll probably want to buy clothes and things.  I left money for you on the kitchen table.”

Caught off guard, Elaine had no immediate reply.

“Did you have a good sleep?” Ted added kindly.

She nodded.  “Yes, thank you.  And thank you… for the money.  I might go shopping.”

“Good.  I’ll see you later.  If you need me, call the office.  The number’s written down by the phone.”  He lingered a second, smiled slightly, and walked away.  Elaine listened to his vanishing footfalls.

For about two months things puttered along.  Ted was sent out by the bureau several times, leaving Elaine for stretches of five or six days.  But he helped her get a job in a mom-and-pop bakery and arranged for a middle-aged widow friend to come in the evenings and teach Elaine the basics of housewifery.  Plus, she decided to take some night classes and get more education.  She quickly realized that she needed to know a great deal if she was going to make any kind of living for herself.

And all the while, she watched Ted.  His motive for marrying her remained a mystery to her, though she readily admitted to herself that he was a genuinely goodhearted man.  Maybe he was loony.  Whatever the facts, she figured she’d prepare for a new life somewhere, have Ted annul the marriage so he’d be free, and move away as soon as she could.

There was a tension between them though, an electric blaze that increased as time passed.  Elaine’s view of life and reality was so muddled after the years of cruelty she’d gone through; thus she both distrusted and pursued Ted.  She saw him as one of the species of humans who had degraded her since she was a young girl, yet she also needed him, needed to be lusted after, touched, satisfied.

One warm autumn evening, she came in from a long stroll on the beach.  The wind had tossed her hair into a pretty tangle and the late sun had kissed her skin with rose hues.  She found Ted in the kitchen.

“Hello.  I was just trying to get a little dinner,” he greeted.

“I would have made you something if I’d known when you were coming,” Elaine replied a little indifferently, “but you’re never on a schedule.”

“Well, you can blame the government for that,” Ted chuckled.  “You’ve already eaten?”

“Yes.  Here, give it to me,” she commanded, holding out her hand for the skillet he evidently didn’t know what to do with.  “I’ll make you something.”

A bit surprised, he let her have it.  “Thanks.”

She cooked a beef and vegetable dish.  The smells were strong and delicious.  As he watched her, Ted felt that attraction to her rising.  A vibrantly beautiful Mexican woman, she was worthy of admiration.  He took a seat at the table and absently rubbed his jaw.  These feelings were hard to fight all the time.  In fact, that was partly why he volunteered for so many assignments; work kept him busy and away from Elaine.

But he didn’t want that.  He wished deeply that something would happen, something would change in her being and her outlook.  He must keep praying.  God had guided him into this marriage; there would be more to the story.

After removing the dinner from the stove, Elaine swiveled about and leaned her palms on the counter, eyeing Ted.  She took him in with a long, careful scan.  Trim and strapping, around six feet, tanned from a lot of outdoor work and travel, his face clean-shaven and masculine, he allured her.  And he looked at her a lot—she’d caught his eye enough times.  So why didn’t the guy ever make a move? This tiptoeing around annoyed her.

“You are the most peculiar man I ever met,” she announced abruptly.

“How so?” he inquired, held by her lustrous eyes.

“Well,” she said with a bit of a snort, “we can start real simple.  You’re a man, a fairly good-looking one too.  I’m a woman, and I’ve been told I’m pretty.  We’d both be stupid to ignore these facts.  Yet you act like I’m your mother or something.  What’s with it, Mr. Mallory? Oh, I haven’t forgotten what I am or where I came from.  You married me, but I’m figuring you just had a burst of pity for a wayward whore and you really regret it.  Am I so dirty you won’t touch me? Are you such a righteous person that even my body can’t attract you?”

Ted had begun to quiver as she talked, for her words, though cutting, aroused him.  He got up, standing still for a moment.

“You must be made of ice or rock if you’ve never wanted to kiss me,” she went on, her voice more subdued, but her eyes devouring his face.

Ted walked slowly towards her.  “I have wanted it.  Often,” he declared.

Startled, she found herself wordless.

