A Nice Break From Work

This past year, hard as it has been, has provided one benefit: I’ve been working remotely in our home office. This means I have been able to enjoy a new form of quality time with my wife during the day. Mostly, I have just enjoyed having the opportunity to randomly pop out of the office and chat, or have a nice daily lunch, or just take a moment to admire this wonderful woman that chose me as her soul mate.

I’ve been very busy and stressed over the past week, though, working long hours and trying to stay on top of things around the house, and found that left little time to spend with her. I suppose she missed me, but I wasn’t prepared for her plan to reclaim my attention this wonderful afternoon.

I heard a knock at my office door, and distractedly said, “Come in,” as I continued working on my computer. She entered and walked over to her desk, and I didn’t even glance up as I asked how she was doing. She didn’t reply, which is odd. I spun around in my chair, and my heart immediately went into overdrive as I looked at such beauty.

My wife was wearing… well… not much of anything: a tight button down shirt which revealed her gorgeous chest; a tiny skirt that didn’t quite cover her rear, white knee-high stockings over her toned legs, and black heels. Her hair was tied back in a high ponytail, and her gorgeous lips were bright red with her lipstick.

All other thoughts left my mind immediately—she had my complete focus as my jaw dropped. I started to stand, but she shook her head and motioned for me to just sit there.

“I’ve missed you,” she said as she moved toward me, her hips swaying enticingly. “I know you’ve been busy, so I thought I’d just take a minute to show you how much I love you.”

I couldn’t really process what I was seeing. My lovely wife rarely initiated anything in our sex life. Don’t get me wrong; she really enjoys it, but it never seems to be at the top of her mind. Seeing her so aggressive and getting to look at her sexy body was such an unexpected turn on that I was left feeling numb.

She continued walking toward me, stood in front of me, and slowly twirled around. As she spun, her skirt rose, and I could see she was wearing a tiny red thong that barely covered anything. I moaned a bit at the sight of her ass cheeks with just a tiny strip of cloth neatly splitting them, and I felt myself quickly growing hard. She slowly sat on my lap and purred a bit as she started to grind.

I saw a small smile on her face as she twisted around to look at me with her hips continuing to grind around my lap. I felt trapped, her bottom pinning me to the chair with my dick screaming to be released.

“Oh, do you want a bit of freedom?” she asked slyly.

All I could do was nod my head. She stood up, turned around, and sexily leaned over so I could look down her shirt. As I was staring, she pulled down my pants to gain access to my crotch. She smiled as she saw what I was looking at, then turned around and resumed her lap dance.

My dick felt the front of her wet pussy through the thin, soaked thong, and then her cheeks as she moved back and forth. I could tell this was getting her worked up by her movements, small moans, and the juices that were now lubricating my shaft. Back and forth she moved, with my member, now flattened against my abs, brushing her clit, pressing against her wet pussy, then brushing her other hole.  I, of course, was in heaven with this show, with her aggressiveness, and with her cheeks wrapped around my now moist dick.

Suddenly, she stopped moving, slid one of her hands inside her thong and started rubbing herself. As she did this, she leaned back against me and sighed. Her thong moved to the side a bit, and I could feel her pussy against my base.

She started shaking as she continued pleasuring herself, and her breath became ragged. As she worked, I could feel her loosening and tightening with each breath. My tip, wet with her juices, just began to enter her hole, and both she and I sighed with the feeling. She rocked a little, pulling just my tip into her rear as she furiously worked her clit. Suddenly, she came and I felt a warm rush of liquid as her hole tightly squeezed my tip.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened! My mind was struggling with processing the wonderful feelings she was giving me, and with the fact that this woman was my wife. As I sat there, numb with pleasure, she recovered and slowly stood up. “Your turn!” she said, and then she kneeled in front of me.

Now, my wife is excellent when it comes to blow jobs, but she usually does them in the dark, where I can’t watch her work. Seeing her now, with her kneeling was a first, and my eyes were wide with the visual. She grabbed my cock, licked her juices off it from from base to tip, and smiled. Another first; I don’t think she’s ever tasted her own juices.

She moved back down to my base with her lips, sucked one of my balls in her mouth, closed her eyes, and began humming. As her tongue massaged my ball, her hand gently held my tip, with her thumb massaging in the pre-cum that leaked out and gave her more lubrication.

Slowly, she switched her hands and lips so that she was licking my tip and gently fondling my balls. I could barely see her other hand, which was rubbing her clit as she worked. I moaned as she sucked me in and began her work in earnest. She took all of me in, her lips moving from my tip to my base. It only took a few moments of this for me to get close to cumming, and I signaled to her that I was almost there.

Usually, she stops and finishes me with a hand job, but today she just continued. Her lips were magical, her warm, moist mouth and tongue driving me over the edge. My hips bucked uncontrollably as I finished, with her lips locked tight around my tip.  Her eyes widened as I filled her mouth, and I felt my warm liquid swirl around as her tongue kept moving.

She looked up, her gorgeous, innocent eyes staring into mine as I kept releasing into her mouth. I felt her swallow around my tip, sucking more out of me. And still her eyes remained locked on mine, a small twinkle in them as she saw the joy she brought me.

