Bucket List (L)

This is a story that I thought I posted back in July and just now saw I hadn’t. Well, there’s no time like the present!

We love to camp. We recently bought a new-to-us camper. We were so excited to try it out! We always have the best sex while camping too. There’s just something about being outside enjoying nature; that gets us going! This time we decided we would try something on our bucket list. Picnic table sex!! We had been wanting to for a long time, but it hadn’t worked out yet.

The first night, I went into the camper and came back out with just a short leopard print robe on with nothing on underneath it. Daniel was instantly turned on by what I was—and wasn’t—wearing. We started kissing, touching, and rubbing all over each other. I could feel the passion we always have for each other growing stronger!

Daniel started fingering my pussy, and I got very wet. Then he told me to stand up. He bent me over the picnic table, slid his hard cock into my pussy from behind, and started pounding me!

I gasped as he started thrusting into my pussy! “Ohhh, fuck,” I moaned. The more I moaned the faster and harder he pounded me. I grabbed hold of the table and started urging him to fuck me harder and faster. I needed him so much!! Our moans filled the air as the soft breeze blew. We both exploded in orgasms that left us breathless. It was such an amazing hot experience out in the open!!

We were so turned on by getting to do our dream sex night while camping that we decided to try again. We love getting risky!

The second night, the same thing happened, starting with me wearing my short robe. We sat at the picnic table, taking our time with kissing and rubbing. Then I slid Daniel’s shirt off so I could rub my hands all over his chest.

As things got hot, I lay on my back on the picnic table and opened my robe to expose my big breasts. My nipples were so hard with the raging passion I was feeling. The night had cooled, so the breeze blowing over my body added to the intensity of the moment. Daniel began to rub and pinch my nipples, making me moan with pleasure. I couldn’t take anymore! I had to have his cock.

“Fuck me, baby!! I need you now!!”

Daniel grabbed my ankles and stretched my legs out straight, spreading them as wide as they would go. His thick cock filled my pussy!! He fucked me hard and fast until I was screaming.

“Fuck me, fuck me. Oh, yeah, fuck this pussy.” I couldn’t contain myself!!

About that time, a truck drove by, but I couldn’t help but scream as he started pounding harder and harder. Our bodies began to tremble together as our orgasms mounted. We both came together releasing our pent up desires.

As we went back into the camper, we stopped and kissed each other deeply. The moment we had just shared would never be forgotten as it was an experience that connected us deeply. These two night were incredibly intense and hot! We aren’t sure if we were seen or heard, but we enjoyed knowing it was a possibility.

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21 replies
    • Sexlovers says:

      Not that I noticed lol but honestly it was right as I was cumming and I was lost in the moment. We also used a blanket for me to lay on. It was very hot!

    • Sexlovers says:

      I’m so glad this was an inspiring story!! I would love to know what the people in the truck saw or heard!

    • SecondMarge says:

      The idea someone might have seen you naked and having sex does seem to excite many people. I wonder if they honked their horn to cheer you on or to say hey you know people can see you? At least they did not walk over and take out their phones.

  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story! We have had outside sex twice this year! It was my Christmas sex wish that was fulfilled! (Thank you MH… can we do something like that this year too?) It was also on our sex bucket list! We don’t camp much anymore due to health but there is often sexy solitude at wildlife refuges!

    • Sexlovers says:

      I absolutely LOVE sex outside!! It’s so sexy! Glad you were able to do it as well.

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