“Only I knew what you thought of men.  What you would think of me,” he added, stepping closer, unable to help himself.  The muscles in his jaw and neck went taut and his eyes held hers.  “Elaine, I’m the last person in the world who has a right to judge you.  I used to be utterly promiscuous, a different girl in my bed every night.  But Jesus in His grace saved me from that, and since then, I vowed I’d wait for the woman He had set aside to be my wife.  I married you for two reasons: you needed help, and God gave me a pure and real love for you.  If I demanded my rights as a husband, I’d be no different from the wretches who used you before.  So I’m waiting.  I’m waiting for you to want it.  I won’t touch you until you ask me.  You might think I’m a nut, but I’m not.  I’m a follower of Christ.”

The anger and defiance in Elaine’s face had faded.  She swallowed and breathed quickly in her struggle for composure.  A reply refused to come to her lips.  The swell of her breasts, revealed by the low cut of her blouse, drew Ted’s eyes for one instant.  Quickly he turned and went to his own room, closing the door behind him.

The breath left Elaine’s lungs.  She felt weak and made her way to a chair.  Such words—with such evidence behind them—had never been spoken to her.  The lens through which she had been observing Ted was slowly crystallizing, and her heart wrestled as its defenses began to crumble.

Whenever they were together after that conversation, Elaine was much quieter—studying him, trying to ensure that he was not deceiving her.  For him, there was relief in getting some of his history out in the open.  And perhaps that’s what she needed.   She must see him as he had been, not just what he now was.

It was a rainy night, and Elaine was in the little sitting room in her nightgown, robe, and slippers.  Ted had been gone for three days and was due back tonight, though at what exact time he hadn’t been able to tell her.  She’d tried to play the piano and didn’t get very far; from the stacks of sheet music on the rack, she guessed that Ted played, though she’d never heard him.  He was too busy.  Now she was on the sofa, legs folded beneath her, a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.  She could hear the rain pattering on the balcony outside.

A key in the lock caught her ear, and when the door opened and a rain-soaked Ted came in, she jumped up.  “You’re home!” she exclaimed.

“You didn’t have to wait up for me,” he said kindly, noting in the quick glance he gave her that the lamplight lit her hair most enchantingly.

“I wasn’t tired.  How was the trip?” she asked, helping him out of his heavy trench coat and hanging his hat on the stand.

“Just fine.  We were able to make the arrest.”

“Well, it’s late, and you’re cold.”  Elaine had his hand in hers.  The weary creases around his eyes touched her.  “Sit down, and I’ll make coffee.”

He did, tired enough to enjoy the cozy room and soft couch.  His eyes followed Elaine as she slipped into the kitchen, her robe flowing around her long legs.  He could hear the light clatter of the coffee pot and cups.  That, combined with the rain outside and the warmth of the apartment, struck him suddenly with a strange feeling.  This was all a man could ask for: a home and a wife.  Yet his wife was not yet his, not in reality.  Ted sensed something nudge him.  Quietly, he prayed.

“Lord, is she almost ready? I love her… I want her so bad! When will she love me?”

That nudging continued until Ted got up and headed for the kitchen.  God must want him to take a step.

Elaine had set out the cream and sugar and was just about to come back out when she encountered him.

He said nothing.  Neither did she.  Their gaze locked, Elaine pausing in her tracks as Ted just looked at her.  Slowly, deliberately, he came closer.  She backed away, not from fear, but from the vague need to hold on to the counter.  The kitchen was just light enough for her to read the tender longing in his face, and to reply with her own expressive countenance.  Her eyes were soft, so dark in the shadows.  When she bumped into the counter, she stopped.  She didn’t break away.  She didn’t want to.

“Kiss me now, Ted,” she whispered huskily.

His hands crept around her waist, drawing her against him, and he leaned down and covered her lips with his mouth.

So exceedingly gentle and measured and mindful was this kiss, that Elaine melted and she instinctively clutched Ted’s shoulder blades.  His tongue softly prodded at her lips, urging them to part so he might seek out the recesses of her warm, wet mouth.