She felt me soften, so she gently released me and smiled. As her lips parted, a small drop of cum seeped from the corner of her mouth and shone on her red lips. She stood up, licked her magical lips with her tongue, and sauntered out of the room.

After I recovered, I wrote a quick note to my workmates to let them know I’d be taking the rest of the day off, and walked out to spend some more fun time with the love of my life.

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20 replies
  1. kdm1984 says:

    Yayyyyyy finally found a Christian married sex site! My husband is HOT HOT HOT and sex always makes me SUPER HAPPY. Sadly, he's been ill lately, so I'll have to read these stories to bring back exciting memories until he's well again. I'm also 23 weeks pregnant resulting from one of our many delightful adventures 🙂

    • texasman76 says:

      Glad you found it! It is rare to find a site like this one (I have tried to find others to no avail. You have to wade through so much garbage to find any good, married sex stories). Love to imagine me and my wife in some of these enjoying the gift of sex. Congratulations on the pregnancy!

    • sarah k says:

      Welcome kdm1984,
      You'll find useful advice here, including pregnancy sex and masturbation.
      In the stories, 'pregnancy-sex' is a category for you to search, the latest one is this one.
      Do read the comments; at the moment there are 63.
      Enjoy your reading and of course, enjoy your body and sexuality.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Welcome and happy pregnancy! I am also pregnant and am a complete horndog lol have you experienced this as well? My hormones are through the roof but luckily I am enjoying it daily. I also love watching my body grow. Will be praying for your hubby. Xoxo

    • kdm1984 says:

      Lol, yes, complete horndog, and that's why I'm here! Husband is recovering, but he remains sensitive about pregnancy sex because he doesn't want to harm me or the baby. I informed him that it's safe and completely fine, but he's still reluctant. :/ Just have to respect his wishes and happily receive any kisses and hugs in the meantime. Better than no physical contact at all 🙂

    • sarah k says:

      I think we need to start a campaign: Mr. kdm, bang your wife.

      Proteins in semen have medical benefits, that is one of the reasons women sometimes crave dick so much when pregnant, orally and/or vaginally.

      Mr. kdm, bang your wife, it is good for her.

      kdm1984. You will have read the articles. Irrespective of how much sex you have with Mr. kdm, I think you should also be masturbating yourself.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh yes I’m so glad you can relate! Yes kdm1984 you should be masturbating! Are you? If so would love to read a post about it! I know this horny pregnant woman is lol

    • kdm1984 says:

      There was one time I couldn't deal with the tension anymore and just grabbed a Sharpie marker, lol. That wouldn't make the most titillating story, though. 🙂 I do miss Mr kdm and hope the handsome husband lets me handle him again sometime soon!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh, write a story about the sharpie, please!!! Masturbate as much as you want to honey. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t ride my hubby’s cock at night (and this is after cumming all day long on my own) pregnancy hormones are no joke and they make this pussy of mine insanely happy but it can be overwhelming if you can’t just hop on your hubby. Explain to him that you are aroused and wet and just touch yourself, use toys, let him watch, read MH, don’t hold back…orgasm as much as you can, mama!!! And tell us all about it please!

    • kdm1984 says:

      I did get a French kiss from the Mr. this evening for the first time in awhile, so that was a hint of hope 🙂

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Preggo sex is AMAZING! From one pregnant woman to another! At the least, just masturbate, mama. Make yourself feel good, you deserve it. A French kiss these days has me needing to touch myself; I’m one horn dog that’s for sure!!

    • kdm1984 says:

      Well I'm quite hopeful! Husband gets better all the time, and we plan to start hitting the gym again this week as he recovers more and more from his illness. He's still sooooo handsome and fit and gives me the swoons. I'm sure we can get further again eventually 🙂

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Can totally relate to the swoons, lol. It almost makes me weak in the knees looking at my husband and knowing he is the cause of these hormones and my body rounding! Have you told him how horny you are since being pregnant?

    • kdm1984 says:

      I have! But, he did admit it's hard to get turned on with the bump in front 🙁 he does still like my view from the back…but it's looking more and more like we'll have to wait for the baby to be born in January before we can do anything again :/ I'm sad, but it is what it is. We've discussed it, and I'll just have to be understanding and patient.

    • sarah k says:

      kdm, blindfold him, lay him down, and using only touch and sound, have your way with him.
      You can touch yourself, and he can hear the sound of your pleasure; get him hard with the sounds of your pleasure. When you are good and wet, and Mr. kdm is hard, you can control entry, lowering yourself on him.
      Blindfolded, he should not be put off of having sex with you. He should also be encouraging you in your solo pleasure.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I was going to say, missy, you deserve all the preggo sex you want! Explain to him that even though your body is changing rapidly, you’re growing the human inside of you that you two created with your love. Explain to him how horny you’ve been feeling as a result and how much you crave the full feeling of him inside of you. Get him nice and hard, as Sarah said, and masturbate. Let him see you, hear the wetness, hear the moans & breathing. Then, when you slide onto his erection, explain what it does to you and how much pleasure you feel. (Trust me, it’s an overwhelming amount of pleasure, being pregnant.) Massage your clitoris and just feel good and cum. And then cum again if you can. You deserve it. Regardless of how this goes, please get yourself a good vibrator and a dildo that makes you feel amazing. And please, report back. Xoxo

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