When he backed away for a moment, she kept her eyes closed, overcome with his tenderness.

“I love you,” he said softly.

“You… really love me?” she breathed.

“Really.”  His fingers trailed over her back in delight.  At last, he could feel the slight womanly form.  “Elaine… it doesn’t have to be now… tonight. But sometime… I want to… I want to give you a honeymoon.”

“Oh Ted…” she began.  Then, to his dismay, she struggled to go free.  He released her.  Taking some long breaths and steadying herself at the table, she looked back at him.  “Not yet.  I can’t… please don’t do that again.”

Stunned, Ted kept silent.  What could he say? He thought the waiting was over.  He knew she enjoyed the kiss as much as he did.

Then he remembered his promise to her and the love he had received that enabled him to make it.  “All right.  I’ll wait,” he said, his tone a bit louder than he meant for it to be.  He was trying to speak composedly.  He turned his attention to the coffee.  It wasn’t quite ready, and he didn’t really want any now, but it would be a shame to waste it.  “I’ll be in the other room,” he murmured, retreating to the sitting room.

Elaine felt flustered, afraid, and burning all at once.  More than anything, she wanted to feel him touching her again, pulling her slim body against his strong hard one.  His lips had utterly intoxicated her; she was hungry to taste them again.  But… would it be any different from the hundreds of times she’d been touched and kissed by other men?

The thought scared her.  Maybe she couldn’t be a wife, not after she’d been taken so often that it no longer meant anything sacred.  It became an act, a strange, wild, sick pleasure for a brief time, then disgust and shame afterwards, and that dreadful desire that arose later when it needed to be refueled.  She would grow tired of Ted.  That was the way it went.

But Ted’s Savior had abundant grace, and He decided that Ted’s obedience would bring reward very soon.

The widow lady, Mrs. Crain, who had sort of taken Elaine under her wing, suggested that the young woman come to church with her.  Ted was away again, and she seemed lonely.  Besides, Mrs. Crain was teaching a marriage class for young wives in the congregation and thought Elaine might enjoy both the material and the friendship of other women.  Elaine hesitated, then accepted.  She figured that if Mrs. Crain held the same beliefs that Ted did, there might be something to it.

Besides the usual guidance on married living through a Biblical perspective, there was a lengthy segment on overcoming sexual abuse.  Elaine wouldn’t dream of revealing her past, but she certainly took the information to heart.  And then Mrs. Crain told her own story of sexual slavery in a Mexican bordello, release, conversion to Christ, and a glorious thirty-year marriage to a good man.  Hope blossomed in Elaine’s being.  Others had known what she had known and triumphed in spite of it.  Oh, there was a future for her, somehow!

Mrs. Crain was astute, and though Ted had been completely discreet about his new bride’s antecedents, she guessed something of the truth as Elaine attended the sessions.  Maybe a flush at a certain term, or averted eyes when anything concerning the nature of prostitution was brought up.  Mrs. Crain read the signs.  She subtly referenced a Christian psychiatrist so that Elaine might have the option of seeking aid from a professional.

Elaine did so.  She didn’t tell Ted about any of it, and he was often away on FBI assignments anyhow.  Several months went by in which she grew and changed, healed, and learned more about Christ’s forgiveness and power.

It was near Christmastime, a little cool on the Gulf but still pleasant.  Elaine walked the shoreline aimlessly, deep in her thoughts.  Ted had gotten back into town this morning; he’d be home for dinner.  How to tell him everything that had happened seemed impossible; there was too much.  Her love for him had burgeoned, especially as she replayed the first weeks of their acquaintance in her mind.

More than anything, she wanted to show him that no more was she the stained woman she had been.  Oh, the history was there, but the heart was new.  Jesus was her greatest love now, and He was fast tying her heart to Ted’s.

When Ted arrived at the apartment, he found Elaine writing something at the kitchen table.  A pot of soup bubbled on the stove, and the hot fragrance of bread baking caught his senses.

“Hello, Ted.  I feel like it’s been ages,” she said with an open warmth that somewhat surprised him.

“I guess it has been a few weeks, hasn’t it?” he mused.  His manner was the same it had always been, kind, but a little more reserved.  He didn’t want to lose his self-control again.  “Everything good here? You been busy?”

“Very.  In fact, you’d probably be astonished,” she replied, motioning him to a chair.  “The Lawsons opened another bakery on the other side of town, and they’ve asked me to manage it.”

“Really? Why that’s great!” Ted exclaimed.  “Everything of yours that I’ve eaten has been swell.”

She just smiled.  “How about yourself? When you left you said this would be a major case.”  She ladled out soup as she talked.

“Oh, there were some problems, but we got some leads.  Some men from the Houston field office are going to take over, so I’m home for a while.”

Elaine placed a bowl, a big glass of milk, and a slice of warm buttered bread in front of him.  “I’m glad,” was her simple statement.

He glanced at her.  “I guess you’ll be busy with this new job most of the time,” he said inquiringly.

“Not so much.  They’re only going to be open at lunchtime,” she explained.

Ted wasn’t sure what to say next, and Elaine spared him by going back to fetch her own meal, so he looked at his food and silently prayed over it.  When she sat down across from him, they both commenced eating.

This state of affairs—casual conversation that could never make either forget that passionate moment in the kitchen—kept Ted on edge.  He thought, after all this time away, that he’d gotten his desires under control.  The second he was with Elaine again, though, the heat flamed up.  For a married man, this was a unique and difficult test.  Everything in him reasoned that he could take what was his without any guilt; they were married, for goodness’ sake! Only the love in his heart was stronger than the lust.  Hard as this was, he must wait.

After dinner, while Elaine got coffee going and sliced a blueberry cake for dessert, he went to his room to empty his bag and take off his shoulder holster.  For the next foreseeable few days, he’d be home.  Did Elaine like that?  She seemed all right when he told her, even sounded cheerful that she wouldn’t be working much.  Ted took a long breath and stroked his fingers through his hair.  It was mighty tough to let that hope push its way up again, but he couldn’t fight it.  Maybe… maybe, something would happen in the next few days.

He returned to the sitting room, noting the pretty little Christmas tree atop the piano.  He decided to sit down and play; some months had passed since he last did.  That night that he brought Elaine here and she touched the keys came vividly to his mind, and the idea of those fingers on his skin set his blood simmering.  No.  Those thoughts were forbidden right now.  What should he play?  Something fast, jazzy.  But he kept coming back to the romantic songs.  He started playing “My Foolish Heart.”

The notes drew Elaine into the room, where she paused in the doorway.  His back was to her, so she let her eyes wander over him.  So strong, quiet… and good.  Her newfound love for him surged through her veins.  Just the way he sat lazily, head tilted sideways, while he pulled the tender song from the keys flamed up her desire.  She must be with him.

A few steps and she was behind him.  Hesitantly, she put her hands on his shoulders.  He started and looked up, met her gaze, and forgot what the next chord was.  Their eyes locked together, just as they had that night in the kitchen.  Elaine moved to his side, then deliberately lowered herself onto the piano bench beside him, her hands entwining around his arm.  The sudden tension in his muscles didn’t escape her.  The same taut excitement was overtaking her too.

Ted couldn’t believe it as his beautiful Mexican wife neared her face to his.  Had his piano-playing lulled him into a daydream? And then she spoke.

“I have been saved by the love of God, the same love that led an FBI agent named Ted Mallory to save me.  Will you believe me when I say that I now have that love for you?”

Startled, Ted abruptly clasped her close to him, searching her face.  “Elaine… what are you saying?”

She smiled.  “I’ve met your Savior.  He’s made me whole and clean.  The one thing I want now is to live this renewed life with the man who showed me that such love was real.  You, Ted.”

“Oh, thanks to God! Thank You, Lord!” Ted gasped before he caught her in a convulsive embrace.  “He’s answered me! Oh, Elaine, I love you so much and want you as my wife forever!”

“I’d be honored.  I love you,” she whispered.  Unable to say more, she lifted her head, looked him in the eye, drew him down, and caught his lips with hers.  In a second, they were mad with passion, with hunger, trying to devour the taste of each other.

In the hot blindness of his arousal, Ted’s hands groped for an entrance into Elaine’s clothes.  He must feel her skin, her heat.  She helped him by unbuttoning her blouse and pulling his hands in.  When they came in contact with her firm breasts, he paused a little, catching his breath.  But her eyes were so lustrous and yearning and her mouth so enticing that he kissed her again wildly.

Finally his wet lips strayed down her neck.  “You feel good,” he murmured.  He was subconsciously kneading her breasts, intoxicated by their small plump warmth.

“Ted…” Elaine tried to talk and couldn’t.  This all seemed so new, like she’d never experienced it before.  What had God wrought?

Drawing her leg over so she was straddling his lap and pressing her back to the piano keys, Ted kissed down her open blouse until he had reached the two glorious swells of flesh.  Then the movements of his mouth changed.  He nuzzled and licked and sucked as though he were starving.  Elaine moaned, her fingers cutting into his shoulders.

In Ted’s head there blazed the desire to do with her what he’d long been dreaming of doing, right here at the piano.  His stiff maleness begged for it too.  Yet Elaine winced and he guessed that she wasn’t comfortable with her back against the piano.  So he gently set her on her feet, got up, and pulled her against his body.

“Can I give you that honeymoon now, Elaine?” he whispered, his breath fast and fragmented.

“Yes.  Oh, yes,” she rejoined.  “Oh, Ted, I can’t believe this is really –” and she cut herself off by kissing him again, hard.

He led her to the sofa and gently pushed her down, unbuttoning his shirt meantime and keeping his eyes fixed on her.  The panting breaths and the deep rose flame in her cheeks made her more glorious to him, more alluring.  And how she looked at him now! Those dark eyes were aglow with a beckoning fire, soft and lovely, but tempestuous.

As he tore off his shirt, she wrestled out of her own clothes.  Her movements slowed him down, especially once she was naked.  The sight dizzied him and he couldn’t go on undressing; rather he fell to his knees beside the couch and tried to touch all of her at once while his mouth searched the hollows of her neck and collarbone.

Elaine’s moans were sweet in his ear.  He backed away to see her eyes closed and lips parted, already falling into the deliciousness of this intimacy.  In a way it was still so unbelievable.  Ted gazed at her, loving her more by the second.

“My wife, my glorious, beloved wife!” he breathed, his lips nuzzling hers.

“My…husband.  I never thought I’d say that to a man.  Thank God I’m yours,” she whispered back.  She sought his lips, his tongue, pulling his head down with her insistent hands.

Half-climbing over her, pressing his bare chest against her heaving breasts and belly, Ted kissed her with a wildness he had forgotten was possible.  And his hands were everywhere, full of the browned satin skin of her thighs and shoulders and buttocks.

“Ted…now.  I can’t wait,” Elaine gasped, raising her pelvis so she could grind against the inflexible tent in the front of his slacks.

He reached down and groaned in delight when he touched his clothes.  They were wet where she had rubbed against him.

“You want me now?” he asked, his voice soft, husky.

“So much.  Can’t you feel it?”

His fingers dipped into her womanhood and he felt the nectar soak his fingers.  “It’s the best thing I’ve ever felt.  Do you feel me? I’m hard for you.”

“Yes, yes, I feel it.  But I want it…in me.”  Elaine’s eyes held his with fiery hunger.

Too excited to say anything else, Ted released the button on his trousers and pushed them and his shorts down.  Then he lowered himself onto her.  The sensation of being skin to skin with her overpowered him.  Her muscles were pulsing.

The couch, though, was narrow, and Ted realized he might roll them both off once things really got going.  He moved back to the floor, drawing her along with him.

“What are you doing?”

“There’s more room here,” he explained.

Satisfied, she met his lips passionately while pushing him back.  Once he was stretched on the rug, she crawled over him.  He ran his hands down her back and the warm doughy swell of her bottom, all the while attacking her mouth with more fervency.  She was so good, knowing how to kiss him, where to kiss him, gently biting his lip and ramming her tongue deep into his mouth.  And her body, hot and unfilled, rubbed up and down his.  Her thighs pressed into his, her breasts were crushed on his brawny chest, her secret parts throbbed as they connected with his steel shaft.  Every nerve flickered as their flesh melted together.

Finally she reached beneath her, found his burning rod, and held it straight as she lowered herself onto it.  As she settled, the air was wrenched deliciously out of Ted’s lungs at the sensation.  He was inside her, at last a part of her.  Every millimeter of his flesh blazed as she moved and sent sparks through him.  Finally husband and wife were making love.

Neither would ever forget this moment…the soft golden light around them, the scent of coffee from the kitchen, and the two of them on the floor, the center of this lovely picture, writhing together in a sweat-saturated dance.  Elaine felt her heartrate speed up to near deathliness as Ted plunged in and out of her, scraping her G-spot and stealing the breath from her body.  The wetness of her desire dripped down her thighs and soaked him.  And his hands roamed up her arms and over her back and her smooth soft buttocks as he memorized her.

His face contorted as the tension built to unbearable amounts inside him.  “I need you, Elaine! Be mine, be all mine!” he gasped.

“Yes, yes! Mark me! I’m yours…oh Ted…oh God!” Elaine was almost rattled out of her senses as her hips slammed against Ted’s and the deliciousness boiled up to a flaming climax.

She reached the precipice first, aided by Ted’s fingers digging into her clitoris; she screamed, forgetting all about neighbors in adjoining apartments.  As she fell forward, her loud moans wrenched forth by the flood of pleasure, she met Ted’s eager mouth and melted into his ravenous kisses.  Her lips and tongue added to the hot tight encasement of her love hole around his rod sent him tearing after her.  With a drawn-out grunt against her mouth, he felt himself spasm and erupt inside her.

“Oh my word…that was…unbelievable,” Ted declared, smiling at Elaine, who was still on top of him and supporting herself by planting her palms on his chest.

She returned the smile and leaned down to kiss him again.  “It was so good.  Nothing like…nothing like it used to be.”

“Thank God!” Ted breathed.  His lips wandered to her jawline and down her neck.

He’d gone soft and slipped out of her, and Elaine reached down to rub her fingers against her shining petals.  “So warm and creamy…you filled me up,” she murmured with a tiny laugh in her eye.

“I want to do more,” he confessed.

“You will.  There’s something I want to do with you.”

Ted puckered his brows curiously.  “What?”

“Do you remember the day you married me and brought me here? You gave me my own room and said you wouldn’t come in unless it was a matter of life or death.”  Elaine paused while he nodded.  Then she grinned and brought her lips seductively close to his.  “This is a matter of life, our new life together, and I want you to come in to my room so I can make love with you in my bed.”

Without answering, Ted gently forced her off of him and pulled himself to his feet, drawing her along with him.  In their damp nakedness they walked hand-in-hand to her room, went in, and closed the door.

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5 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    What an awesome story! This was so beautiful and I think true to life. I loved how she was healed through both therapy and the Savior and became so passionate for her husband! This felt so real because my wife is a survivor of years of childhood sexual abuse. Like in your story, therapy and the Lord helped her heal and be ready to be my wife and passionate lover!
    Both the main characters and the widow friend being converted to Christ was so important to the story. The inspiration to marry the undocumented woman was touching and truly unselfish & Christlike! Thank you for the beautiful story. Their finally coming together for sex that was true lovemaking was as beautiful as it was sexy! Thanks again! Finally, my beautiful pure wife has told me many times that the good friends from church and faith in Jesus helped her so much in her healing and she shudders to think where she’d be without them.

  2. SophTea says:

    This was such a beautiful tale of a couple learning to love Christ, and through their Savior learning to love one another. The way she ushered him into her abode, as if finally opening her heart to him, was so romantic <3 I love your stories, please keep writing them! God bless!

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